Packing Services

Packing up your house yourself before the removal men arrive is certainly cheaper than hiring the removal men to pack as well and many people might think house packing services is an unnecessary expense. With certain items you may be right, however when it comes to the more valuable items and breakables such as glass and crockery, professional packing can make the difference between success and disaster.

For anything valuable or breakable, specific materials will need to be hired regardless of whether you use a house packing service or not and in a lot of cases, there is surprisingly quite an art to removal packing. Whether it’s your straightforward Mahogany, Victorian glass fronted cabinet or your marble Rhinoceros sculpture with painfully thin tusks and ears, the item can incur anything from scratches to decapitation if it is not packed properly. At Anthony Ward Thomas our packers bring a high level of expertise to packing that will ensure the safety of these items.

Packing serives requirements differ from house to house and sometimes there will be very little reason for house packing services. In other cases it will be essential and it is always worthwhile to get some advice from us.