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Sometimes despite all the best intentions in the world, circumstances conspire to create an ultimate challenge- the emergency move.  During the pandemic, we were able to help people whose moving circumstances were critical, for them to continue to work in frontline positions in society. Due to the expenses people can face during a move, rescheduling or postponing moves during the pandemic presented real financial sinkholes for people from out of nowhere.  Luckily, we were able to appreciate these situations and set up an emergency team to assist our customers when the going got tough.  Despite removals and storage appearing as an unessential workforce at face value, it is a link in the chain of critical importance for those that have booked a date in advance and planned their lives and investments around it.  During the adjustments of the lockdown guidelines, we were able to stay open for those whose situations were critical, in accordance with the government guidelines.  Not every situation can be planned for, so this is our guide to an emergency move, should one cross your path. 

Last-minute home moves

When unforeseen circumstance strike, all the appropriate planning has often timed out of possible range. Often, an unforeseen move is also accompanied by emotional stressors of various types, bereavement, a sudden change in work location, and financial pressures.  In this kind of situation, there is unavoidable stress, but the strategy will be to manage, amidst the stresses until you reach the other shore. This is where you can get mythical about the tasks in hand as they mount up and call on your Herculean powers of adaptation.  Plus, there are always the experts at hand to advise, even if you can’t book their specific services due to bad timing.  Follow these simple steps and you will be able to save money and time in a tight spot. 

Relax in the Chaos 

Easier said than done, we know. As removal experts and handlers of fine art and valuables, we know that taking time saves you time in the end.  Overwhelm creeps in when there are too many variables in the air, so we suggest a step-by-step strategy to cover your main bases and bring in assistance where possible. It is good to remember that this juncture in your life will pass and can happen to anyone.  You may be at the point where an emergency move has been thrust upon you, but you still have the capacity to make lists, strategize and delegate where possible. Here is what we suggest in our Emergency Moving Plan.

Emergency Moving Plan

So, last minute packing will be a given, but you can do it in an informed and structured way. Consider these points as you approach the necessary tasks ahead. 

  • Write everything down and make lists.  By having lists, you can get organized and track your process in the middle of chaos.  Lists and inventories will help you on the other side and assist you to know where you are in the process, and to take the next step when needed. 
  • Call reputable removals and storage companies to see if you can get assistance at short notice, or at least advice. At Anthony Ward Thomas we are always happy to share advice with people as we understand the pressures that can amount in these moments.  Gather quotes to see if it is possible for you to have professionals on board for the move. 
  • Set up utilities at your next location in advance so you will be ready to roll into action in your new location.
  • Pack room by room and be sure to pack a removals survival box. This is a box that always travels with you and has everything you need to set up on the other side. Think medication, phone chargers, paperwork, and of course kettle, beverages, toilet paper and more. 
  • De-clutter, assign some of your sorting to the packing process, some to the charity shop, some to the recycling centre, and some to the dump.  If you can be thorough in your process, you reduce the number of trips you need to make in the short space of time you have. 
  • Packing materials.  Hopefully, you can get the aid of a reputable removals and storage company that supply and deliver materials.  In lieu of that, you may need to acquire boxes from supermarkets, your local community, and friends.  
  • Speaking of friends, put the call out that you may need help on the day, in particularly those with large vehicles and a lot of muscle power. 
  • Pack room by room and label the boxes so you know which boxes contain what.  When it comes to unpacking you can start with the kitchen first and gradually work your way room by room.  
  • End of tenancy cleaners or cleaners for your new home.  Factoring in professional cleaners can be part of your delegation process.  At this stage, you want to hand over as many of the numerous tasks to the professionals.  We have a range of property services including cleaners, decorators, and handymen who can go into your new property to prepare it for you or fulfill anything in the existing place so you can be sure you will get your deposit back. 
  • Research the parking restrictions at your new destination if it looks like you will not have a professional team on board to handle that. 
  • If you cannot find a team to help research van rentals and consider your options for van hire and some friends to assist you.  Be sure to check that there isn’t a professional Man and Van team that could take that burden on for you. 

Packing Checklist 

Packing is usually where the chaos kicks in, particularly when you are right up against the wire.  Somehow the process of dissolving one place and being presented with your possessions and their bulk is inherently stressful.  Being methodical can help, particularly when this is where things can get sentimental and emotional.  Making decisions in advance as to what you really want to take to the next destination can help you declutter when the disorientation of suddenly leaving is likely to kick in.  Once you have a clear idea in your mind of what will stay and go, and the room-by-room method you should be on a straight track.  We recommend sourcing these packing materials to avoid running around for them when you are in mid-packing flow. 

  • Boxes in various sizes 
  • Ideally wardrobe boxes for clothes and book boxes for books
  • Clear plastic boxes are great as you can see their contents and are good for stacking and transportation
  • Durable tape
  • Bubble wrap 
  • Marker pen for labelling and or labels 
  • Towels and soft fabrics for packing valuables and delicate items

Anthony Ward Thomas – leading providers of London’s removals and storage

If you or someone you know finds themselves in an emergency home move, take these guidelines on board. Remember, we are only too happy to hear from you and offer advice in your time of need. We know it can be a critical threshold, but we also know how to take it in our stride. Get in touch with us here, and if you are planning a move well in advance, take advantage of our skilled services which can help you sail through the process all the way to the other side.