Removals from London to France with AWT

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We would all love to pack up and jet off to our tasteful city-centre Parisian apartment, which just happens to be around the corner from the Arc de Triomphe or the Louvre. The question is – why not make this a reality? For some people, 2022 is when they put their feet on French soil on a more permanent basis. Anthony Ward Thomas relocates many people to Paris and all over France each month. With various removals options available, we guarantee to make your relocation to France a successful one.

Regardless of how many items you’re moving with or any other special requirements you may have, our company can accommodate your needs entirely. Our team will assess your specifications thoroughly and plan everything to minute detail to cover all bases. Anthony Ward Thomas makes weekly journeys to Paris and every major French city and town, including the consistently popular South of France. We are London’s prestige removals company that you can rely on for your move to France.

London to Paris Removals with Anthony Ward Thomas –

Regardless of load size, we can relocate from London or anywhere in the UK to Paris. We’ve been moving people to France for over two decades and counting and have expert teams at both ends to ensure you receive the highest standard of service. We only employ and work with professionals who match our superior standard of service delivery.

Anthony Ward Thomas offers part-load removals to France, reducing your costs significantly.  You will only share these consignment relocations with other AWT clients, and it’s possible to reduce the overall cost of your move. This is the perfect option for people leaving some furniture in storage back in London or who don’t have enough items for a full load.

The Anthony Ward Thomas team can relocate you by road, air, or sea freight, whichever is most efficient and cost-effective. Every job we undertake goes through a rigorous assessment stage where we will walk you through every option. Then we’ll assign a lead person to oversee the whole of your relocation to Paris.

With our experts looking after every stage of the move, your boxes and belongings will be delivered to their final destination as per our signed agreement. Our team will unload and assist you with any unpacking, including tricky assembling or the basic electronic setup. Moreover, your possessions will arrive in Paris in mint condition, with no breakages or damage occurring in transit.

Moving from the UK to Anywhere in the South of France –

At Anthony Ward Thomas, we don’t just provide a removals service to Paris as part of our dedicated France package. We can relocate you to any city or town, with hundreds of trips heading to the South of France every year. Every move we undertake comes with different requirements, and someone relocating to a luxury mansion in Monaco will have different needs than another party retiring to a rustic home in Lourmarin.

Due to our frequent visits to France, we also get requests from previous customers to move them to another part of the country. While Paris may seem like an excellent choice when relocating to France, some people find its pace too much. And we have taken on removals jobs to collect them and their belongings, then moving them to the South of France instead.

Anthony Ward Thomas is a member of the Master Removers Group. This elite collective of removals and storage companies form a network of depots and warehouses spread across the UK and Europe. This makes it possible to move you anywhere in France or Europe quickly. So, if you’re packing up and heading to Cannes or Nice, we’re the right removals company for you.

As is the same with any type of relocation, there might be an unexpected delay in your moving dates. And it’s essential that you have somewhere secure for your possessions until everything is back on track. Anthony Ward Thomas also works with hundreds of storage customers every month in London. So, all you need to do is furnish us with your information, and we’ll arrange the rest.

Relocating to Europe and other Overseas Locations – 

Anthony Ward Thomas makes regular journeys to cities and towns across Europe every week. This includes all major hubs and other locations within our remit, and we’ll always try to include more remote places where possible. We have a resourceful network of partner companies in Master Remover Group. This helps us perform high-quality long-distance relocations with the reassurance of having depots and storage warehouses to use if needed.

The truth about any international relocation is that it’s more straightforward to head to the EU. It gets trickier the further afield you go, and we don’t make physical removals jobs outside of the continent for logistical reasons. Luckily, we’re on hand to assist with the main aspects of organising your upcoming move. We can go through international paperwork with you and arrange to ship by air or road with the relevant provider.

Additionally, we will give you prompts on taking the best action throughout the preparation stage of your relocation. Don’t forget to find out the correct visa and entry requirements for the country you’re moving to. Learn the language of your new country before you go, and don’t rely on them speaking English. Finally – don’t forget things like homeownership and employment rights because the rules on both will be different for foreign nationals.

