Top Tips for People Moving into London in 2021

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London is a city with a plethora of historic landmarks, high-end retail shops, and cuisine from all over the globe from award-winning restaurants. In fact, it’s so big, even Londoners get lost if they venture outside of their postcode. That’s why some helpful advice goes a long way, especially for first-time visitors or new arrivals.

Anthony Ward Thomas moves hundreds of people into London every week, and we know a thing or two about the capital. We have excellent knowledge of every area, and assisting people is all part of the job. If you’re thinking of moving here this year, you’ll need some background about what to do and where to visit. Without further ado, here are our top tips when arriving in London in 2021.

An Essential Guide for New Arrivals in London –

Anyone moving to London will no doubt have lots of questions about the practicalities of life here. That’s why it’s essential to find accurate and helpful information valid for tourists and new residents alike. This will save time and reduce any stress levels we associate with uncertainty and trying something completely new.

With this in mind, we’re presenting a few salient points of what people might want to know before relocating or spending long periods in the capital. This comes from the experience of what newcomers wish to and needs to know. The list of topics isn’t exhaustive, but it should provide you with oversight into London life. It’s a busy city, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed by how fast everything seems to move.

Here’s a snapshot of what we are covering:

  • Transport information.
  • Shopping, culture, and restaurants.
  • Finding a home.
  • Removals for new residents.
  • Excellent customer service.

The aim here is to inform and link anyone reading this with a relevant source to take the next step. For those who are relocating to London temporarily or permanently, you’ll need a reliable removals company to perform the move. Fortunately, we believe customer service extends beyond the moving day. That’s why we’re here to assist at every stage, which includes any preparation tasks.

Getting Around – Planes, Trains and Automobiles –

To begin our article, we’ll look at the various ways you can travel in London, including transport links heading in and out of the city. We think this is a crucial information point everyone should acquaint themselves with before arriving.

Oyster Card – The comprehensive card that allows you to travel on the Tube, buses, London Overground trains, riverboat, as well as National Rail stops within Greater London zones. You load credit prior to your journey, and it acts as an electronic ticket. The Oyster Card must-have item for navigating London.

Tube – Often hailed as the world’s best underground transport system, the Tube is the central guide for millions of Londoners. With trains taking you to every zone in the capital, this is the fastest and most efficient way to travel.

Buses – London also enjoys a host of bus routes spreading to locations throughout the metro and beyond. Like most major cities, London has traffic issues. Still, there’s been a drastic overhaul in public transport vehicle lanes in the city-centre to help ease congestion and promote using the service.

Trains – Are you travelling to London from a neighbouring county? Tens of thousands of people live in nearby commuter towns and make daily journeys by train. It’s said that all roads lead to London, but you can add railroads to that saying.

Planes – In addition to hosting two of the UK’s busiest airports at Heathrow and Gatwick, London has seen an increase in domestic flights at London City Airport. And it’s sometimes cheaper than national train services.

Eurostar – For anyone travelling to France, Belgium, or the Netherlands, you can get there on this world-famous highspeed rail service. For the experience alone, the Eurostar is worth considering, especially for anyone looking for a direct connection to Disneyland Paris.

Thames Cruises and River Boat – We’ll end with something slightly different. The Thames cruises and riverboat services offer a unique view of London via its most famous river. You can relax and unwind on a guided tour of the city.

The Best Shopping, Entertainment, Culture, and International Cuisine – 

Under normal circumstances London is a city that some say never sleeps, and there’s plenty for residents and visitors to do. Covid 19 Lockdown restrictions have of course effected this but we are on track to return to the rich tapestry that was London Life over the course of 2021. No trip to London would be complete without a ride on one of the bus tours. This is an excellent way to sample some historical sites and buildings that shape London’s rich history. You can also get a general idea of the layout of the city and familiarise yourself. It’s a hop on and off service so that you can explore all day.

If you’re a fan of cultural pursuits, then you’ll need to dedicate some time to see them all. To mention a scant few of these, South Kensington is home to the V&A, Natural History Museum, and the Science Museum. London is home to the Tate Gallery and Tate Modern; both are world-renowned institutions with some of the best classic and contemporary art pieces on display.

