Using our High-Quality Removals Services for Moving Valuable Stock in London

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When you’re handling valuable items, it’s vital to entrust them to a moving company with a proven track record. It may be that you need to move precious goods because of your line of work – antiques dealing, auctions, interior decorating – or because you’re moving house. The good news is that whether you need help for domestic or business purposes, Anthony Ward Thomas has experts at hand covering every conceivable kind of fragile, specialist and valuable item. That’s just one of the reasons why we have a reassuring TrustPilot rating and glowing online reviews. When we take receipt of your belongings or stock, we’ll make sure they’re treated optimally, utilising specialist moving equipment or temperature-controlled conditions. High-quality goods require a high-quality removals service.

A High-Quality Range of Services in London

Anthony Ward Thomas has been offering an array of domestic and corporate services in the British capital and far beyond for many years. We undertake moves of all sizes and you’ll almost certainly have seen our bright, inspiringly-decorated vehicles on a street near you. We move people not only within the UK but worldwide and we have safe, secure storage facilities in key areas.

Transporting Art and Antiques from Galleries and Auctions

Artworks and antiques are second nature to us, but not to every moving company. That’s because the job requires knowledgeable handling skills and niche expertise; it’s not something that can be learned overnight. And without those skills in place, things get broken, whether that’s during the process of being carried into or out of a building or during the transit period. All it takes is inept loading into a lorry and a delicate piece of furniture can be bumped in the wrong place. Worse still, when moving companies use the wrong kind of packing material on a valuable painting or piece of wooden furniture, adhesive coating can leave behind indelible marks or leach varnish from wooden surfaces. End result – a costly item becomes worthless in a matter of seconds. At Anthony Ward Thomas, we know the dangers – and we know exactly what to do to avoid them. Your items are safe with us where they might be imperilled with another company.

Grand Piano and other Musical Instrument Removals

No one said pianos were easy – that counts for uprights but even more so for grands. People have profound sentimental attachments to their keyboard instruments and we understand this, making sure that every last effort is made to pack, prepare and transport them, whether that’s for a house move or into storage. For pianos, we’ll assemble a team of at least four people and bring the equipment, including a heavy-duty dolly and piano-skates. Other musical instruments are comparatively light, but expertise is still required for harps, violins, brass, woodwind and electric instruments. We’ve got it.

Correctly Packing Fragile Pieces Before Moving

When our customers opt to do their own packing, we’re always here with guidance and advice, whether by email or telephone. If you’re uncertain about how to protect your most precious and delicate belongings, you can find more advice from us here: [HYPERLINK:]. We can supply you with everything you need to do a good job. Fundamental to the process is that you leave fragile items until last because they’re the last things we load into lorries, so that extra care can be taken to ensure they don’t collide with other boxes in transit.

Our Packing and Crate Hire Services

Not only does the Anthony Ward Thomas supplies shop have all the high-quality, durable packing materials you could possibly desire [HYPERLINK:], we also provide a premium crate hire service throughout London. Our crates give you an extra degree of reassurance that your most precious items will be completely safe on their journeys. The crates come in a variety of sizes and shapes and can be delivered to you and then collected when you’re finished with them.

Using Online Reviews for Superior Service

Thanks to the care, attention to detail and forethought that we bring to every job, we score well, year after year, not only on TrustPilot and Google Reviews but by word of mouth. But we don’t just lap up the praise and sit on our laurels; we read reviews and look for any feedback we can incorporate in our procedures and services. What you say matters to us.

Anthony Ward Thomas – London’s Premium Removals Provider

Any move is potentially daunting – but when you’re moving expensive, delicate, valuable items, it’s even more so. Anthony Ward Thomas understands that one scratch is all it takes to ruin something. We may do hundreds of moves in any given week, but we know that each one is crucial to the client.