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The Moving House in London Checklist – Relocating the Anthony Ward Thomas Way

Posted on January 10, 2022 by Anthony Ward Thomas Removals
The Moving House in London Checklist – Relocating the Ward Thomas Way

Now that we’re officially living and working in 2022, you might be putting together a plan for an upcoming relocation in London. That’s why it’s crucial that you only use a reputable removals company to take you through your big move. The best advice we can give any of our followers and customers is to start organising early to ensure you can deal with any obstacles before they become issues. Take control of your relocation with some positive steps in January to set yourself up for a smoother move.

For anyone who’s putting together a relocation this year, the need for a moving checklist is vital. Suppose you’re able to list everything that you need to complete and divide everything into more manageable tasks. Your first point is a simple one – contact Anthony Ward Thomas to discuss and book your relocation. Our team will be available to assist you throughout your move to ensure you’re ready for the big day well in advance of its arrival.

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Tips on How to Declutter and Make A Difference in London

Posted on December 28, 2021 by Anthony Ward Thomas Removals
Fragile Items & Why You Need a Reliable Removals Company

When it comes to creating space at home, one of the first tasks you need to tackle is clutter. No matter how vigilant we are, it only takes a few idle things here and there to start off the cycle. After a while, we accumulate so many things in the house that we transfer them to the garage or loft. And before we know it – the garage and attic are full, and we start sending things to the spare room.

There is a solution, but it involves some bold action. Additionally, if you know one who’s the main hoarding offender in the family, try and keep them out of the process. Otherwise, you’ll find items reappearing that you were sure you had gotten rid of. One of the best things about decluttering is being able to help others in the process.

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Removals from London to France with AWT

Posted on December 10, 2021 by Anthony Ward Thomas Removals
Anthony Ward Thomas International Removals 

We would all love to pack up and jet off to our tasteful city-centre Parisian apartment, which just happens to be around the corner from the Arc de Triomphe or the Louvre. The question is – why not make this a reality? For some people, 2022 is when they put their feet on French soil on a more permanent basis. Anthony Ward Thomas relocates many people to Paris and all over France each month. With various removals options available, we guarantee to make your relocation to France a successful one.

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Posted on December 7, 2021 by Anthony Ward Thomas Removals

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London Property Developers Benefit from our Removals Services

Posted on November 23, 2021 by Anthony Ward Thomas Removals
Our Top Five Most Popular Moving Topics

House flipping has become a regular sight on our TV’s over the last decade, with numerous shows dedicated to people renovating and selling properties. Although it’s much harder work than these shows tend to highlight, it can be a fulfilling way to earn money. Moreover, it’s very satisfying to see the project through from the beginning to the result. In fact, some people like the property they renovate so much that they end up living there.

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How to Make Your London Home More Eco-Friendly

Posted on November 8, 2021 by Anthony Ward Thomas Removals
How to Make Your London Home More Eco-Friendly

The momentum for positive action against climate change and being more environmentally aware has been in full motion in recent years. The push from considering it a fad to a genuine issue is now mainstream, and people are taking action. This is something that everyone understands, and that concerns us all and future generations.

Being eco-friendlier is one important aspect of the battle to reduce carbon emissions in the UK. The best thing about it is that it’s something we can all do as part of our daily routine without is being too complicated. At Anthony Ward Thomas, we understand that we’re part of the London community and are doing our part to reduce carbon emissions.

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Anthony Ward Thomas – Experts in SME Office Removals in London

