Services For Luxury E-Commerce Businesses in London

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All entrepreneurs and businesses who work with luxury goods should find suitable associates to increase their profile and improve their service delivery. There’s a need to portray quality; both visibly and with excellence. That’s why it’s essential to have both for your logistics and customer-facing deliveries. It’s possible to achieve both by working with a removals provider that offers a range of premium business services.

If your e-commerce venture needs local distribution, it’s time to match your ambitions with a company that shares the same values. Anthony Ward Thomas has a range of removals and storage packages ideal for local and national collections and deliveries. We’ll delve into the details in this article to give you some working examples.

Removals for High-End Clients in London –

When it comes to business, everything has a broader context when it comes to representation and branding. High-end producers of goods or service providers are aiming to be the pinnacle of their industry. That always means no mistakes and a drive for perfection. Nothing less than this is good enough, or their idea is a non-starter because quality is the measuring stick.

To realise these lofty ambitions, you have to match them with every aspect of how you operate. That means working with other companies that are on that level and have the same outlook. This will place you in a group of peers where everyone focuses on excellence and attaining the highest customer care and service delivery standards.

And for high-end traders in London, Anthony Ward Thomas provides premium services. We cater to both household and business customers, meeting their removal and storage needs. For us, it’s the very best or nothing at all. And this is why some of London’s finest businesses work with us and trust our team to handle and deliver their products with complete confidence in our abilities.

Preparation When dealing with Sensitive Environments –

Whenever we think of a removals job, it’s about the items inside the property that catches most people’s attention. Those fine art pieces and antiques must remain perfect, which we fully agree on. This means plenty of care and attention when handling and packing glassware items and similarly delicate objects. Furthermore, certain valuables require individual wrapping and strategic arrangement in the removal’s van to avoid breakages.

However, there’s something we’re missing here that can cause just as many, if not more, issues. How do you protect the interior walls and spaces of a home? A sensitive environment means the location itself and any additional considerations when performing a move. Even the slightest touch from an object might cause permanent damage, and that’s an expensive thing to rectify.

That’s why Anthony Ward Thomas puts so much emphasis on planning and preparation. We’ll map out the interior and exterior features for a move well in advance, even if this means visiting the site more than once before the moving day. That way, we’ll understand any potential issues and have a strategy of approach, including methods of avoiding delicate surfaces and tight access points.

Our Premium Core Removal Services –

At Anthony Ward Thomas, we do everything to the highest degree of customer service. We have a core set of removals packages you might expect from most moving companies. The difference is in the detail and how much we go into everything to attain the best results. And we add that extra touch of excellent customer service to every job we take on.

Our Small Moves removal package is a high-quality version of a man and van service. It’s ideal for boutique companies that need local deliveries for upmarket clients. We like to add value wherever possible, so you pay by the hour, not per day. It’s a fairer way to price a high-end service because we believe you should only pay for what you use, even if it’s at a prestige level.

When it’s necessary to scale everything for larger volumes of items, we’ll suggest booking our Business Removals package. We can work with any size of company because of the fleet of vehicles we have available. That’s why many of London’s auction houses and art galleries work with us. They know we can deliver to scale with quality to match.

Fragile and Valuable Removal Add-Ons –

Our domestic customers already enjoy the benefits of using our specialist removal service add-ons. The best thing is, they’re available for business clients as well, and that’s down to having a flexible approach to removals. We apply the same framework but with some adaptations to suit the job at hand. This often requires a more detailed plan of action, but the essential parts remain the same.

Fragile objects need far more care and attention than others, and that’s why they have their own removal package. From the physical packaging to the placement in the vehicle, we have specific ways of doing both to avoid breakages. Additionally, we offer Piano Removals plus an Arts and Antiques removals package. Both offer different aspects with a view of specific safeguarding.

If you want to dial things up to the ultimate level of protection, we have more tricks up our sleeve. You can include our Packing and Crate Removal add-on services, giving you unbeatable preventative measures. This is the level your customers need to have when they buy items from your business. And we’ll help you achieve those goals by using these specialist packages.

A High-Quality Local Distribution Package –

The bigger picture where your business is concerned is tying several packages together to create something significant. To this end, it’s possible to use a removals provider to undertake your local distribution. You can even take it on the road for national or European jobs and enjoy the same high service standards.

In addition to having a high-quality removals company for collections and deliveries, it’s possible to link with a commercial self storage package. We can undertake your stock control and warehousing tasks under one roof without you using several companies. And we’ll agree on a workflow strategy with you, including a reporting system as we drop off each parcel.

Anthony Ward Thomas can take the lead for your business’s distribution and all the logistics involved with this. It gives you more time to network and build your reputation while we handle the practical side of things. You won’t have to worry about the condition of your goods. We have experts with decades of experience and superior handling skills.

Looking the Part When it Matters –

There’s one last thing most might overlook when it comes to collections and deliveries to your customers. The Anthony Ward Thomas team looks the part, and this matters more than you might think. We have a professional way of doing things, and it’s something high-end clients expect when they receive their order. The old saying comes to mind about leaving a positive first impression.

It’s more than just turning up on time and handing over a parcel or package without any damage. Our movers give people confidence because they believe in what they’re doing. That’s why we have a watertight assessment process in place. Nothing is left to chance, and there’s no cutting corners when you book with us, even for smaller jobs.

We’re a five-star rated removals company on Google and Trustpilot, and that’s through hard work and dedication to customer service. Every single removal and storage booking is important to us, and we strive to go above and beyond our customers’ expectations. When it comes to a high-quality distribution service, you won’t find a company that can match our expertise.

Anthony Ward Thomas – London’s Prestige Business Removals Company –

Finding the right associates is part of the path to success for high-end entrepreneurs and businesses in London. Like-minded companies will complement each other, with most providing professional referrals on this basis. For us, the goal is to reach the highest level of service delivery by promoting the best customer care possible. And this is why hundreds of companies choose us every year. 

At Anthony Ward Thomas, we’re known as London’s prestigious removals and storage provider. This extends to every service we offer, whether that’s for domestic or business clients. Customer service is the driving force behind every decision we make. We pay attention to every detail, always looking to deliver the highest standard.

For more information about our business distribution services – click here, and we’ll contact you with details and a free quotation. It pays to book with London’s premium removals and storage company.