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There are some things in life that require an expert eye for detail and an unstoppable determination. Organising events and galas, as well as curating exhibitions, is not as easy undertaking. It’s a specialist trade that requires a balance of grit and skill that is difficult to master and maintain. At Ward Thomas, we have several of this elite group of people as customers because they know that we deliver a premium level of customer service.

As you would expect, London hosts thousands of events, exhibitions and galas every year. It’s a city that truly embraces the need to promote good causes and to exhibit a range of cultural and artistic works. On many occasions, the two worlds intersect, to create a unique and compelling experience. And that takes some of London’s most creative organisers to curate and deliver.

Tips for Event, Gala and Exhibition Organisers in London –

For a lot of event organisers and exhibition curators, timing is crucial. And working towards and meeting deadlines is essential. One wrong move or delay can potentially ruin the entire project, which is why it’s important to work with the right sub-contractors at every stage.

You’ll be arranging the collection various items throughout your project. Although a lot of companies will offer to deliver, it’s imperative that no damage occurs. That’s why you should only choose Ward Thomas for the job. Our team are all experts in transporting, packing and delivering valuable and often fragile goods. No other company in London can boost the specialist skills and equipment we can utilise.

One of the areas that a lot of delivery companies fail to consider is how to pack everything to avoid damage. This goes much further than arranging the items in the vehicle prior to leaving. If the incorrect type of packaging is used for certain types of painting, it can cause severe damage to the paint. Most companies wouldn’t think of this scenario, but it’s something our team assess straight away.

Don’t take chances when it comes to the safety of the pieces you’re exhibiting or the furnishings for your event. Even the slightly accident when it transit can result in additional financial burdens and unnecessary replacements. By using Ward Thomas for your transport and delivery, every item will arrive in pristine condition. We’re the perfect example of a sub-contractor you need on your team.

Why Man & Van and Storage Can Help Your Next Event –

Now that you know the benefits of what Ward Thomas can offer you as a sub-contractor, it’s time to match you with the right service. Every removals job has its own set of requirements. At Ward Thomas, we never treat two situations in the same way, even if they share similarities. And from experience, choosing the right vehicle for the task can make a massive impact.

Unless you’re planning on transporting big pieces or furnishings, we always suggest using our Small Vans for Small Moves service. The smaller vehicles are more accessible to manoeuvre around the city, so we never get stuck in traffic. And if you have any last-minute issues on the night of the event, this could be critical.

At Ward Thomas, we always assess and plan everything in meticulous detail. We leave nothing to chance, and we don’t cut corners. If your event starts at 8-pm, we will make sure that all your goods arrive on time to avoid any delays. That might mean avoiding London’s rush hour traffic, which is why we plan everything.

Another favourable aspect of our premium Man & Van service is that you only pay for what you use. We don’t charge full-day rates for our service. You will get the best removals service without having to worry about any overcharging.

Ward Thomas – We’re London’s Number One for Event & Exhibition Organisers –

Ward Thomas works with people and business in every sector in London. And many of our previous clients are event organisers and curators. The reason they choose to use our services is the attention to detail we provide. They know from experience that every item is given individual care and will arrive in perfect condition.

No matter what size of event you’re organising, Ward Thomas has the right vehicle, team members, and vehicle to undertake the job. We have the best tools and equipment needed to undertake any removals job. We can move large objects from tall buildings; in addition, we have experience in moving fragile porcelain vases and antique furniture. Furthermore, Ward Thomas specialises in moving fine art, and we understand that specific items need special protective packaging.

Although it’s usually better to book us in advance, we will go out of our way to accommodate emergency jobs wherever possible. And in the events organising sector, there is always the chance of some last-minute issues arising. Customer service is our number one priority, and we will go the extra mile for our customers.

When it comes to your next event, you need to work with reliable and reputable companies. Ones that will reduce your stress-levels, not increase them. By choosing Ward Thomas, you’re partnering with London’s premium removals service.

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