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If you’re thinking of relocating and you have a large house, it’s worth doing some online homework before you book anything.A lot of companies in London will assume you have a particular size property and they assign a vehicle based on that estimate. This is where a reliable and reputable removals and storage company differs. It’s all about quality of service, and that starts with matching your requirements exactly.

For people who have a house with three bedrooms or more, Ward Thomashas a dedicated removals service for your needs. We have a variety of vehicles at our disposal, all for specific types of removals. The idea is to assess your requirements and select the most suitable type of van for the job. That’s just one of the many reasons why Ward Thomas is the right company for your upcoming relocation in London.

Large House Removals in London –

Houses with more than three bedrooms will undoubtedly have more items to relocate with than smaller properties. The question is – what are they? Typically, your furniture and appliances won’t cause any issues and can’t go into a medium-sized van. This is the best-case scenario and one that most removals companies can handle.

However, if a customer has something like a grand piano or large oak wardrobes, we need to make sure we assign the correct vehicle. It also means we need to plan out the packing of our van to ensure there are no breakages in transit. This is where using a company like Ward Thomas begins to make sense. Most removals companies don’t consider things like packing to avoid damage to your possessions.

This is what makes our Large Removals servicethe best of its kind in London. We pay attention to every detail, and we don’t cut corners. A relocation manager can be brought in for more complicated relocations to make sure everything runs smoothly. Our number one priority is delivering the highest standard of removals service for all our customers. That means taking every aspect into account to make sure we assess everything thoroughly.

A Range of Removals and Storage Services –

At Ward Thomas, we also know that every relocation is different and may require another type of removals service. For people who are moving from one area in London to another, our Small Moves packagemight be more suitable. And this also applies to people who have three or more bedrooms in their home.

The smaller vans are much better at navigating through London’s unpredictable traffic. If there is an expected increase in congestion, we can change our route and use back roads to avoid delays. Our Small Moves vehicles are also much easier to park and load, which might help with fussy neighbours.

Although this might entail a few trips between properties, it can be more efficient to do this for shorter journeys. And if it is, we’ll walk you through how we came to that decision before anything is set in stone. It’s crucial that we are transparent and honest in everything we do.

We also have storage availableif there are any delays in moving dates or you want the additional security for your belongings. Additionally, our professional cleaning company AWT Cleaningis the ideal way to prepare your home for a sales viewing or to get your full rental deposit back.

Ward Thomas – London’s Premium Moving Company –

Ward Thomas relocatesthousands of people every month, and it’s crucial that we provide the correct removals service for every person or business we work with. For our team, every item of furniture and appliance can make a significant difference to what your requirements are. That’s why we make sure we understand every aspect of your relocation and your possessions.

Ward Thomas is the only removals company that offers this range of core and specialist services in London. Our customers return to us because they know their valuable and often irreplaceable belongings are safe with our removal’s experts. It’s our attention to detail and dedication to customer service that makes us the top company in London.

Ward Thomas is fully BAR accredited, which means we guarantee to provide a high standard of service, as well as protecting our customers’ interests. And to top all of this off – Ward Thomas is a truly five-star company. Don’t take our word for it – see what our previous customersthink of our customer service.

Ward Thomas is London’s prestige removals company where a high quality of customer service is the standard. If you want to find out more about our Large Removals service, contact ustoday.