What makes a good removal man or woman?

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This may seem like a blindingly obvious question and for the most part it is, but as a leading London removals company we’re always looking to provide a better service than our competitors – in fact,  we view this strategy as being absolutely key to our continued success and so we keep a keen eye on the qualities that differentiate a good team player from an indifferent or bad one. We want plenty of the former and none of the latter, and we’re alway eager to recognise the potential in people, even if they haven’t fully realised it yet.

Good With People

As an experienced service provider with a reputation to uphold, our first challenge is to understand exactly what our customers expect of us and to make them aware of all the services we provide. From there, we create a fair, transparent and detailed quotation for the removal of a house or flat in London. All this sounds very simple but there are already two prerequisite skills at play, both of which come under the same umbrella – we need to be good communicators, and that means both listening and talking, and we need to be able to develop a detailed understanding of what a customer wants and needs, making them aware of any limitations. If that understanding’s in place, then both parties will be on the same page, with the same expectations. 

It’s the perfect way to start and from there it’s possible to plan a move that will make everyone happy. The price will be correct and the chances of the home removal going according to plan are optimised. That’s why we look for men and women who can strike a rapport and work out what’s most important to the client. We look for people who have a knack for making a connection, while being respectful and not over-stepping into crassness or familiarity. Every client is different. For some, the most important matter may be the overall cost, for others it could be about handling expensive paintings. The consequences of poor or muddled dialogue can be disastrous; removals take much longer than anticipated, or are rushed to beat the completion deadline. Instead of going smoothly, moving day ends up being a frustrating disappointment for both removal crew and customer; the worst possible result from all perspectives.

Good communication also extends to excellent fluency in both written and spoken English. If you’re confident in those two skills, there’s no stopping you.

Positive Outlooks, Punctuality and Team-Playing

There are other qualities we look for in our removal personnel. They need to have a very positive outlook but not an unrealistic or whimsically optimistic one. They should have the bright, industrious approach to problem-solving that’s sometimes known as a can-do” attitude. This helps our crews function as teams rather than a gang of individuals – they have the sense of a shared goal and want to help each other. This ethos is translated into practice by creating human chains during the loading and unloading process and working closely together in an incredibly efficient way.

We insist on all crews being very punctual – starting a removal job late is the equivalent of getting out bed on the wrong side in the removals business. Slips in punctuality give clients the impression that we don’t care about them or the job. So we’re never late. Having well-rested and well turned-out, smartly uniformed crews who have not had a late finish the day before increases the likelihood of a successful outcome. Removals teams should be honest. They should have integrity and a courteous attitude. They should be pragmatic and keep their focus on making each move as stress-free for the client as possible.

Strong, Fit and Energetic People

Naturally, our removal crews need to be fit and strong and the majority of our operatives are aged between 21 and 40, although the more senior members of the crew are appreciated for the wealth of experience they bring to their roles and are often tasked with carefully packing peoples most treasured and fragile items. They have a rare facility with using specialised packing and they’re adept at crating antiques and works of art. They know that the items they’ve packing and moving may have incalculable value, not just in the financial sense but also the sentimental one. 

So – not much to ask for, but a removal mans job is a hard days work and requires people willing to embrace the ethos we have spent many years cultivating. With the right people on our side, we intend to keep putting our best foot forward and maintaining our hard-won reputation as the best moving company in London.

Start Today – Removals Jobs In London and the Home Counties

If this sounds like you, then why not join the team? Though we’re interested in hearing from all kinds of talent, we’re currently actively recruiting people to ours sales team where the very same traits of good communication and an ethical and industrious attitude are what will work in your favour. Get in touch and we can take it from there.

We’re also looking for porters, van drivers and HGV drivers, so if any of those roles sounds like the one for you and you’re based in or near London and Greater London, let us know. If you’ve read all the above and think that being part of an energetic, get-ahead, can-do culture would suit you, then we’d like to hear from you. These positions begin as casual/part-time roles but may become full-time further down the road, with opportunities for career development and additional training.

As we’ve already discussed, it’s worth remembering that many Ward Thomas roles are considerably physical and entail heavy-lifting. They’re ideal for the stout rather than faint of heart. And, of course, prior experience in the same or similar/equivalent roles is always a plus, but not having it doesn’t mean you’re ineligible. We’d like to hear from you regardless, even if it’s your first time in the removals industry.