What is the Best Day and Time of Year to Move House?

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There’s a lot to be said about planning your relocation thoroughly and getting a head start by jumping straight into your first task. It can make all the difference between enjoying a successful move without any undue stress. However, it’s not always clear what day and time of year are better for moving into a new house or apartment.

In this blog, Anthony Ward Thomas will provide you with some important information on both these issues to help you make an informed decision.

What is the Best Day of the Week to Move into a New House?

The first thing we’ll cover in this blog is choosing the day for your relocation, and there are a few things to consider. Without doubt, Friday is the day most people request when booking their removals service. And, as you’d expect, this means it fill up quickly, making it difficult for you to secure your move for this day. If you’re adamant that Friday is for you, it will take lots of forward-planning.

Similarly, Friday is also most banks busiest day of the week. With many of their transactions closing in line with their branch closing times, you might find yourself in a desperate situation if the seller doesn’t receive the full payment. Legally, the seller won’t hand over the keys until the funds have been transferred, which would leave you both in limbo until Monday.

Although there are advantages to booking a Friday relocation, we’re going to suggest you think about earlier in the week. For example – if you book on a Monday or Tuesday and there’s a delay in the transaction, no problem. You have three whole days to resolve the issues. Additionally, you’ll have little to no problem with securing your booking.

What is the Best Time of Year to Relocate?

Choosing a day for your relocation is relatively simple in comparison to working out the best month or season to undertake your relocation. It’s a slightly more ambiguous subject, but there’s still plenty of merit in working out your options. And if there’s one crucial reason for doing this is to encourage a potential buyer to plan ahead.

From various studies, it’s clear that the most popular season for relocations is summer, with August taking pole position. This might be down to the favourable weather, with warmer days and more sunlight making it easier to undertake a relocation.

However, relocating is a chain of events situation which makes predicting your completion date difficult. Most people need to sell their current property first while also submitting a successful offer on the new house or apartment. This can take anywhere from one or several months to come to fruition.

If you want to move during the summer months, you’ll need to start looking at properties in the springtime or earlier. The more time you give yourself, the easier it will be to find your perfect new home and to scout the area thoroughly.

Springtime is the next time of the year people tend to move, possibly due to more amicable weather conditions. Our summers tend to extend into September now, which makes autumn a viable option. And as you’d expect, winter is the least favourable time to relocate. Regardless of when you choose to move, Anthony Ward Thomas has a fleet of vehicles, and we can accommodate relocations all year round.

Anthony Ward Thomas – Helping You Find the Ideal Time to Move in 2020 –

Anthony Ward Thomas relocates thousands of people every month in London.  Customer service is of paramount importance to our company, and it drives everything we do. Each removal and storage package provide more options for our customers. Furthermore, we’re here for you during every stage of your relocation.

Every move comes with its own challenges, and there’s no wrong answer when choosing the day or month for your relocation. Our advice is to list the pros and cons to see which month is the best fit. And should this be during the summer, it’s worth remembering that the removal’s slots tend to book up faster.

If you would like more information on the best time to undertake your relocation, please contact us today. Our team are available to discuss this and anything else concerning your upcoming move in London.