Piano Removals In London

If you are living in London and have a piano, then moving your cherished musical instrument is possibly the most daunting part of moving house. For most people this item is the pride and joy of the home and it is also incredibly heavy and fraught with issues when it comes to moving. Piano removals should really be dealt with by a specialist moving company who are experienced in packing pianos both for immediate removals and storage, have the correct piano moving equipment and know how to carry and remove the item safely.

Anthony Ward Thomas Removals will always go through certain steps when moving a piano to ensure that neither the instrument, nor the homes are damaged. It is inadvisable to try and move the gear yourself; however here are some of the necessary steps to take:

Tips on How to Remove Your Piano Securely & Safely

– With both an upright and a grand piano, at least four people will be needed.

– Removals will always require very specific equipment. A heavy duty dolly and tracking will be needed as well as skates (piano shoes) so that the piano does not need to be carried far. Strong straps are needed to secure the piano to the tracking and cardboard and blankets are vital for protection.

– With an upright piano the keyboard cover needs to be locked. With a Grand, whatever can be removed needs to go, this includes the keyboard cover, the lid – both of which need to be wrapped in enforced bubble wrap – and the legs. The instrument will sit in the tracking on its straight side and the legs should be wrapped in bubble and put in a box.

– It becomes more complicated when there are stairs involved. Extra straps and cords are needed for a pulley system. For flats above first floor level the piano will often need to go in through the window via an outdoor lift.

Doing your own piano removals is not particularly wise and it is also considerably unsafe. We will provide all the materials, including the outdoor lift if necessary and of course we have the expertise to carry out a safe removal of such a daunting item.

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