Move Management

We are delighted to be able to offer a new, high-end move management service, enabling you to glide into your new home with the absolute minimum of effort – everything is taken care of. All you do is show up at the end. The cliché about moving being among the most stressful life events is, alas, now seen as an axiom. The Ward Thomas Move Management Service explodes this myth once and for all. All the chores, both pre- and post-move, are planned and executed by us. This includes the small niggling ones that can sometimes fell you when you’re exhausted. AWT’s Move Management leaves you free to concentrate on your professional and personal life and to do all the things you enjoy.

Ward Thomas Move Management uses the expertise of people who’ve been there, done that and seen every last pitfall and quirk of the moving process. They know how to chart a course from one end of a move to the other with skill, aplomb and no mistakes. The service includes everything from helping you find the ideal new property to handing over the keys to the old one. You can delegate any and every aspect of moving to us – we’ll work for you in complete confidence and with total discretion. All our processes are transparent, so at any time at all, you can see what we’re doing for you, why we’re doing it and how it works.

You can even go on holiday while the move takes place and come back just in time to step into a fully-functioning, sparklingly clean, fully connected new home, with all furniture and decor in place, WiFi, cable/satellite/smart TV, complete utility transfer, forwarded post and made-up beds. It’s a relocation service that leaves nothing out.

You can avail yourself of the parts of the Move Management service while taking care of other aspects yourself – we can tailor your Move Management package so that you only get the parts you want.

Move Management includes

  • Packing & Unpacking – all done in a neat, highly organised manner, including inventory
  • Donations – You choose the charities, we schedule and oversee the picks-ups and drop-offs so that all the things you no longer need go to good causes.
  • Cleaning Team – Our in-house clean team will do a formidable job at either your old or new properties (or both), including insides of cupboards.

The Move Management Service In Full

Before You Move:

Property search and guidance (if you need help finding the right place to buy/rent)
Mail, newspaper, magazine forwarding
Household services (utilities, broadband and telephony) cancelled
Storage arranged (if required)
Future installs scheduled (power/WiFi/phone/TV package/Alarm)
All relevant admin handled (permits/licenses)
Unwanted items sorted and eliminated
Where appropriate, items given to charity
Unwanted items removed and disposed of

During Your Move:

Packing and unpacking
Full furniture placement
Pets kept safe
Perishables disposed of
Dedicated, step by step management of the moving process at both old and new home
Bedroom linens set up
First night meal for family supplied
Food delivery for first few days in new home
Full clean at both locations
All pictures and decor put in place

After Your Move:

Full unpacking and organisation of moved items
Any services not installed prior to move are dealt with
Removal of boxes, packaging, moving materials
Moving announcement cards sent to all your contacts/friends/family
Extra keys cut
Household services set up (gardener/rubbish collection)
Handymen and contractors arranged for any jobs needed at the new property

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