Summer Moving Tips – Moving House In A Heatwave

by | Jul 21, 2016 | News | 0 comments

In case you’ve been hibernating under a very cold rock, summer has officially arrived in the UK (hurrah!) and has brought along a hot and sticky heatwave. Whilst us British folk love to complain whatever the weather conditions, the heatwave does make moving house a tad uncomfortable and even more stressful than usual.

If you’re moving house this week or during the next month, we’ve got some helpful summer moving tips on how to keep your cool during the hot weather. We can’t promise you won’t sweat, but we aim to keep your stress levels down as much as possible to make your move as smooth and drama-free as can be.

Avoid Disappointment By Booking In Advance

Firstly, as soon as you know you’ve got the keys to your new place, we would recommend booking as far in advance as possible, as the summer holidays is high-season for moving house. Whilst you can’t anticipate whether the weather is going to be a scorcher on the day of the move, you should factor in that during the summer months, it’s likely to be fairly warm.

Look To Book Your Summer Removal Time During Early Morning

To avoid moving in the summer heat of the scorching midday sun (let’s be honest, carrying boxes in the heat isn’t the one!), aim to book your removal vans for as early as possible. That way you and the removal team will be transporting your items when the temperature is still relatively cool. Morale will still be high as it will be first thing in the morning, and during the early hours it’s relatively shady as well. Phew!

Stay Hydrated

This is a given, but far too many people forget to drink plenty of water on moving day, which results in de-hydration and exhaustion. You should be upping your water intake anyway thanks to the hot weather, but it’s necessary for keeping energy levels up considering you’re going to be very active all day and will lose excess water through sweating. We advise keeping a litre bottle of water on you at all times, which you can refill throughout the day when needed.

Keep Kids Entertained

If you’re moving with children, you know it’s going to be an incredibly busy and often testing day. To avoid tantrums, tears and arguments, be sure to keep your kids entertained so they’re not constantly under your feet whilst you’re busy arranging boxes and directing the removal team. Set up an area in the garden (shaded if possible) and keep some toys back from the boxes so they can play freely whilst you arrange the move. It could be anything from a football to a colouring station where they can quietly draw without distracting you.

Prepare Healthy Snacks To Keep Enegy Levels Up

You’re going to be burning a lot of calories throughout the day moving heavy objects in and out of houses and unpacking the essentials. You’re not going to have the time, ingredients or kitchen items within reach to prepare a quick meal here and there, so you have to plan in advance and make sure healthy snacks are within easy reach when you feel tired.

Nuts and bananas are a great source of energy and will leave you feeling full for a good few hours. For lunchtime, we would suggest a wholemeal sandwich filled with whatever you fancy – wholegrain bread is not only a healthier option, but will keep cravings at bay, so there will be no reaching for a sugary treat down your new local store, which will only result in a sugar slump during the afternoon.

If you have children, we’d suggest plenty of snack-sized fruit pieces and raisins for them to nibble on throughout the day, as well as diluted squash, lots of water and sandwiches to keep them from feeling cranky around lunchtime.

Keep Pets Cool

It can sometimes be easy to neglect pets when you’re in the middle of the hustle and bustle of moving house. Be sure to keep them out of the way so they’re not under your feet and following you around, and get them to sit in a shaded area to avoid overheating! We’d recommend re-filling their water bowl regularly to avoid dehydration, and if you have a dog, taking them for a walk in the morning before it gets really hot!

Make Sure Frozen Food Is Kept In A Coolbox

If you’re having to transfer a lot of food from house to house, the chances are there’s probably some food that belongs in the freezer, so instead of wasting it, invest in a large cool box and store any frozen meat and veg in there with ice packs. It will help to at least keep the contents chilled, so you can still re-use the food within a couple of days of moving.

Pack A Change Of Clothes

It’s handy to have a small bag of clothes packed for the day of the move, as the heat will leave you pretty sweaty, and you’re definitely not going to want to stay in those clothes come evening when you’re settling into your new home. You’re going to be exhausted towards the end of the day, and rooting around through all the boxes for your clothes is the last thing you’ll want to be doing. We’d recommend packing a new outfit, pyjamas and toiletries to see you through the next day before you start unpacking your wardrobe.

Update Everyone With Your New Address

This can sometimes be forgotten about amidst all the chaos of moving, but notifying family & friends and accounts for your bills is essential right away! Doing this beforehand will save the hassle of forwarding your mail and worrying whether you have missed a statement. Not only will it be one less thing to stress over, but you can rest knowing all your bills have been tied up and not left with a remaining balance!

So there you have it, our top summer moving tips for moving home in a heatwave. We know the weather can massively impact the day, but planning ahead and making sure you’ve ticked all the above points off your list will seriously help you keep calm and organised during the move. Now all that’s left to do (besides redecorating and unpacking!) is to crack open an ice cold beer or pour yourself a glass of wine and congratulate yourself on moving in searing heat – you deserve it! We hope you enjoy your new home.