Using Self Storage When Leaving Your Property for Extended Periods

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Throughout the pandemic response, for various reasons, people left their homes for extended periods. For some, it was because of work, but many people took the opportunity to head back to family residences in the countryside. There’s a need to stay safe and adhere to pandemic guidelines for anyone who’s thinking of doing this but if its the right move for you there are of ways that we can assist you.

One of the most significant issues when leaving your home unattended is theft or damage from things like a burst pipe. Opportunistic break-ins are a frequent occurrence when properties are empty for longer than a week. The best way to prepare for this is to use self storage to keep your belongings safe and secure while you’re away. 

Protection for Your Belongings When You’re Away from London –

You might be wondering why people use storage before they leave London for a holiday, a business trip, or other reasons. The answer is simple. Self storage offers the ultimate level of protection for your possessions. At Anthony Ward Thomas, we have a range of storage options available, with storage units of all sizes to choose from.

What’s more – it’s straightforward to get things in motion. We’ll assess your situation and provide you with a free quotation, including our suggestion for a storage package. We’re here to guide you through each part of the process, ensuring you’re happy with everything before we proceed to confirm a booking.

You can drop off your items, or we’ll arrange a collection from your home or workplace. For container storage, our team will bring an empty unit to you. We’ll link our Small Moves service for self storage, which is a premium man and van package. This is ideal for storage purposes, and you’ll have two of our team members there to do all the heavy lifting work for you.

You can pack up and leave your home without worrying about belongings while you’re not in London. Everything will be safe and secure at our depot, which has state-of-the-art security systems. You can really get on with your life without stressing about any issues back home because your items are safe and secure with us.

Using Self Storage to Safeguard Your Possessions –

Self storage has a few different benefits which are likely to suit people storing for a shorter period, such as when going away for several weeks or months. This package has a slightly higher price from container storage, but it has several advantages. You can access your storage room whenever you need to during our business hours without any additional fees.

Anthony Ward Thomas has top-notch security features like twenty-four-hour CCTV monitoring. Each self storage room has individual access codes for additional security. Moreover, every staff member has security training, and nothing gets in or out of our branch without permission.

Self storage is the perfect solution for people who are leaving their property empty. Our storage units can free up a surprising amount of space, 100-sq-ft storage room holds the equivalent to an entire apartment’s worth of possessions. Many of our customers rent a self storage unit before their time away and end up keeping it once they return home. The convenience and extra space become apparent once you start using storage.

Container Storage for Longer Trips Overseas –

At Anthony Ward Thomas, we understand that choice is a key aspect of customer service. Our range of storage packages makes it possible to cater to everyone’s specifications. Container storage provides the very best level of protection at prices everyone can afford. And this is perfect for domestic customers who don’t need regular access and require a longer storage period for overseas trips.

We’ll bring the empty container to your address and will load everything at your location. As we pack everything into your unit, we’ll create an inventory of your belongings for future reference. Our removal’s team will then seal the container and transport it back to our depot, where we use a stacking system. This means you’ll let us do all the hard work, so you can get on with organising everything before you leave.

This is our most affordable storage package and tends to suit people who want a long-term rental service. When your storage period ends, we’ll transport the unit back to unseal it at your chosen address. All your items will be in perfect condition due to having storage units with environmental controls.

Man & Van to Collect Your Possessions –

Not everyone has a suitable vehicle to move boxes and containers to a storage depot. Furthermore, a lot of people wouldn’t want to damage their car’s interior. Luckily, Anthony Ward Thomas will deal with this for you. We’ll arrange to collect your items with our man with a van service and transport everything to your self storage unit.

Our team will help you pack and prepare things for storage, which we offer removals customers. We have years of experience in packing and will be able to give further advice when preparing everything. Furthermore, we will assist with creating an inventory before your items go into the storage unit.

Anthony Ward Thomas has staff members on-site to load and unpack your belongings into your storage unit. We’ll arrange everything to make sure there are no issues with overpacking. All our packages complement each other, which means they interact seamlessly when we need to incorporate them. Before we sign anything off, we’ll perform a thorough assessment and send you a free, no-obligation quote.

Crate Hire to Increase Protection for Your Belongings –

For people who have additional need for safeguarding their belongings, we now offer a Crate Hire service. This will give your belongings or work equipment an extra level of safety when you put them into storage. Here are some of the main features:

  • Full crate hire service available
  • Crates of every shape and size for any purpose and in any number
  • Crate(s) delivery option available
  • Crate collection service
  • Bespoke crates created for special items
  • Crate packing service available on request
  • A range of removals services available for domestic and business relocations
  • Secure short or long-term storage available for all items

We have crates available to safeguard any item, regardless of the size or handling requirement. This includes computers, electronic equipment, office furniture, household objects, fine art, and many other things. It’s also possible to hire a crate for specific items that might otherwise be difficult to pack. We also provide a range of protective packaging, such as bubble wrap, antistatic packaging, security seals and colour tags.

You can arrange to collect your crate, but it’s just as easy to ask us to deliver them to you before your possessions head off to storage. And we’ll discuss the best day to do this to ensure you have lots of time to pack everything. Additionally, we have a Packing service available if you have a busy schedule or prefer the professionals to oversee it.

A Higher Standard of Customer Service –

One of the benefits of working with a reliable removal or storage company is the complete assurance you’re dealing with professionals. That’s why our customers trust us to handle and correctly remove, transport and store fragile and highly valuable items. They need a premium level of service because their possessions require a higher standard of service delivery.

It all starts with a dedication to excellent customer service. This dictates everything at Anthony Ward Thomas because we strive for excellence on every job we sign up for. It’s also why we have a Quality Policy in place which you can read here. Additionally, we have BAR affiliation, as well as being a member of the Master Removers Group.

Another advantage consumers have now is the ability to share their experiences after a service concludes. Using review platforms like Google Live and Trustpilot, it’s possible to write reviews and rate each service provider. Then other people can read and see this feedback before they book a service. And it goes without saying that Anthony Ward Thomas is a five-star company.

Anthony Ward Thomas – London’s Premium Removals and Storage Company –

At Anthony Ward Thomas, we provide high-quality removal and storage services for every customer we work with. Our range of packages enables us to attain the highest standard of service delivery on each job we book. Your belongings will be in safe hands with our self storage service when you leave London temporarily.

Customer service is at the forefront of all our storage and removals packages. For us, it’s all about assessment and looking after the small details, because it all adds up to a successful conclusion. We leave nothing to chance and prepare and plan thoroughly for every job we sign up for. And when you store with us, there’s no minimum contract. You can keep your storage unit as long as it suits you.

If you’re planning on leaving London and want to know more about our self storage service, please contact us today. We have a selection of storage packages to s