The Difference between Container and Self Storage – 

Storage might be the last thing on your mind when arranging a relocation. However, Anthony Ward Thomas works with many people who relocate and need this service. That’s because moving overseas is never as straightforward as it seems. And there’s often a need to retain possessions in the UK during the earlier period of the big move overseas.

This might be due to the relocation being temporary, and this will typically match those who are moving for business reasons. Then it will help if you have a contingency for the move not working out. Unfortunately, it’s often necessary to reverse the process and relocate back to England. So, it’s better to understand this is a possibility.

There are two distinct storage services available to you for international removals. The first is self storage, and you’ll have a lot more access by choosing this option. It’s unlimited during our business hours with no restrictions on the number of times you visit your unit. It’s slightly more expensive due to this but has more flexibility. We can arrange to collect items with a man & van service to save you time and effort.

Container storage is the cheaper option, and that’s because there’s less maintenance from our side. The main downside to this service is the lack of access. There are limitations on how often you’re able to open your container. That’s because we seal the unit onsite and then place it into a stacking system in our warehouse. There’s no need to panic, though – we’ll go through both options thoroughly to see which ones suit your circumstances.

Choosing a Packing and Crate Hire Service –

Now let’s go into ways to safeguard your possessions further when relocating. This is also about timekeeping – you’ll be busy with many other pressing matters, so it’s worth freeing up some time elsewhere. If you have items that need additional protection, there’s a solution at hand. Anthony Ward Thomas’s Crate Hire service provides you with the ultimate level of safe keeping.

We have containers to suit any object, and we can go further and tailor to exact specifications. These crates are specifically there to prevent damage from impacts or collisions. And while our team are experts with superior handling skills, there will always be a need to up the protection for delicate or valuable pieces. But there’s another way to give yourself the upper hand, which gets us to pack for you.

On top of core services, we have various add-ons available to give you a high-quality holistic experience. Our Packing service makes it possible to hand it over to us without micro-managing or worrying about the process. We’ll arrange suitable times and pack everything at your location. This means you get professionals who have decades of experience in loading correctly.

You can then tackle the unenviable mountain of other duties you’ll have on hand. And we’ll be in contact with you in the run-up to the relocation day to ensure you’re ready. You won’t miss any important tasks when you book us for your move abroad. We’re here to provide you with the best tips and regular updates to make this a successful relocation to France.

Quality International Removals in London –

When you’re moving long-distance – quality matters more than you might initially realise. You might get away with a slightly poorer removals service for local relocations. But once you add miles and borders in the way, it becomes problematic. And with an end to free movement and other things to consider, it’s not something to take lightly.

Anthony Ward Thomas doesn’t cut corners or skip any details. We cross the I’s and dot the T’s in every aspect before we arrive to perform the removal. Nothing is left to chance, from entry regulations to traffic on the moving day, we cover everything. Then we agree on each part of the relocation in detail with our customers. We’ll assign someone to oversee the entire relocation, especially for complicated situations when necessary.

You’ll have experts on both sides of the relocation so that the high-quality levels will remain the same throughout the move. They can easily handle delicate and fragile items and valuables, but we would suggest considering a Crate Hire service for particularly expensive pieces. The outcome is you’ll receive the same high-quality service you would receive in the UK, all with the Anthony Ward Thomas guarantee of service delivery.

Anthony Ward Thomas – The Premium London to France Removals Company –

Anthony Ward Thomas looks at removals and storage differs from other providers in London. For us, it’s all about matching our customer’s needs with related services. And when we took note of the sheer number of relocations we make to France, it was clear that we should introduce a service dedicated to this.

We plan everything in detail thoroughly through assessment and confirmation to ensure we fully understand your requirements. And then, we apply our vast amount of removals experience to suggest a suitable service for you. There is no room for error, and our customers need complete assurance that their valuables will be safe from damage or breakages when in transit.

Through our partners in the Master Removers Group, we have a network of the very best removals, storage, and logistics companies in the UK. This means we can offer the same level of customer service for all relocations to France and throughout Europe.

Anthony Ward Thomas is London’s number one removals company for relocations to France. If you want to book London’s prestige removals company, click here and we’ll put together a free quotation.