London is the place to be for all foodies and connoisseurs of fine wine and real ale. We have an unrivalled selection of world dishes, excellent restaurants, pubs, and wine bars to sample. If you’re looking to dine to impress, then head to the Peninsula Restaurant or the Ledbury. If you want something more down to earth, try Dishoom or Tortellini Cup for a bite to eat. A favourite place to have a swift pint is St. James Tavern or the Mayflower Pub.

For shopaholics, you’ll find yourself in consumer heaven in London. Whether it’s the upmarket department stores on Oxford Street or the uber prestige places like Harrods at Knightsbridge, you’re spoilt for choice. Additionally, you’ll find the best boutique stores in King’s Road and high-end jewellery on Bond Street.

Use an Estate Agent to Book Viewings – 

It’s vital for people who are relocating to London to have someone on the ground for you. An estate agent is a gatekeeper to the housing market, and they can arrange viewings. If you create a wish list, they’ll filter out unsuitable properties, leaving ones that fit your criteria. And with the rise of technology for virtual viewing, you can view potential places remotely.

Estate agents have a consummate level of experience that gives them insight into how things like inspections and surveys work. This gives you a degree of assurance that the property has had all the relevant checks before purchase. Then, if an issue occurs down the line, you’ll have protection and some recourse to reclaim costs.

This also applies to rental properties, as specific agents have portfolios of houses and apartments. You can enjoy much the same type of service when trying to obtain a temporary residence. Many overseas visitors who work in London for several months will need somewhere to call home. It’s essential this is available for when they land, so it’s vital to have someone trustworthy to arrange this.

Range of Premium Removals Services – 

At Anthony Ward Thomas, we regard our range of removals packages as premium services. Our version of a man and van service is called Small Moves, and it stands out from similar packages because of the professionalism and quality guarantee. Every man with a van job comes with a minimum of two of our expert removal’s team to do all the hard work. And we charge by the hour, meaning you only pay for the time we’re moving instead of day rates.

Anthony Ward Thomas has a fleet of removal’s vehicles ready in various sizes, from a man with a van and up. This means there’s no relocation we can’t accommodate, regardless of how big or small the job is. So, if you’re moving from a seven-bed detached house, we utilise our Home Removals service and a suitably large removal’s van. Then we’ll increase our team members accordingly to complete the job timeously.

Similarly, we have expert packers who handle valuables with care. We regularly transport antique furniture, chandeliers, high-end artwork, grand pianos, and other niche pieces. Each object has a specific packing method before loading begins as well as unpacking at the new location. That’s why we’re the go-to company for private collectors, high-end galleries and auction houses in London and the South of England.

Anthony Ward Thomas has a set process for packing and loading fragile items, both for removals and when putting things into storage. We have a plethora of packing materials at our disposal, which you can purchase from our online store here. Our team will position everything in the removal’s van in a set order to eliminate any contact between boxes during transit.

A Five-Star Removal Company Available –

An advantage the modern consumer has at their disposal is the ability to share their experiences after the service concludes. Using review platforms like Google Live and Trustpilot, it’s possible to write reviews and rate each service provider. Then other people can read and see this feedback before they book a service. And it goes without saying that Anthony Ward Thomas is a five-star company.

One of the benefits of working with a reliable removal or storage company is the complete assurance you’re dealing with professionals. That’s why our customers trust us to handle and correctly remove, transport and store fragile and precious items. They need a premium level of service because their possessions require a higher standard of service delivery.

It all starts with a dedication to excellent customer service. This dictates everything at Anthony Ward Thomas because we strive for excellence on every job we sign up for. It’s also why we have a Quality Policy in place, which you can read here. Additionally, we have BAR affiliation, as well as being a member of the Master Removers Group.

Anthony Ward Thomas – London’s Premium Removals Provider –

At Anthony Ward Thomas, we provide high-quality removal and storage services for every customer we work with. Your belongings will be in safe hands with our moving team when you arrive in London to live or for the duration of your stay. Our premium range of packages enables us to attain the highest standard of service delivery for every job we sign up for.

Customer service is at the forefront of all our removals packages. For us, it’s all about assessment and looking after the small details because it all adds up to a successful conclusion. We leave nothing to chance and prepare every relocation thoroughly, with a keen eye for detail. It’s the little things that add up for a satisfactory result, and we do everything to ensure you have a successful start to life in London.

If you’re planning on moving to London and want to work with its finest removals company, please contact us today. We’ll make sure your introduction to our city is a warm and welcome one.