Posted on October 25, 2021 by Anthony Ward Thomas Removals
Anthony Ward Thomas – Experts in SME Office Removals in London For any top-end business operating in London, the key aspect of remaining dynamic and ahead of the curve is to be adaptable and flexible. London is an ideal environment for superior SMEs that combine innovation with excellence. And growth is a clear sign that your company is doing something right. That's why it's essential to promote your business's success with appropriate work premises. At Anthony Ward Thomas, we understand the benefits of adapting our services better than most. In fact, our entire range of removals services was brought to fruition by innovating to suit our customers' needs. By offering various options of specialist business removals packages, we guarantee to meet your company's requirements in full. That will lead to a successful office or workplace relocation without any delays. Relocating Small & Medium-Sized Office in London – Anthony Ward Thomas is known as London's prestige removals and storage company, which means we take customer service to the next level. Every removals package and related service incorporates a higher standard that we aim to deliver for every single job we sign up for. And one of our specialist business removals services is providing complete office relocations for up to fifty desks in total. We work with hundreds of exclusive business customers every year, and some of our recent moves have been in Mayfair, Knightsbridge, Soho, and the West End. We tend to work with businesses looking for a superior removals service that requires specialist experience to handle. Our customers can't tolerate any breakages or undue delays. Everything must be handled with care and by experts. And the Anthony Ward Thomas team are made up of plenty of experts in removals and storage. Most of our team also have previous experience in various trades and niche sectors. Every office relocation we undertake undergoes a stringent level of assessment from a project manager. We liaise with our clients to work out what type of office setup they want. We can deliver the exact specifications for each client. So, whether you want a mirror image replication of your current office or a brand-new layout, we will fully carry it out. This includes complete dismantling of all your furniture and disassembling all the fixtures and fittings from your old office. We'll transport everything to your new location, assemble all your furniture over the weekend. And by Monday morning, you'll be ready to start work straight away. A Range of Premium Removals Services with Anthony Ward Thomas – Anthony Ward Thomas has a range of core removals and storage packages available for business and domestic customers in London. Our Small Moves service is our premium man and van removals package. We usually suggest this for people who have a smaller volume of items or are moving from one area of London to another. We would assess whether it's more efficient to go with another vehicle and service for larger loads. Anthony Ward Thomas has a fleet of removals vehicles in various sizes, which makes it possible for us to take on any removals job. Our Large Moves service would utilise one of the bigger removals vans, with a view of relocating everything in one trip. In addition to our core business and domestic removals packages, we also provide a range of storage options. That includes home and business self storage, container storage and archive document storage. Furthermore, Anthony Ward Thomas has a variety of specialist removals service, which provides for our Piano Removals, Fine Art and Antiques and our Fragile Removals services. We are the only company in the capital that the top art dealers and auction houses deem trustworthy enough to transport their customers' art and antique pieces. At Anthony Ward Thomas, the quality of service we can deliver is a necessity to our customers. How Companies Use High-Quality Self Storage – At some point, most companies run out of space and will need to find a logical way to find new places for storing things like stock or equipment. The problem is, there will always be limitations on finding the ideal solution. If you're dealing with a temporary issue like a seasonal increase in goods, that rules out moving to a larger building. Similarly, you'll have a lease in place, and upheaval might be too much to initiate. Your next consideration is storage, but how do you find a trustworthy provider? That's an excellent question we hope more businesses ask themselves before committing. You'll need to work with a company that understands the value of your items and any unique requirements. This is where quality is crucial, and you don't want to focus on cheaper rates solely. Anthony Ward Thomas is the answer to those enterprises that need higher standards and have goods of a certain value. Every service we create and promote is at a premium level, and this includes all storage packages. We have various options available for you to choose from, and we work with businesses and entrepreneurs in a wide selection of industries. Most importantly – everything is safe and secure, with staff ready to assist with packing and unloading. Outsourcing Your Local Distribution Process – For businesses that produce goods or require some sort of logistics setup, it can be a tedious undertaking to do it yourself. However, many companies keep it in-house to lock their finances within a specific budget. Not only that, but there might also be instances when getting a third party to do this saw a reduction in quality and potential issues with damage. Fortunately, you don't have to worry about this when you work with Anthony Ward Thomas. We can link several packages together to create a multifaceted service for your business. This means it's possible to use a removals provider to undertake your local distribution. You can even take it on the road for national or European jobs and enjoy the same high customer service standards. In addition to having a high-quality removals company for collections and deliveries, we can add on a commercial self storage package. We can undertake your stock control and warehousing tasks under one roof without you using several companies. And we'll agree on a workflow strategy with you, including a reporting system as we drop off each parcel. Anthony Ward Thomas can take the lead for your business's distribution and all the logistics involved with this. It gives you more time to network and builds your reputation while handling the practical side of things. You won't have to worry about the condition of your goods. We have experts with decades of experience and superior handling skills. Specialist Services for Niche Business Sectors – Anthony Ward Thomas is renowned for our diverse clientele that includes examples from any number of business sectors. We often work with niche industries because of our ability to handle and pack valuable pieces. That's why many of London's art galleries use us for collections and deliveries. In these types of situations, you need to get it right the first time, and there's no margin for error. This is why we have so many additional services to call upon when assessing and planning a removals job. When it's necessary, we'll utilise a Crate Hire package to add protection for specific items in custom containers. We also need to have specialist tools to perform fragile removals where secure handling becomes paramount. On top of this, expert knowledge to choose the correct packaging for fine art and antiques is essential. Whether you're a wine collector or crystal chandeliers dealer, we're the right choice for your high-end business. We will assess your inquiry in detail and map out the best plan of action for your needs. This will take every aspect into account because we never breeze over the specifics. There's no job we can't take on, and we do everything to go beyond our customer's expectations. Making Customer Service Your Primary Focus – There's an ethos to running any business that paths the way to longevity. When you lead with a high standard of customer service, everything else falls into place. That's because you're always seeking to provide the best service delivery for everyone you work with. And that's how you set yourself apart from your competition. Anthony Ward Thomas operates with the same attitude, and it's one of the original catalysts for creating this company. The quality of removals was inferior back then, and our founder Anthony knew he could do things properly. From that point onwards, he built a company that leaves nothing to chance, and there are no cutting corners when you book with us. We're a five-star rated removals company on Google and Trustpilot, and that's through hard work and dedication to customer service. Every removal and storage booking are important to us, and we strive to go attain complete customer satisfaction. When it comes to a high-quality distribution service, you won't find a company that can match our expertise. Anthony Ward Thomas – London's Prestige Office Removals Company – Anthony Ward Thomas has a range of core and specialist packages that you won't find anywhere else. For us, it's crucial that we can provide as many service options as possible. It's a win-win situation where our customers have more to choose from and find the exact service they need. And we benefit from a satisfied customer who will use us for future relocations or another service. At Anthony Ward Thomas, the quality of our work is of paramount importance. Attaining the highest standards of customer service is the cornerstone of our business. The Anthony Ward Thomas ethos is to leave nothing to chance. Every removals job we sign up for undergoes thorough assessment procedures. Moreover, we must understand every aspect of the job we're taking on. And although it's usually better to book us in advance, we will go out of our way to accommodate emergency jobs wherever possible. The Anthony Ward Thomas team guarantees to pay attention to detail for each item we relocate or transport. That means using the proper packaging for that specific piece of equipment and packing it correctly in our vehicle. This level of service is the reason why business owners' book with us. As a result, they know that their instruments and equipment are in safe hands. If you want a premium level of removals service for your next relocation, there's only one company to choose from. Click here, and we'll happily discuss our specialist business removals services.

