The Anthony Ward Thomas Guide to Buying a Property in London, 2021

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After a year of living with the pandemic, people are looking to the future with a sense of cautious optimism. For many, this is a time for a change, and there’s nothing like a new home to bring about much-needed improvements. Recent trends seem to favour people leaving London for pastures new, but this isn’t for everyone. The capital hosts some of the UK’s prime real estate, and there’s still an appetite for luxury properties.

London has always been a city with a lot of movement, and it’s not uncommon for a significant migration of people heading in both directions. Even after a difficult year, it’s still the business hub of England, and things will no doubt gradually return to normal. For those who set their sights on finding the ideal London home, Anthony Ward Thomas presents our guide to buying a property in 2021.

Your Go-To Guide for Buying High-End Properties in London –

A more significant than the average number of people are indeed leaving London. The lockdown has been a challenging time, and some see their future elsewhere. Despite the numerous articles, though, this isn’t the right path for everyone. And London still has the types of high-quality properties you won’t find anywhere else.

Whether it’s the stylish townhouses in Holland or the uber-luxurious apartments in Kensington, you can find them in London. It’s happening in our capital city for people with ambitions of designer interiors and perfectly curated outdoor areas. One person’s loss is another’s gain and the exodus of people leaving simply offers opportunities.

Anthony Ward Thomas predominantly works with clients who require a higher standard of removals service. We have a keen sense of what’s happening in the UK housing market because it links to our industry. This provides us with insider knowledge on the sought-after postcodes and what they have to offer. So, if you’re looking for a hidden gem where you can unwind peacefully, we’ll point you in the right direction.

This article will cover everything, from smart technology, upmarket home office and the ideal outside space in London. And when the time is right, we’ll be here to move you in.

Our Top Five Sought-After Property Postcodes in London –

Holland Park Villas – The Victorian townhouses in Holland Park Villas encapsulate the unique properties available in London. It’s no surprise Holland Park is at the top of most people’s viewing list, primarily due to the proximity of excellent restaurants and boutique shops.

St. John’s Wood – We have a secret gem to share with anyone who’s looking for a villa-style property. St. John’s Wood is one of London’s best-kept secrets, which is surprising, given it has the best schools in London and plenty of green spaces.

Hampstead Village – Right next to the famous Heath, Hampstead Village is a quaint and vibrant area by day that winds down a notch or two on an evening. The village is utterly unique, with lots of shops and cafés, and you’re only a short walk away from one of the best places to see London’s Skyline on Parliament Hill.

Kensington – With notable properties at Cornwall Gardens and Queen’s Gate, South Kensington has its fair share of luxury properties worthy of your attention. Kensington is noteworthy for its links to royalty and celebrities, so you might end up with a rather famous neighbour by choosing a property here.

Maida Vale – This affluent part of London has always been popular location, and it continues to temp new residents. With its Victorian and Edwardian mansion flats, attractive communal green spaces, Maida Vale is an inspiring and aspirational part of London. 

Outside Spaces are in Huge Demand in 2021 –

Before the pandemic, outdoors spaces would have less importance for potential buyers. Now it’s at the top of the list, matching the need for bedrooms and bathrooms. The vaccines might be bringing us closer to life after lockdown, but we don’t see the infatuation with gardens changing. People want better outside areas, even for city-centre properties.

This might be a hard-sell for some established complexes with limited outside areas, but there’s plenty of luxury housing in London. You’ll eventually find the right property for you, for both indoor and exterior spaces. The action you can take now is to list everything you need from your estate agent. Find a suitable company dealing with high-end houses and apartments.

They’ll filter out ones that don’t’ make the grade and create some essential viewings. Make sure to add-in what amenities you need in your complex or within a short walk. Your list should also include transport and any healthcare or educational institutions if relevant for your family.

The takeaway is you’ll need to get this bit right when scouting. Some properties are adaptable; others would prove challenging to create a back garden. It will help if the building has a garden already in place or is open to the possibility.

A Premium Home Office is a Must-Have Feature –

With the increasing popularity of remote working, having your very own home office is the must-have for any new home. Unlike most online suggestions, it doesn’t need to be a no-frills, dreary affair. It’s possible to add some style and high-quality features to create the ultimate home office experience. You can read our previous blog about premium home offices here for more details.

When applying this to a property scouting exercise, make sure you stipulate this as an essential feature. A savvy estate agent will ask you to provide them with a wish list. You can do some brainstorming and note everything you want from a house or apartment. Don’t skimp on any details – the time for compromise is much later in the game.

For now, it’s all about stating what your perfect home would ideally have. If there isn’t one already on the property, you might need to convert a room into an office or study. So, if you need at least four bedrooms, think about looking for five beds to accommodate a home office. Remember to be cautious with listed buildings – they present problems for modifications which will likely cause delays.

Our advice – you can easily convert a room, and you might enjoy the process, so be flexible and think outside of the box. Just make sure you look at properties with an additional room over your requirements.

Smart Home Tech is All the Rage in London –

Having fancy gadgets was more of a niche subject a decade ago, but now it’s a selling point for potential buyers. As tech advances, it becomes more user-friendly and accessible, making our lives much more manageable. Now smart tech has excellent voice command applications, and you can often link various systems with a central tech like Amazon’s Alexa. Remember to check things like compatibility, but most voice command tech connects to similar devices.

It’s not just home comforts – smart tech helps people who are working remotely. You’ll find it easier to perform work duties at home when the data transfer doesn’t cause any delays. Presently, the integration of data transfer and security are the top smart tech priorities for remote working compatible routers and devices and software. Similarly, upcoming advancements will see further integration where all this technology is held in one machine, including customer service functionality.

There are also more straightforward, tried-and-tested applications that now benefit from improvements to voice activation and recording. If your job role requires a lot of notation and research, you can now activate voice recording via Bluetooth wireless headphones, such as Airpods or similar brands.

Our advice – make sure your estate agent understands your needs by putting together a thorough wish list. To make certain each point is clear, put them into categories and use bullet-point lists. At the same time, it’s possible to install smart tech, but it’s better to have some already there. Savvy owners will realise it’s a selling point and can implement it before marketing. You can update, but it’s worth making this a priority point for viewing.

Anthony Ward Thomas – London’s Prestige Removals Company –

London hasn’t lost its sparkle and will always be a desirable place to live and work. However, due to the lockdown, many people struggled to match their housing ambitions with their budget. You won’t have to leave the capital to find it for those who want a luxury house or apartment. It might take a bit more research, but it’s possible to find the perfect high-end property. Just make sure you create a thorough wish list and bring an expert estate agent on board.

When it’s time for the big move, the only choice is to book with London’s prestige moving company. We have a superior range of removals and storage packages with specialist add-ons available for fragile items and fine art. Anthony Ward Thomas offers complete protection for your valuables, and all our team are experts in packing and handling.

If you’re on the market for a luxury home, you’ll need London’s finest removals provider to move you in. Please contact us today, and we’ll discuss our range of services in more detail.