The Moving House in London Checklist – Relocating the Anthony Ward Thomas Way

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Now that we’re officially living and working in 2022, you might be putting together a plan for an upcoming relocation in London. That’s why it’s crucial that you only use a reputable removals company to take you through your big move. The best advice we can give any of our followers and customers is to start organising early to ensure you can deal with any obstacles before they become issues. Take control of your relocation with some positive steps in January to set yourself up for a smoother move.

For anyone who’s putting together a relocation this year, the need for a moving checklist is vital. Suppose you’re able to list everything that you need to complete and divide everything into more manageable tasks. Your first point is a simple one – contact Anthony Ward Thomas to discuss and book your relocation. Our team will be available to assist you throughout your move to ensure you’re ready for the big day well in advance of its arrival.

Why Use a Moving Checklist when Relocating?

Relocations are unquestionably fraught with all-too-many goings-on, and it tends to land on one person who takes responsibility for most of it. You have a plethora of things to organise simultaneously, and that’s only half of the equation. You’ll have to fit the move around work and family life, with various deadlines and possibly school runs to contend with. It can become overwhelming and easy to lose focus.

So, how does one stay on track without losing sleep over their upcoming relocation? The answer is relatively simple, and it revolves around having one place for every task. A moving checklist is your comprehensive record of everything that goes into your move. Don’t stress too much if this is new – you can read our moving checklist here for some ideas or simply replace the parts with ones that are more relevant to you.

The beauty of using these lists is you’ll always know what outstanding action points are left to complete. We suggest using a blank calendar or an app for two reasons. The first reason is to calculate how many weeks until the moving day. The second is you can allocate several tasks for each week leading up to the big move, and it gives you a definite timeline to follow.

Moving House Tips and Who to Notify –

We’ll repeat our earlier point to make it loud and clear – you need to start things as early as possible. During your final week, you’ll need to notify your local authority of your date of departure to prevent any council tax or rates bills. You can repeat this for every utility provider and important contacts, such as your GP and bank.

You’ll also need to get rid of any furniture and appliances you no longer use. The fewer things you move with will allow you to start living in your new home without clutter. That also means you should give your current home a rigorous clean, and we can help with our professional cleaning services. You can also repeat this when you arrive at your new home, so you can start any redecorating in a sparkling clean property.

The Anthony Ward Thomas team are also on hand to provide you with our Packing service, which will give you the peace of mind that experts are handling your belongings. This is essential to safeguard your possessions while they’re in transit, which is where many other removals companies fail. Our removal’s experts know exactly how to pack fragile items to avoid breakages and where to position them in the vehicle.

Choosing the Correct Removals Service in London –

We offer a range of core and specialist removals and storage packages to ensure we can provide the right service for your requirements. From your first call or email to us, we thoroughly assess your needs for your upcoming relocation. Then, we will go over the details with you, which we do to make sure we understand your situation correctly before making our final suggestion for a suitable removals package.

Anthony Ward Thomas’s primary removal services include our Small Moves and Large Moves packages. Small Moves is our premium version of a man with a van service in London. This is a service that people who move from one area in London to another tend to choose. That’s because it’s simpler to load furniture in busy streets and navigate through rush-hour traffic.

Our Large Moves vehicles can hold more volume of items, which is necessary for larger pieces of furniture and appliances. We can transport everything in one trip and is more suitable for longer distances, making it the typical choice for national and international relocations. From years of experience, we know how to handle and pack everything to avoid damage when in transit and during the packing and unloading phases.

Self Storage vs Container Storage –

Like many thousands of people that relocate every year, you might need to use storage when moving. An example might be when someone’s undertaking a relocation overseas to another part of the UK. People tend to hedge their bets by keeping some items in London while seeing how the move pans out. They need someone to store things after selling their home or ending a rental lease.

Regardless of the way, it’s worth looking at the two main types of storage to see what might fit your requirements. Container storage would be the likely choice for our previous scenario, and it’s one most long-term storage customers go with. That’s because they don’t usually need to access their possessions until the end of their rental period. And it’s convenient to get us to bring the empty unit to them where we pack and sea everything before transporting back to our secure warehouse.

Self storage is the opposite in terms of access, and you can do so whenever you want to during business hours. There’s no limit to how many times you visit, which is why many businesses utilise this service. It all depends on your situation, and we’ll go through a thorough assessment. The main thing is to have confidence that there’s always somewhere you can securely store your belongings.

Specialist Add-Ons Available –

On top of our core services, we offer a broad selection of specialist add-ons and complete packages for niche specifications. We know that more choice makes it possible to provide a genuinely tailormade removals service. And we also understand that an Anthony Ward Thomas customer has valuables and delicate pieces. They need to work with professionals with superior handling and packing skills.

It then makes sense that we have a dedicated Packing service available. To complement this, you can use a Crate Hire service for the ultimate level of protection in transit, with options to cater to individual objects. If you choose to pack everything yourself – you can buy top-quality supplies from our online store here. The same ones our expert movers use, which is higher than our industry’s standard stock.

Let’s go into more detail about our specialist packages for removals. We have Fragile Removals and Antique and Art packages to ensure no damage occurs for items that are often valuable or hard/impossible to replace. Our Professional Cleaning services cover every household and commercial purpose. There’s no other moving company that can match our range and quality of service, which is why we enjoy working with repeat customers for future moves or other services.

Lead with Quality for the Best Results –

This leads nicely to our final point – quality matters when safeguarding your precious items. Not only that, but you also deserve to have enough confidence to delegate tasks completely over to your movers. There’s nothing worse than micromanaging and having to chase around after people you hire to perform a job. And Anthony Ward Thomas clients can just hand it over, and we’ll liaise and report back throughout the relocation.

We’ll send an assessor to check over details to ensure we understand things like parking and access restrictions for complicated jobs. It’s this consummate attention to detail that sets us apart from other moving companies. We leave nothing to chance and always lead with quality. That’s because we know this gets the desired results.

The best way to scout a removal and storage provider, is via their online score. Google Reviews and Trustpilot will inform you how each company rates out of five. You can read our sterling five-star reviews here and see what customers say. To round things off, we have a Quality Policy in place and BAR accreditation, which is our industry’s gold seal of approval. Please don’t use any removals providers unless they’re also compliant.

Anthony Ward Thomas – London’s Prestige Removals and Storage Company –

Our teams see removals and storage differently from other moving companies in London. For us, it’s not just about turning up on the day with removals boxes and a team of people. We plan everything in detail thoroughly through assessment and confirmation to ensure we fully understand your requirements. And then, we apply our vast amount of removals experience to suggest a suitable service for you.

Anthony Ward Thomas doesn’t make hollow promises to our customers. Our team guarantees that your valuable possessions will arrive at their new location in perfect condition. We will do everything possible to make your upcoming relocation stress-free and to the highest standard of customer service.

If you want to book London’s prestige removals company, click here, and we’ll begin our thorough assessment process. We’ll provide you with a free quotation with no pressure to book.