The Best Green Spaces in London

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London has some fantastic green spaces to enjoy the outdoors in, especially while the sun is out. It’s prime time to catch some says and balance out the busy city life with some much-needed fresh air. Why not get your family together for a day out in one of London’s many parks? Set up a WhatsApp group and get your friends together for a picnic or an evening viewing of the London Skyline?

We often overlook the green spaces around us. Our daily routines have us that busy we don’t spend much time in our garden or the local park, and we forget how important it is to get away from it all. An afternoon spent relaxing with a book outside can help to calm that overworked week-day brain. Taking the kids out for a game of cricket in the local field or the play park is one of the best ways to spend a Saturday. With all that in mind – Here’s some of Ward Thomas’s picks for the best green spaces in London.

London’s Green Spaces and Parks –

With an estimated 47% of London considered to be green spaces, you won’t be hard pushed to find your place to enjoy the outdoors.

Here is Ward Thomas’s list of our favourite three outdoor green spaces in London:

Hampstead Heath – One of London’s most popular green space. You can get a spectacular view of London’s Skyline from Parliament Hill at any time of the day or evening. There are ponds where you can swim to cool off in the summer sun, and it’s a great place to bring the family or relax with friends.

Holland Park – Holland Park is a stunning and unique outdoor setting. It’s well known for its Opera Holland in the summer months, and the northern part of the park is a semi-woodland area. There are two Japanese gardens and an adventure playground for the kids.

Kensington Gardens – Kensington Gardens is one for those looking for something completely different for their outdoor leisure pursuits. It’s crammed with statues and memorials from the Victorian era, as well as being the home of Peter Pan statue.

Green Space and Well-Being –

Spending time outdoors is essential to good health and well-being. Looking after your body and mind isn’t just a fad – it helps us balance our lives and reduces illness. We function better when we cover all bases, so if you want to be more productive at work, down tools and get some fresh air.

 There are lots of ways to get outside more. You can have a barbeque with the extended family or friends, organise a game of football with work colleagues. You can get some kites and take the kids out for the day, or take the dog to the beach.

If you’re thinking of moving to London then you now have a good idea about some its outdoor green spaces. As well as being one of the most exciting cities in the world, London has lots to offer.

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