Top European Destinations for People Moving Away from London

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It’s been a tough year for everyone, and after the lockdown, lots of people are re-evaluating where and how they live. From our previous blog article regarding the current housing market situation, a lot of people are opting to leave London for good. A lot of this boils down to a need for a better quality of life with more or better outdoor spaces, such as a larger back garden.

Most of the searches tend to be for the more rural areas or connecting commuter towns, but what if your moving plans are a bit more ambitious? Anthony Ward Thomas relocates people to the continent every week, and we know a thing or two about where you should start your research.

Is a Move Overseas on the Horizon?

Like many Londoners at the moment, you might be looking for something more from where you live. And if the current data is anything to go by, the main areas of interest lies with the nearby commuter towns and countryside villages. Some people are also finding more eligible postcodes in London where they can get the things they want, like the back garden or deck area.

This trend has been gaining traction since the lockdown, but it’s not for everyone. Relocations are never an easy undertaking, and it takes a lot of effort. If your dream is to live abroad, why not aim to move there instead? Obviously, moving to Europe is not going to be as simple now that free movement is ending. However, this doesn’t mean Brexit needs to stop your ambitions for a European relocation.

Even after the UK officially leaves the EU, it’s still possible to apply for a visa for any number of countries. It’s just going to have a few more hurdles for you to jump over than before. Many countries are looking to attract people from the UK and will no doubt put measures in place to accommodate emigration. Moreover, it’s simple enough to travel between England and Europe, should you need to move between the two regularly.

Anthony Ward Thomas moves thousands of people to and from many European cities every year. We have partners all over the UK and Europe, making it possible to reach any destination on the continent. And this is our guide on overseas relocations with some vital tips to help make your move as stress-free as possible.

What Goes into an International Relocation?

When you start planning how to get your belongings to Europe, there are several different options available to you. One of Anthony Ward Thomas’s ways of undertaking European relocations is part-load removals. Due to economy of scale, we pass on the cost savings to our customers.  Moreover, you will only share these consignment relocations with other Anthony Ward Thomas customers.

The Anthony Ward Thomas team will assign a lead person to manage the whole of your European relocation to ensure everything meets our quality policy. Furthermore, every job we undertake goes through a thorough assessment process. We can relocate you by road or sea freight, whichever is most efficient and cost-effective.

We will unload and assist you with any unpacking, which includes tricky assembling or setting up electronic appliances. Moreover, your possessions will arrive at your destination in perfect condition, with no breakages or damage occurring in transit. We have all the right tools and experience to handle your belongings correctly.

Anthony Ward Thomas has been relocating people to Europe and other overseas destinations for over two decades. We only work with removals experts at all stages of our International Removals service. For people who are moving outside of the EU, we can assist with any paperwork. And we’ll also help out with arrangements for shipping your possessions.

Our Top Five European Destinations –

In this section, we have five potential destinations in Europe which are well worth some further research. Remember that first-hand experience is essential, so set aside a budget and time to visit them at least once. Please be mindful that when the UK officially exits the EU, things like visas and long-term residence will change.

Lisbon –

Average house price – €573,021

Ease of emigration – If you meet the criteria for a Golden Visa, you’ll have no issues and can apply for full citizenship after six years. But it’s also possible to apply for a registration certificate as well.

Job prospects – Unless you start your own company or bring some form of employment with you, Portugal isn’t the best place to try and find a job for foreign nationals.

Healthcare – The healthcare is Portugal is of a high standard, and it’s possible to gain access to it for free, depending on your visa.

Amsterdam –

Average house price – €515,289

Ease of emigration – Even after the UK leaves the EU, The Netherlands will be going out of their way to attract Brits.

Job prospects – Finding employment directly links with how easy it will be to gain a visa. It’s relatively simple to apply for a long-term residence visa. And a lot of Dutch companies are hiring foreign nationals.

Healthcare – The healthcare system in the Netherlands is up there with the best. Their treatment of elderly citizens is genuinely inspiring, and they put a lot of emphasis on well-being.

Paris –

Average house price – *€10,080

Ease of emigration – This question is a bit of a grey area. Until we officially exit the EU and some form of trade deals are in place, it’s anyone’s guess. The best advice we can give is to start making plans soon if this is your preferred location.

Job prospects – If you’re applying for a job before locating, the process will be simple enough. It’s plausible that France will adopt more stringent visa restrictions for people who aren’t working.

Healthcare – According to the WHO, France is the world’s leading force in healthcare. Whether this remains free of use to Brits after Brexit will remain to be seen. This will probably link in with specific visas, if and where you can receive one.

Dublin –

Average house price – €438,693

Ease of emigration – Ireland is by far the most accessible country in this regard as there are no passport controls in place for UK residents.

