Small Moves & Home Removals – Choosing the Right Service in London

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For anyone who is planning a relocation in London this year, finding the right removals company is crucial to it all going smoothly. Plenty of removals companies offer a range of quality services but don’t always deliver on those promises. That’s why it’s crucial to do your homework before you sign up for anything. And a credible online presence is one way of spotting a winner or a dud. You’ll also need to work with a company that is happy to help you choose the correct removals package for your needs.

Anthony Ward Thomas is London’s prestige removals and storage company, and we have a proven track record of excellent service. Our team will guide you through our range of core and specialist services during your first contact, and we can make an initial assessment from there. We always match your needs with the right removals package for you. This is an integral part of our company ethos of attaining the highest standards of excellence. Book with us today, and you’ll see why we’re London’s favourite removals company.

Choosing the Right House Removals Service in London –

At Anthony Ward Thomas, we have a range of removals packages that cover all typical relocation situations in London. Our Small Moves package is our premium man with a van service that offers features that other companies neglect. These include two professionals for each job, and we charge per hour, rather than by the day. It’s also possible for us to attend last-minute bookings, should you find yourself in a tricky situation.

For larger volumes of items, our Home Removals package does the job, and we always use this for our UK national and European services. The Anthony Ward Thomas Home Removals vehicles can hold more volume of items, which is necessary for larger pieces of furniture and appliances. Our team can transport everything in one move, which can be more efficient and cost-effective.

Anthony Ward Thomas is a member of the Master Removers Group which is an elite collective of removals, storage and logistics providers. The group has a network of depots and warehouses that spread across the UK, Ireland and Europe. This makes it possible for us to undertake relocations anywhere with ease, in addition to only using companies that match our highest standards and service delivery satisfaction.

And should you be unfortunate to experience any delays in your moving dates, we have the perfect solution to safeguard your belongings. Anthony Ward Thomas provides storage for hundreds of customers every month in London. There are two types of units: container storage for less access and longer periods. And self storage if you need regular access.

Why It’s Important to Check London Removals Reviews –

Before you book any service, it’s crucial that you read up on each potential company prior to booking. That’s because there are a lot of companies that have favourable rates but fail to deliver a credible service. Ultimately, you deserve value for money for a service that is efficient and matches your requirements. There is no need to take a leap of faith these days – information for most companies is just a few clicks away.

One of the critical aspects of the Anthony Ward Thomas ethos is only to deliver the highest level of customer service. Our goal is to go above and beyond the expectations of each client we work with. And to reach that standard, we have a range of services and packages for our customers to choose from. By doing this, we can deliver the perfect service every time.

Everything starts with a thorough process of assessment, and we will visit you if we’re not entirely sure we understand your needs. On the day of the relocation, our team will arrive on time or earlier with the correct number of people and equipment, ready to begin. From there, we move seamlessly through the tasks that we prepare in advance of each job. The Anthony Ward Thomas team are always friendly and knowledgeable, capable of anticipating small issues and rectifying them straight away.

We work with experts who have years of experience and specialist training as standard. Every member of the Anthony Ward Thomas team understands that correct packing is crucial to preserving valuable and fragile items. Even the type of packaging materials we use is critical to maintaining the things we relocate. It’s this attention to detail that makes our customers trust us with their valuable possessions.

Anthony Ward Thomas – London’s Premium Removals Company –

Anthony Ward Thomas has the pleasure of working with thousands of people in London every month, fulfilling their removals and storage needs. Paying attention to every detail is another aspect that propels our company ahead of other operators in London. From experience, we know that every item of furniture and appliance can make a significant difference to what your requirements are.

And because we apply this careful eye for detail for every job we take on, it’s something we advise our customers to consider. A moving checklist is something that will keep you on track as you plan and organise your relocation. It might initially seem fiddly and time-consuming, but we promise you that your moving checklist will guide you through your big move smoothly.

The Anthony Ward Thomas team are experts in their trade. Moreover, we provide them with the best tools and equipment needed to undertake any removals or storage job. We are BAR accredited, which means we always provide a high standard of service, as well as protecting your interests.

If you want the very best removals service in London, contact us today. You’ll receive the type of service that only happens with a five-star removals company.