Tips on Long-Term Storage for Clothing in London

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As the sunny days get a little bit shorter and the weather cools off, you might be thinking of your wardrobe. Your summer wardrobe gets put away for another year, making way for this season’s autumn offering of London fashion. That doesn’t mean you plan on giving your summer threads away and some you’ll want to keep in good condition for years to come.

London is one of the fashion capitals of the world, and your wardrobe can be an extension of our personalities. A new season is often an exciting time for dedicated followers of the latest clothing trends. Buy before you throw yourself head first into autumn’s new ranges, you need to prepare your summer clothing to make sure It stays in pristine condition.

Tips on Long-Term Storage for Clothing – 

Spotlessly Clean – this might sound like a silly one, but you’d be surprised at how many people put clothing into storage that’s either not clean or isn’t fully dry. Mould and other microbiological activity shrive when it’s stored for long periods of time, and if your clothes are delicate, you might find them damaged when you get them out again.

Out with the Old – seriously, don’t keep a hold of clothes for the sake of it. Those old comfortably PJ’s with holes in them that you love? They’ve got holes in them, so get rid. Even if you donate damaged clothing to charity, they can be reused by upcycling the materials. Don’t hoard, just store what you really want to, and can, wear again.

Storage within Storage – you need to try and keep your clothing in some protective packaging or wrapping. If you have a few formal suits or outfits, then put them in wrapping. If you are storing formal shoes, make sure you polish them and store them in plastic containers. Label everything to save time before they go into your storage unit.


Creating More Space at Home – 

Storage is one of the best ways to create more space at home. Not only will you be keeping your favourite spring and summer outfits in excellent condition, but you’re also freeing up a lot of wardrobe space. Even if you plan on filling the wardrobes again with a seasonal splurge, at least you’re not cramming everything into one overloaded space.

You don’t just need to store your favourite clothes. It’s your storage unit, so why not share it with some other things that are taking up room? If you have paintings that you don’t have on display but want to keep, storage is the best place to keep them secure and free from damage. With every trip to the storage unit, you’re creating lots of space in your home.


Ward Thomas – London’s Best Storage Providers – 

At Ward Thomas, we have hundreds of customers store with us every year. We provide the best storage and self storage in London with our high level of customer service. You’ll always have someone you know to discuss your storage requirements, and we strive for excellence.

By renting out a self storage unit with Ward Thomas, you’ll effectively be able to store an entire room’s worth of items and be able to access your unit as much as you need to. For longer-term storage, we offer the best container storage on the market. Before you rent anything, we will discuss the various size options with you. If you need a lot of storage for your clothing, then we’ll suggest a large sized unit. This is a good option for households that need lots of storage. We will arrange to bring a storage container to your house, pack it up with an inventory list and we’ll then transport it for you.

Sometimes it pays to keep your favourite outfits, especially when fashion trends go full circle. Don’t let the new season cramp your wardrobe space – contact Ward Thomas today and we’ll find the perfect storage package for you.