The Advantages of Using the Same Company for Removals and Storage in London

by | Oct 13, 2017 | News | 0 comments

If you’re planning to relocate to London or you’re moving to a different part of the city, it’s essential to choose the correct removals company. There is a lot to choose from in London, which can make things confusing. One of the key aspects you should always look for is a company that offers a range of services under one roof.

People in London often lead busy lives. Taking extra time out to shop around for a removals company isn’t high up on most people’s priorities. There are some quick ways to get what you want when it comes to your next move.

Use a Reliable Company That Offers Everything under One Roof – 

The first thing you need to look when choosing a removals company is how reliable they are. Check for online reviews, testimonials, as well as their credentials. Are they BAR accredited? Do they have a dispute resolution procedure? One piece of advice is to take price comparison sites with a pinch of salt. They will find the lowest price or company, but that usually comes with a similarly low level of customer service.

You should also look for a company that offers a wide range of services. It’s better to find a company that provides more than just removals. At Ward Thomas, we usually find that our customers might be relocating, but they also require storage. That’s why we offer various removals and storage packages to fit everyone’s requirements. We also have excellent online reviews, and Ward Thomas is BAR accredited.

Why a Quality Service is Important – 

At Ward Thomas, we believe that a high level of customer service is better value for money. This is especially true for people who need to transport valuable or fragile items. If you decide to book with a company based on their low prices you might regret it when you reach your new home, only to find your expensive vases have cracks in them.

The Ward Thomas team understands that every item that is being relocated needs particular attention. Individual pieces of art need special packaging, and other items can be affected by specific temperatures. We only employ experts in the removals industry who not only specialise in complicated removals but also love their jobs. Our policy is to provide them with the best tools and equipment to get the job done.

Ward Thomas – London’s Best Removals and Storage Provider – 

Our attention to detail, commitment to our customers, and our range of services make us the best removals and storage provider in London. From the first time you contact us, you’ll understand what sets us apart from other removals companies. We listen to what your needs are, and we match them with the correct services. If you need additional storage for any gaps in moving dates, we have you covered. No matter what your needs are, we have the right package for you.

If you’re relocating to London in January, but you can’t move into your new home in St. John’s Wood until March, no problem. We’ll discuss what size vehicle you need for your relocation, as well as providing you with a suitable self storage unit to store your possessions until your moving in date.

The Ward Thomas team has one goal – to make your relocation as stress-free as possible. We will discuss your move in detail well in advance of your moving date. You’ll be relocated in the most efficient way possible, and all your possessions will arrive in perfect condition. Ward Thomas delivers every job to the highest standard. We have a loyal customer base because they know that their belongings are safe with us.

Contact us today to discuss your next relocation and our range of services.