For any top-end business operating in London, the key aspect of remaining dynamic and ahead of the curve is to be adaptable and flexible. London is an ideal environment for superior SMEs that combine innovation with excellence. And growth is a clear sign that your company is doing something right. That’s why it’s essential to promote your business’s success with appropriate work premises.

At Anthony Ward Thomas, we understand the benefits of adapting our services better than most. In fact, our entire range of removals services was brought to fruition by innovating to suit our customers’ needs. By offering various options of specialist business removals packages, we guarantee to meet your company’s requirements in full. That will lead to a successful office or workplace relocation without any delays.

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Our Top Five Most Popular Moving Topics

Posted on October 12, 2021 by Anthony Ward Thomas Removals
Our Top Five Most Popular Moving Topics

In the thirty years since Anthony Ward Thomas first started offering removals services in London, it’s safe to say we know a thing or two about the industry. One of the most important developments in this time is technology. It’s now much easier to seek out information online than previously, and large number of people were reliant on potluck when booking a service. Now you can find the answers to most queries with a few clicks and some patient digging.

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Moving Back to London – Our Seamless National and International Packing and Removals Services

Posted on September 27, 2021 by Anthony Ward Thomas Removals
The Anthony Ward Thomas Guide to Buying a Property in London, 2021

London is a rapidly changing place, with tens of thousands of people moving in or out of the city every month. Over half a million people will have left the capital for new adventures in other parts of the UK and overseas within the last decade. Similarly, an influx of new London residents is making the city their new home. And with thousands of new homes in the pipeline, the number of new Londoners will increase.

If you’re currently living abroad and you’re looking to return to London, it’s essential you use a reliable company. Anthony Ward Thomas works with an elite network of removals companies called the Master Removers Group. And we can collect you from anywhere in the UK and Europe for your upcoming relocation. It makes sense to work with a professional London company to help bring you back to the capital.

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Moving Home with Art and Antiques in London

Posted on September 16, 2021 by Anthony Ward Thomas Removals

For some people moving home requires more planning. The central aspect that needs more attention is ensuring that any valuable and fragile items are safe when in transit. That means no breakages, and all the packing needs to be undertaken by professionals. And there is only one removals company in London that can do the job correctly.

Anthony Ward Thomas offers a range of specialist removals packages that guarantee to safeguard your possessions. This all requires the work of a team of experts with years of experience under their belts. It also takes meticulous planning and assessment to make sure everything goes to plan. That’s what makes us London’s best removals company.

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