Storage in Central London Made Easy.

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One of the great things about living in London means having access to all of the best shopping districts in the world within a few Tube stops away from each other. Whether you’re looking for the best designer clothes or some children’s toys for special occasions, you’ll find no better city to get them all in. The one drawback from inner city living is that it can sometimes feel cramped and you end up competing for space with your possessions. The best way to reclaim that space is by using self storage..

London Living – Create More Space with Storage –

We’re all guilty of letting our possessions take over, even if you’re not hoarding things. Before we know it, the boxes in the garage and loft are increasing, the wardrobes are full of clothes and shoes, and before we know it, we’re living in cluttered homes or apartments.

The best way to create space in London, especially if you don’t have a lot of storage spaces available, is to use a reputable storage provider like Ward Thomas. By renting out a self storage unit, you’ll effectively be able to store an entire room’s worth of items and be able to access your unit as much as you need to, making it your storage space just around the corner.

You’re then free to part the car in the garage, convert the loft into a new room or den, use one of the spare bedrooms as a study and have guests to stay.


Office Space – Better Working Environments and Storage –

If you’re a business owner, then you can open up your workspaces by using Ward Thomas as your offsite storage provider. A cramped office might make you consider relocating to larger premises, but by renting out a self storage unit for your surplus items, you can stay in your current office and save on increased monthly overheads.

You might be considering going freelance, and you want to work from home, but you don’t have enough room for things like filing cabinets of work equipment. By renting a self storage unit, you’ll be able to have a limited office space at home with only the essential daily items and then use your storage unit for things like filing cabinets. Ward Thomas also offers comprehensive Archive Storage for important documents.

Ward Thomas – the Best Storage and Moving Services in London –

Ward Thomas is known as London’s prestige moving and storage company, and we have various storage options available to suit everyone’s requirements. If you need regular access your possessions, then self storage is an excellent way to have the safety and security of storage with the same level of access you’d have it you stored it in the garage or loft. If you have a lot of things that you want to store for a longer period, we will arrange to bring a storage container to your house, pack it up with an inventory list and we’ll then transport it for you.

By using Ward Thomas as your storage provider, we’re confident that you’ll be able to reclaim your living and work spaces for better uses. Every job we undertake we guarantee it will have the Anthony Ward-Thomas seal of approval when we’re finished.

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