Tips for Finding the Perfect Home in London

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Finding the perfect home in London is all about striking a balance between your heart and your head. It’s wise to do as much research as possible as you build up your plan of action, but it wouldn’t be a perfect home if it’s just about planning and fact-finding. To make this work, mainly during the difficult phases, you must fully invest in the exercise.

This is your passion project, and you need to put all of yourself into the project; that way, you’ll not only find the right house for your budget, but you’ll also hopefully find the home of your dreams – one you’ll never want to move out of. We’ll go into some practical ways you can achieve this in this blog, including valuable resources and Anthony Ward Thomas’s range of services.

London Has Something for Everyone’s Taste – 

London has something to offer everyone – it’s about finding what you want and taking positive, well-thought-out steps towards your goal. And don’t restrict yourself to thinking inside of the box. Your plans for finding your dream home should include your hobbies, your favourite parts of London, the best shopping districts, the entertainment and cultural institutions and events that are on offer in each area you search. It all adds to the puzzle that you’ll piece together to make your ideal home.

It will help if you think of this from a potential buyer’s perspective if you’re looking to do this exercise as a professional. For those thinking of buying to sell or rent out, think of the types of amenities clients look for in a property. You’re also selling the idea of a location in these situations in addition to the house or flat. This is even more relevant for Airbnb and short-term rentals, where better features make it possible to charge a daily premium rate.

There are always ways to stretch your budget and play around with financial aspects to work in your favour. One example is purchasing a building that needs development at a much lower cost for its rooms and location. This comes with lots of workload and an ability to project-manage other people, so consider and cost carefully. Let’s start with how to effectively research properties in London.

How to Research the Ideal Property

It’s time to start doing some research and making a solid action plan. So, open a Word document or get a pen and paper and start writing down the things you want from your new home. And don’t be tempted to self-edit at this stage. You’re writing down a list of preferable aspects, and there will be time to see where you need to compromise later. For now, it’s all about getting your ideas down on paper so you can start to make a feasible plan of action.

Use the internet and do some research based on your current situation. Do you need to think about changing schools for your children? Maybe you only use the Tube, and you need to make sure you’re within a short distance of a station. If either of these things is relevant, note them down, and move on to the next item. Even the smallest detail can be significant, and you can return to flesh the idea out in more detail soon.

Transport and things like education and healthcare are pivotal to your final decision, but there are plenty of others. Outdoor activities, sports clubs, entertainment, and other leisure pursuits will be essential for people with young families. It helps everyone integrate into life in your new location and will solve any initial homesickness. Remember that this applies to you as well. Arrange a trip to any potential areas and spend some time looking for places to eat and enjoy some family time.

Enlist an Estate Agent and Attend Auctions –

There’s a good amount of truth in trusting the professionals and remember to factor assistance into your plans. Buying a property can be a needle in a haystack if you’re unsure where to look. That’s why a seasoned estate agent is crucial to your success. And they’ll be able to work with your budget and hunt out some bargains and alternatives.

An estate agent will ask you to compile everything you need and want (not always the same thing). Then they’ll look at your proposed budget to get a realistic appraisal of your chances. They’ll then discuss your options and if there are compromises that you’re willing to entertain. You can then start to think about renovating rundown properties.

Auction houses are worth attending to see what’s on offer and how it all works. Always remember to keep your hand down, though, or you might accidentally buy! Estate agents will filter out unsuitable places and arrange block viewings. They can save you time and know the right questions to ask regarding things like inspections and surveys.

Property Development and Buy-to-Rent –

It’s also important to work out your core reason for buying a new home. Hopefully, you intend to move in and live it up in your beautiful new home or apartment. However, purchasing a new home is a financial decision for some, relevant for people interested in rent-to-buy schemes and house-flipping for profit.

There are also many instances where someone wants to own a property in London because they love the city, but they’re often away on business trips or live abroad. This is where Airbnb can be helpful as their vacant London home can bring in an income. You can also consider becoming a short-term rental host if you have an available property that falls into the rent-to-buy mortgage option.

As your plan develops, you’ll start to see it form into something you can feasibly undertake. You’ll probably have started putting some figures together, and within a matter of weeks and months, you’ve found the perfect home! Ideally, once your offer has been accepted, it’s time to continue your plan of action by booking your removals with Anthony Ward Thomas.

Using Man & Van and Home Removals –

There are two functions where removals will assist your house-hunting efforts. If you take on a project to develop a property, these services provide you with an affordable way to move materials and tools around. We often work with property developers who swear by our Man & Van removals package for this reason. There are also several larger vans available when we need to scale up.

Then there’s the usual use for removals – moving home or office. You’ll get our expertise for both scenarios, and we only employ experts who often have trade experience as well. It tends to be rare, but having this level of experience turns a potential catastrophe into a minor bump in the road if a problem arises. They know how to think on their feet, and we provide them with the best tools of the trade.

We also have specialist packages for relocations that require nuance and skill. Fragile items and artwork need more attention and specific packaging to ensure that the protective materials won’t scratch surfaces. Plus, the arrangement in the van is critical to avoid things bashing into each other during the journey. Sometimes, you only get one chance – that’s why thousands of Londoners entrust us with their valuables.

Self Storage and Container Storage Services –

We’re following the same format as the previous section to show how storage fits into your equation. Storage is ideal for those who develop and renovate properties, whether on a professional level or a one-off project. Property developers and interior designers often link their man and van and storage packages together to create a super service.

There are two central storage unit and package categories to choose from, but we have several storage unit sizes. Self storage gives you unlimited access during our operating hours. That’s why this service is perfect for shorter periods, and there are no restrictions on how many visits you make. We also offer a more business orientated version of this package that’s ideal for busy companies that need faster packing and unloading.

Container storage costs less per month than self storage, and people often use it for long-term needs. The potential downside is that there are restrictions in place for accessing your items when they’re in the container. There’s a cost to unseal early, but don’t worry about this yet. We’ll undertake a thorough evaluation beforehand to find the correct service for your needs.

Anthony Ward Thomas – Helping You Find the Perfect Home in London –

At Anthony Ward Thomas, we pride ourselves on being at the top of our game in the removals industry, and we’ve done this by providing each customer with their own service tailored to their requirements. From the first contact, we aim to build a picture of what our customers need to provide the correct service for them.

The Anthony Ward Thomas team comprises dedicated and time-served professionals who take a great sense of pride in their work. They have all the tools they need to undertake any removals job. We can move large objects from tall buildings and fragile porcelain vases, and antique furniture, ensuring that everything arrives in perfect condition. Our range of service includes moving fine art, and we understand that certain items need specific protective wrapping to ensure that the packaging doesn’t cause damage.

We aim to help you reach your goals and will do everything we possibly can to move you into your perfect home. Every job we undertake will have the Anthony Ward Thomas seal of approval when we’re finished.

Choose London’s finest removals company – contact us today, and we’ll discuss your requirements.