Tips on How to Declutter and Make A Difference in London

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When it comes to creating space at home, one of the first tasks you need to tackle is clutter. No matter how vigilant we are, it only takes a few idle things here and there to start off the cycle. After a while, we accumulate so many things in the house that we transfer them to the garage or loft. And before we know it – the garage and attic are full, and we start sending things to the spare room.

There is a solution, but it involves some bold action. Additionally, if you know one who’s the main hoarding offender in the family, try and keep them out of the process. Otherwise, you’ll find items reappearing that you were sure you had gotten rid of. One of the best things about decluttering is being able to help others in the process.

Anthony Ward Thomas’s Tips on Decluttering in London –

The real test for any decluttering project is to ask yourself – “would I pay to store this?” For example, if you pull a tangle of wires out of a box in the garage, would you willingly pay to keep them? This also applies to things you might never use. If you rarely use something and you wouldn’t pay to store it, then the item needs to go.

How you get rid of these items is up to you, but we’ll go over some tips later in this article on how to do this in an environmentally sound manner. You should sell anything worth money or give the items that can be used to your local charity shops, recycle, or throw away anything that has little to no value. You can even provide them with money you raise by selling them to your favourite charity.

Be painstaking in your efforts, and make sure that the main hoarder does not hijack the project. You may notice that a cherished old shirt with holes under each armpit somehow makes its way back into circulation. And if you’re honest enough to admit this might be you, enlist the assistance of a brutally honest family member or friend to save you from yourself.

If you want to keep some of these possessions but need more space at home, storage is the best option. By using storage, you’ll be able to separate the things you want to keep without them taking up space. If they also happen to be valuable, you’ll be safeguarding them from damage and theft.

Different Ways You Can Support Your Local NPOs –

If you go online, you can find the local charities and non-profit organisations in your area that will accept furniture and other items donations. Some places upcycle items, such as old clothes, can be turned into padding for sports equipment. So, keep that in mind when you start going through your things and avoid throwing anything away at all costs.

Community charity shops and NPOs often spruce up and sell furniture for very modest prices. People on low incomes rely on good quality items at reasonable prices. And the charity gets money, so it’s a win for everyone involved. You can create more space at home while other people can find affordable furniture and appliances.

If you use Anthony Ward Thomas for storage and you no longer want certain items, we will happily donate them to a local charity we use on your behalf. A lot of recycling and upcycling organisations offer to collect your items, so contact them to inquire about this. Another positive idea is to suggest your family and friends follow your lead, allowing you to pool together a larger set of items to donate.

How to Declutter and Be Kind to the Environment – 

There are many good reasons for undertaking a thorough decluttering of your home and garage. However – there’s often unfortunate aftermath that occurs due to your efforts in the form of full black bags destined for general waste. This section will go over how to avoid sending your old things to the landfill when you’re organising your home.

There’s a better way to approach this task that’s kinder to the environment, which we’re aiming for. You can get rid of clutter in an eco-friendly way, and that’s a win for everyone. First, put the things to one side that are in good condition, but you’re unlikely to continue using. You can check websites like eBay to see if there’s any value in selling them. If this isn’t something that interests you, then donate to your favourite charity.

Next, we’re going to create a pile dedicated to repurposing. This will take a balance of common sense with a dash of imagination. One example is food containers because they make for excellent alternative storage pots or pencil cases. You can apply this mindset to just about any object. For anything that doesn’t have another use, it’s time to take them to one of London’s many recycling points.

Using Self Storage to Create More Space at Home – 

During the time that we spend in one particular house or flat, space does eventually become a problem. That’s because it often runs out, and this is where decluttering will help open up more space. But there’s a need for a long-term plan to keep things in running order. That’s where storage comes into play, and you can clear large areas in your home and use them for better purposes.

The concept is simple, and we touched on this earlier. Ask yourself this question: would you pay to store the item in front of you? If you’re in any doubt, the likely outcome is you wouldn’t, so it’s time for it to go. This will prevent you from putting things back in the wardrobe when you feel torn. You’ll be able to reclaim entire rooms back from clutter. And if you take the next step by renting a storage unit from Anthony Ward Thomas, you’ll enjoy the highest standard that’s available in London.

Best of all, self storage is flexible, and there’s no storage contract to worry about when working with us. Unlike a lease, we don’t apply a minimum storage stipulation, so there’s less commitment involved. You can access your unit anytime you like during business hours without any additional limits. Furthermore, we offer a wide choice of storage options and unit sizes.

No Van to Move Things? Use Man & Van –

Sometimes, people are put off using storage because they don’t have access to a van or a big car. This isn’t a problem for Anthony Ward Thomas customers because we can arrange to collect everything. We often utilise our Small Moves man & van service, which will save you packing and transporting everything over. Plus, two team members help load and unpack into a storage unit.

You don’t worry about hiring a van for the day or overpacking the car to do this. We’ll undertake this for you and pack it with a dedicated Packing service. We also offer a Crate Hire package for anything that needs additional protection. People who have delicate or valuable items tend to use this service to avoid issues and provide them with peace of mind. There’s no item we can’t transport and then store.

At Anthony Ward Thomas, we make a point of having a comprehensive, broad set of services because we know the extra options are beneficial. When you work with us, it’s not just the core removals and storage packages on offer. We have specialist add-ons to cover all situations, and we’ll use an expert to handle and store your possessions.

Use a Greener Removals and Storage Provider – 

One of the best ways to give back to your community is to join the battle against climate change. We all know the dangers of inaction and that a lot of work is needed to move towards a net-zero carbon situation. The good news is that it’s easy to participate without it costing you any money. And there’s no better place to start than at home.

The choices you make also add to your individual carbon footprint, and you can read more about this here. That’s why you should work with service providers with low carbon output and environmental protocols. Anthony Ward Thomas is a greener removals and storage company, and we achieve this in two specific processes.

We always reuse boxes when they’re good enough to offer 100% protection. If they’re not entirely suitable, we’ll repurpose the containers for padding, or it’s for recycling. Then the second process is all about assessment and efficiency. We plan in such thorough detail to reduce our carbon emissions and ensure every action we take doesn’t negatively impact.

Anthony Ward Thomas – We’re Here to Help You with Your Decluttering Project –

At Anthony Ward Thomas, we offer London’s best storage and removals. Every service we create is done with the utmost attention to detail. That’s why we’re known as the prestige removals and storage company in London. Every aspect of delivering our services is done to perfection with the objective of complete customer satisfaction.

We regularly participate in community projects, and we believe that supporting our local NPOs and charities benefits everyone. Once you get rid of your clutter, you’ll create lots more space at home. You might even be able to start parking the cars in the garage again or convert the loft into a new bedroom.

Living spaces are not meant to be packed with your belongings. You own your possessions; they should never take over your home or storage spaces. Using storage also helps you safeguard your valuables from theft or damage. It’s worth considering just how easy it is for a work of art to suffer damage due to damp conditions.

If you’d like more information on how storage can create more space at home and reduce your clutter, click here, and we’ll assess your requirements.