Trading in the house for a Luxury City Apartment in London

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Over the last decade, London’s property landscape has been adapting and changing with the new requirements from the supply and demand. More luxury apartments and high-end complexes are being built every year, with affluent people from all over the world keeping a property in the capital. And this is a trend that doesn’t show signs of reversing any time soon, so it’s worth checking out what’s on offer.

If you’re currently living in one of the areas in London where terraced or detached house are the norm, you might find that your lifestyle no longer makes it necessary to have extra bedrooms. Furthermore, London’s housing market tends to retain value, even during leaner periods. That means your current property’s sale will goes towards the cost of a luxury apartment. And when you submit your offer, and it’s time to organise your move, it’s wise to phone London’s prestige movers Anthony Ward Thomas.

Top Five Reasons to Trade in the London Townhouse –

Lap up the luxury – first and foremost, this is about enriching your living standards and enjoying yourself. The clue is definitely in the name – you’re looking for luxury and all the modern comforts the tie in with it. Whether you find this in a complex with superb amenities or a smaller group of apartments depends on your style and taste.

Close to cultural and city-centre attractions – next, we move into why people tend to gravitate towards luxury apartments. The ease of access to museums, art galleries and other central attractions is often a deciding factor. Having some of the most exquisite art pieces, the best restaurants and unbeatable entertainment on your doorstep adds to the appeal.

Hop on a plane or Eurostar for a break – living closer to the centre of the city also makes it easier to get away for weekend breaks. The Eurostar and London City Airport are within close proximity to the places we list in this blog, and transport tends to have a lot of pull when it comes to choosing a property.

Easier to maintain – this is especially true if you’re moving from a four-bed townhouse to a two-bedroom apartment. Similarly, most luxury apartment buildings or complexes have professional cleaning operatives who can do the dirty work for you. And should you experience space issues, Anthony Ward Thomas has some excellent storage packages to assist you.

Living your best life – this isn’t merely a millennial buzzword. By trading in your London townhouse for a luxury apartment, you’ll have more opportunities to do the things you love. Catching the latest show at the West End or film at the BFI Southbank is the stuff people dream of doing. You’ll be able to enjoy the best London has to offer and then unwind in your luxury apartment.

Some of London’s Best Areas for Premier Luxury Apartments –

Belgravia –hosting the much talked about Chelsea Barracks, Belgravia is prime real estate when it comes to luxury living. While the average house price in Belgravia is approx, £ 3.5 million, you’ll fork out over double that for premier lodgings in this sought-after postcode.

Mayfair – home to the Four Seasons and Burlington Gate apartments, Mayfair is the calling card for high-society in London. You’ll find a wider variety of apartment buildings in Mayfair, which gives you more choice. And, as you’d expect, Mayfair is at the top of the pricing range.

Holland Park Villas – although Holland Park is better known for its townhouses, the latest development – Holland Park Villas – combines the aesthetic of the area with additional luxury. We choose this specific complex because it’s attracting lots of attention and spare apartments are becoming a rarity.

South Kensington – with notable properties at Cornwall Gardens and Queen’s Gate, South Kensington offers more affordable luxury properties. But that doesn’t mean you’ll find a bargain here. It’s just comparatively cheaper than the rest of our list.

Anthony Ward Thomas – London’s Prestige Removals and Storage Company –

Anthony Ward Thomas relocates thousands of people in London every month. And we tend to become our customer’s future choice for all moves and related services. That’s because we demand the highest standard of service delivery for every job we sign up for. And this includes unbeatable individual care and handling of all your possessions.

At Anthony Ward Thomas, our team guarantees that your valuable belongings will arrive at their new location in perfect condition. This is possible because we pay attention to every detail of your relocation. From the number of items you’re moving with, to the individual pieces that require special care.

We understand that relocating can be a busy period, and that’s why we offer a dedicated Packing service. This often makes things less stressful, giving you time to prepare your townhouse for the market. Additionally, you’ll have more time to undertake viewings of apartments to see which area suits you the best.

After you find the right luxury apartment, please contact us to discuss your upcoming move. We gladly guide you through our range of removals packages and related services.