Job prospects – While there isn’t much information on this, you can see what your UK qualifications translate to in Ireland here. Even after Brexit, it’s likely Brits will find it easier to apply for employment in Ireland than other European destinations.

Healthcare – The quality of healthcare in Ireland is excellent, but like most EU countries, it’s not necessarily free.

Berlin –

Average house price – *€4,890 m²

Ease of emigration – Germany is one of the more challenging countries to emigrate to for people outside of the EU. How this translates for people from the UK isn’t clear, but it’s likely to be anything but straightforward.

Job prospects – In contrast to obtaining a visa, Germany is opening its doors to skilled professionals, especially in the tech sector.

Healthcare – It probably won’t surprise anyone to hear Germany has excellent healthcare facilities. This will link in with your ability to get a visa, which can be tricky.

*Data for Paris and Berlin was only available in index form per m².

Using Self Storage to Secure Your Possessions –

Whether you’re moving to Edinburgh or Madrid, all relocations have the potential for delays in moving dates. It’s not always about where you’re going but where you’ll be as the relocation happens. This is why moving overseas tends to be less straightforward as it’s difficult to travel back to London in case of an issue. Whatever your final destination is, you’ll need somewhere secure for your possessions in case of a delay.

Self storage represents a safe and secure way to store your belongings, both while you pack everything up and during the relocation. Anthony Ward Thomas has a selection of storage options on offer. And we have a wide range of storage unit sizes available, for household and business customers, whether it’s for a few weeks or several months.

Every self storage unit has environment controls as standards. This means your items won’t have any overheating or moisture issues to worry about. Everything will remain in the same condition, and our staff regularly monitor all our storage units. There’s no lease or minimum store period to worry about – it’s up to you how long you use storage for. We can also upgrade or downsize your unit size if your circumstances change.

Why Pack Things When We Can Do It Professionally?

Packing is one of the things people dread the most when moving to a new house. It’s enough to put many of us off the idea and to stay put. It doesn’t need to be stressful though – you can save yourself the headache and let us do it for you. We’ll assess your packing needs and assign our expert removal’s team to do everything for you. And this includes creating an inventory as we go.

Anthony Ward Thomas has a dedicated Packing service for both domestic and business customers. Not only will this save you time and effort – our removal team have the proper training to handle high-value goods. This will help you avoid any damage or breakages in transit, which is often an issue as a result of poor packing. We have all the best removal’s tools and materials available.

If you insist on doing your own packing, you can still use the best packaging boxes and supplies on the market. Anthony Ward Thomas has an online store where you can buy the highest standard of packing materials. You can also purchase them at our branch, and we’ll deliver them to you. Additionally, our team will be here to assist with any advice and packing tips while you plan and organise your relocation.

Specialist Removals Services Available in London –

Anthony Ward Thomas has two primary removals services which cover the needs for most relocations. Our Small Moves package is our premium version of a man with a van service. Then, we have a Home Removals package, which includes bigger vehicles.  Both services are perfect for domestic relocation scenarios, and we always assess your needs in detail before confirmation.

However, some situations require a specialist level of service, which is why we have second-tier removal packages that we utilise depending on the specifications of each job. Our Piano Removals, Fragile Removals and Antiques & Fine Art Removals packages often involve handling valuable and sometimes priceless items.

Anthony Ward Thomas is known as London’s prestige removals service, and these packages are an indication of why people often need to use our company. We have a track record of relocating valuable works of art and unique items of furniture. In these circumstances, you get one chance to get it right, and we always deliver on our promises.

Ultimately, people who are moving their valuables and other belongings overseas need to be confident in who use when relocating. Our customers entrust us with items that are not only expensive but sometimes, irreplaceable. This means everything needs a higher level of service delivery a company like ours can provide.

Anthony Ward Thomas – Providing Premium European Removals Services –

Anthony Ward Thomas has a premium range of removals and storage services to suit everyone’s requirements. We have a dedicated European Removals service that’s perfect for anyone who’s relocating abroad. Many of our customers also use storage when they prepare to leave the UK. This is the best way to safeguard your possessions from theft or damage, while you complete the final arrangements.

We’re a member of an elite collective of removals, storage and distribution companies called the Master Removers Group. This makes it easier to relocate people anywhere in the UK and Europe with companies who share our dedication to excellence. Customer service is a crucial aspect of our company, and every job we undertake must attain complete satisfaction.

We specialise in protecting fragile and often irreplaceable pieces from any damage during transit. Every member of the Ward Thomas team is experts in their field with decades of experience. Our customers know that every item will be in mint condition when they unpack in their new home.

Anthony Ward Thomas is London’s prestige removals and storage company. If you’re planning a relocation to Europe, please contact us today, and we’ll go into more detail about our premium removal’s services.