Moving Back to London – Our Seamless National and International Packing and Removals Services

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London is a rapidly changing place, with tens of thousands of people moving in or out of the city every month. Over half a million people will have left the capital for new adventures in other parts of the UK and overseas within the last decade. Similarly, an influx of new London residents is making the city their new home. And with thousands of new homes in the pipeline, the number of new Londoners will increase.

If you’re currently living abroad and you’re looking to return to London, it’s essential you use a reliable company. Anthony Ward Thomas works with an elite network of removals companies called the Master Removers Group. And we can collect you from anywhere in the UK and Europe for your upcoming relocation. It makes sense to work with a professional London company to help bring you back to the capital.

Thinking About Moving Back to England in 2021?

The last two years have been a shock to the system. Many people are re-evaluating where and how they live. For many living overseas, the inability to fly over to see family and friends is too much. That’s why there are thousands of ex-pats who are looking into their options. And it’s likely thousands are organising a relocation back to London this year or in 2022.

While it’s tricky enough to plan an international move heading out of London, at least you had professional moving companies in your starting location. And from experience, anyone who reads our articles will know that it’s essential to book a relocation with a removals company who can provide the highest standards of customer care and service delivery. That includes industry accreditation, in addition to receiving excellent customer ratings.

What you might not know at this point is that Anthony Ward Thomas doesn’t just move people out of London. Our team relocates thousands of people from London to destinations throughout Europe; we can reverse the process and relocate you back to the UK. We have several associate companies inside our elite network, all boasting outstanding reputations for removals and storage. This includes facilities all over the UK and partners all over Europe.

This blog will discuss how this always completes customer satisfaction for every job we sign up for. And the result will be your belongings arriving in mint condition when you come back to the capital. We will oversee the whole relocation and assign a lead person to manage everything.

How to Create a Moving Checklist for Your Relocation –

Regardless of what context you use this for, preparing in advance and having plenty of time to do everything will improve the end result. When it comes to relocating, you must plan in detail and create some deadlines to make sure you don’t have much to do in the moving week. You can keep on track by creating a moving checklist for your relocation back to London. By listing everything that needs to be completed, you can divide everything into more manageable tasks.

Then you should contact Anthony Ward Thomas to book your relocation back to the UK from Europe. Our team will be available to assist you at all stages of your relocation. We will be available to contact you to ensure you’re ready for the big day well in advance of its arrival. Additionally, we offer a Packing service if you’d prefer to let our team do all the heavy-lifting work.

Anthony Ward Thomas’s European Removals is a regular sight through the continent. We are able to arrange a relocation from all cities, towns, and even some rural villages. Through our partner companies, we can collect you from most locations in Europe. It doesn’t matter whether you’re leaving or returning to London – we can undertake any removals job.

European and International Removals Services –

While it’s true that most removals companies offer an international service, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re any good at it. At Anthony Ward Thomas, we’re renowned for performing the highest standards of European removals. For international relocations, we also extend our expertise for moves further afield. This includes documentation and any other headaches that go along with moving overseas.

However, what’s lesser known is how this works for people moving to England from outside of the country. All our international moving package’s work in either direction, both out of and into the UK. That means we can reverse the process to help those who want to move back to London and other parts of Britain. That means you’ll be able to enjoy the same high-quality removals if this applies to your situation.

Anthony Ward Thomas is a member company of the Master Removers Group. This elite collective of removals, storage and distribution companies gives us access to branches and storage warehouses across the UK and some in Europe. We can collect people from all cities and towns on the continent, with the same thorough planning and support you would receive in England.

Premium Short and Long-Term Storage Options –

From our many years of serving people moving in and out of London, we notice some traits that occur because of a long-distance location. It’s often necessary to use some form of storage to secure possessions. For professionals, it’s common to keep some items in former home city or town while transitioning from one place to another. That’s because a small number of moves abroad don’t work out, and you might need to move back if things don’t work out.

This is where storage becomes a safety net and a vital part of having confidence in the process. Any relocation comes with a tiny bit of anxiety, particularly about the security of your valuables and belongings. That’s why Anthony Ward Thomas has a premium range of storage packages available. You’ll have peace of mind that we’re providing the ultimate level of protection for your possessions.

For people who need regular access to their items or might be doing this as a temporary measure, our Self storage service is the best option. Container storage tends to suit long-term periods for those who don’t need regular access. It’s also a cheaper option but does have access limitations. You don’t need to concern yourself too much – we will assess your storage requirements and suggest the most suitable package to match them.

Choose a Reliable Company to Move You Back to London –

London has always been a city with a high volume of people moving in and out every year. And the Anthony Ward Thomas team relocate many of them to destinations throughout Europe and further afield. We’re London’s favourite European and international removals company, and that’s down to our high standard of customer care and service deliver.

However, what really stands us apart from other removals providers in the range of services we have to offer. It seems more comprehensive than most already if you were only looking at our primary removals and storage packages. But there’s much more than that, and we have specialist add-ons services for things like fragile items, grand pianos, fine art, and many other niche requirements.

We also have a dedicated Crate Hire service if you need to safeguard a particular item when in transit. Similarly, we offer a Packing service where experts will handle, pack, and inventory your possessions. The top it all off, we have an enviable fleet of vehicles at our disposal. This makes it possible to undertake any size of relocation for households and businesses alike. There’s one guarantee we make – we will provide you with the highest standard of international removals and storage.

Anthony Ward Thomas – Providing the Highest Standard of International Removal Services in London –

At Anthony Ward Thomas, we don’t cut corners or try to save time by skipping over any details. For us, it’s all about providing a high standard of service we would want to receive as a customer. We plan every aspect of your relocation in detail by undertaking a thorough assessment of your requirements. We then apply our vast amount of removals experience to suggest a suitable service that’s tailormade for you.

Our customers need complete assurance that their valuables will be safe from damage or breakages when in transit. This means using the proper packaging and placement of items in the removal vehicle. Furthermore, we only work with experts who understand how to prepare objects in a removal’s van to separate fragile items to protect them.

We have BAR accreditation, which means we guarantee to provide excellent customer service while protecting your interests. Anthony Ward Thomas can collect you from anywhere in the UK and Europe. Through the Master Removers Group, we can deliver the same level of service delivery for national and international moves.

If you’re moving back to London and need a reputable company, click here. We have a range of services to fit your requirements and will provide you with a free quotation.