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Tips & Checklist For Your House Move

A moving house checklist can take the stress out of a home move.

Moving home is said to be in the same realms as death and divorce but, if done properly, there is no reason why it cannot be a relatively painless experience. There are all sorts of questions and problems to confront, whether you’re moving across the street or you’re relocating from London to Dorset. As a company that has carried out hundreds of house removals over the years, we have created a list of things to remember when moving house. This simple guide provides a number of helpful house move tips should help make the experience as easy as possible.

Moving House Tips

Tip 1. Start early

Everything can be made so much simpler if you start sorting through possessions early, planning what you want to take when you leave your home, what’s going into storage, what are you getting rid of, what item is going in which room or in which property – if you’re moving to multiple addresses. The more time you give yourself during this period of the removal process the more relaxed the moving day will be.

Tip 2. Clear out your clutter

One of the most important house moving tips is to make sure you sort out your clutter before the removal men arrive. Give yourself five categories: Keep. Sell. Bin. Store. Give Away. Focus on one area at a time and try and do little and often rather than taking it on all at once during your home move.

Tip 3. Pack from the top down

The most efficient way of packing for a household move is to start at the top of the house and work downwards. This way you won’t find yourself in a sea of boxes. And remember to label boxes so you know what’s in them and where they came from.

Tip 4. Find out about your new area

One of the most important house moving tips is to be aware of the final destination. Where are facilities such as washing machines, TV sockets? How big are the rooms and the corridors? Will there be difficulty in getting large furniture in? If there are access problems then you can discuss it with the home removal company in advance rather than getting a shock when you arrive.