Fragile Removals

One of the most nerve wracking things about moving is the issue of valuables. Will a certain fragile item make it? From furniture to chandeliers, to artwork, at Anthony Ward Thomas Removals, there is always a specific method for packing fragile items for moving.

When it comes to packing artwork for moving, Anthony Ward Thomas is one of the most experienced fragile removals in London. We continue to have a section of the company dedicated solely to the packaging, storage and moving of valuable fine art, both to private homes and to high end galleries and auction houses.

There are a multitude of different materials used for wrapping items when doing fragile removals. Generally it will be the most experienced of the men who will plant himself in the kitchen wrapping glasses and crockery in paper. Wooden crates will be used for chandeliers and even the most heavy and wildly shaped ornaments can have boxes specially built around them so they can receive maximum support.

Moving your fragile items can be incredibly stressful but our team are experienced and knowledgeable in fragile removals and will immediately inspire trust and remove that burden.

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