Removals to London – We Can Move You from Anywhere in the U.K.

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If you’re making arrangements to relocate to London, it’s worth your while to search for a company that offers the best removals service. While it may be tempting to use a local removals service for cost purposes, you might be putting your belongings at risk. It might seem more convenient to work with a company that’s nearby, but you should still do your homework to check they’re reliable.

One of the top reasons Ward Thomas’s customers use us is the expertise our company offers. A lot of them have valuable and fragile items that need additional levels of attention when packing. This isn’t the only reason why we’re London’s best removals service. Ward Thomas is part of an elite network of removals and storage companies. Which means we can move you to London from anywhere in the UK.

Why it Pays to Use a Master Removers Group Company –

Ward Thomas is a member of a network of the best removals and storage companies in the UK called the Master Removers Group. This elite group of companies creates a system where all our customers can benefit from lower prices through economy of scale. We are able to transport your possessions seamlessly to anywhere destination in the UK, Europe and further afield.

Every company in the group attain the highest level of customer service and have a flawless reputation in their community. That means you’re always going to receive a premium quality of service throughout the UK. And due to the stipulation that each member company has a proven track record of service, you can have the peace of mind you’re working with experts.

Each Master Removers Group member is BAR accredited, which is the industry standard of competency. Every removals and storage company should have this level of accreditation. Most companies state this as their highest seal of approval, but it’s the bare minimum for the Master Removers Group. Ward Thomas and the other members always go above and beyond for their customers.

See What Our Customers Think About Our Services –

At Ward Thomas, we are known as the prestige removals company. We don’t just set the standard for customer service; we raise the bar in our industry. This is part of the reason why we’re London’s best removals and storage provider.

The other aspect that puts Ward Thomas ahead of the rest of the removals companies in London is our expert level of care. Our customers use us because they know that their possessions will be safe in transit. This is especially important for some of our clients who have precious items.

We regularly transport rare pieces of art and antique furniture, as well as fragile items that can’t sustain any impact in transit. Additionally, we have specialist equipment to collect awkward items like grand pianos from any type of property. No matter how valuable or fragile your possessions are, we have the right tools and expert team members to do the job properly.

Ward Thomas – Choose London’s Prestige Removals Company for your Next Move –

Ward Thomas is London’s premier removals and storage provider as proven by our high standard of customer service. We move thousands of people every year in London, the UK, and overseas and we regularly have repeat customers. We believe that a sign of any company that performs at this level of service will have something to back that up, such as five-star reviews.

We’re proud to be part of the Master Removers Group, and we strive to attain the highest standard of customer service at all times. The Ward Thomas team knows that no two moves are the same. We plan every detail to make sure we can anticipate any potential issues. Each aspect of your relocation is calculated and agreed on in advance of your moving day.

Every job we undertake has the Anthony Ward-Thomas seal of approval by the time we complete. We won’t settle for anything less than 100% customer satisfaction. Ward Thomas is here to make your move as stress-free as possible. Moreover, you’ll be relocated in the most efficient way possible, and all your possessions will arrive in perfect condition.

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