Long & Short Term Self-Storage Places In London

Whether you’re heading abroad for a while, or you’d just like to clear a bit of space in your home, why not have a chat to us about secure storage places in London? We can look after anything from a few bits of furniture to all you worldly possessions…

We offer two types of short-term to long-term spaces in London, secure containers and assisted secure units. We also provide international and domestic storage.


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Containerised Storage

People use our secure containers for lots of reasons. Sometimes they’re between homes, other times they’re having building work done. Often it’s just because they want to clear some space in their house or flat; they use our containers as others would use a loft.

We always draw up a detailed inventory so that individual items can be found quickly and easily. We’re dab hands at providing short-term, long-term and short notice secure storage container services in London, UK as well as packing and archiving.

Assisted Secure Self Storage Facilities

If you’re looking to de-clutter, our secure self-storage service could be the answer. You can store as many things as you like, short or long term, and you can visit your container as often as you like. All we ask is give us a day’s notice.

And if you’d rather we did the heavy work, that’s fine by us. We can transport, pack and store your items in our containers, without you having to lift a finger.