Securing Your Home For A Holiday

by | Oct 7, 2016 | Home, News | 0 comments

Was your summer holiday very slightly marred by a little voice in your head, worrying away at you about the security of your home? You’re not alone. Even with an alarm in place, many of us have that unpleasant sensation of little gremlins in the head, telling us not to rest too easy because of what might be happening back at home. It’s a shame that anything should intrude upon the precious time we take to recharge our batteries and have fun. Unless you’re getting some winter sun or a ski trip before the end of the year, the next prolonged time away from home may well be Christmas, leaving you plenty of time to take extra steps for boosting the security of your house. Here are some of the additional measures we suggest taking to enhance your peace of mind and leave you able to enjoy holidays in a more carefree manner. 

  1. Make it seem as if people are still in residence. There’s nothing more attractive to burglars than a home that’s visibly come to a halt with no one a home, so do what you can to give the impression that someone’s still around. In addition to having lights go on and off on timers, you can forge mutually supportive arrangements with neighbours, watering each other’s gardens and dropping in to collect mail, so that your home looks thoroughly alive in your absence.
  2. Your garage door is a potential entry point for thieves and, worse, to the untrained eye, the sight of a car parked outside an open garage doesn’t look immediately suspicious. Investing in a security system, perhaps one of the proliferation of smart systems that can be managed remotely via app, is money well spent. No one wants to be filmed in the act of burgling so it’s a good deterrent.
  3. Hold fire on social media. While you’re away, resist the temptation to live-chronicle your gallivanting on Facebook and co. Of course, in all likelihood you trust your friends and your posts are not marked ‘public’. But that still doesn’t guard against the information being disseminated beyond your immediate friends group. Better safe than sorry, so why not wait until you’re back to share your holiday photographs?
  4. Double-check everything’s locked. Before piling into the car to the airport, dedicate a final ten minutes to going around your house, checking every window and back door, every conceivable entry point. It’s all too easy to get caught up in the frenzy of your ‘money, tickets, passport’ checklist and inadvertently leave home with a window unsecured.
  5. Keep temptations out of sight. If a prospective thief is able to see, say, a nice computer through a kitchen window or a buildup of mail sticking out of your letterbox, he or she will treat it as an invitation. Thanks to that reciprocal relationship with a neighbour mentioned earlier, you should be able to make your home temptation-free while you’re away.