Reducing Your Carbon Footprint in London

by | Sep 5, 2018 | London | 0 comments

As a national and international community, we’re becoming more climate and energy conscious as we hope to contribute towards effective change.It’s clear now that the choices we make do have an impact on the environment. We can all do our part by improving our individual or household carbon footprint. And there are a variety of different approaches available to help more towards greener homes and workplaces.

London is a major capital city, and it’s also a significant contributor to the UK’s carbon footprint, which isn’t surprising with over eight million residents in Greater London. Combine that with a bustling business and tourism industry, and you have a lot of carbon emissions. Every business and individuals have the power to reduce the city’s carbon output and installing renewable energy sources is a place to start.

Consider Investing in Renewable Energy Sources –

Even though there are no government subsidies for installing solar panels, it still makes financial sense to consider this renewable energy source. It’s possible to calculate when you’ll start to see a return on your investment. And in the long run, you will reduce your monthly utility bills and carbon output.

Solar energy panels have come a long way in the last thirty years, and even the colder, cloudier parts of the UK can utilise solar power. Solar panels are usually installed on rooftops to get the most benefit from the sun, in addition to them being effective. New solar panel designs are coming onto the market, most notably the solar shingles.

Solar panels are diverse in their design and application, with technology such as solar water heating. This is an alternative to central gas heating which would either replace this system or as an easement between the two modes. And for people who live in windier areas, you can consider small wind turbines.

Other Tips on Reducing Your Carbon Footprint –

Your home appliances and how you use them are the most practical way to start reducing your carbon footprint. Start reducing the length of your washing cycles and avoid using a tumble dryer. LED light bulbs are far more efficient than halogen bulbs. Start by replacing them all to LED, and you’ll also save money. And finally – turn off appliances at the plug, don’t leave them on standby.

If you buy gas and electric from an energy provider that sells renewable power, switch over to them today. Most utility suppliers are helpful when it comes to moving over to them, and they’ll assist you in the process. Most large energy suppliers are now investing in renewables and produce enough energy to sell to domestic customers.

Your diet and clothing choices also add to your carbon footprint, and the obvious thing to consider is lowering your meat intake. Vegetarian and vegan diets can be an effective way to improve your health and be kinder to the environment. If you do eat meat, try to purchase from ethical and free-range sources.

The CO2 impact of your food is just as important. Buying local will reduce the carbon emissions it took to transport your food. And you should try and avoid imported foods unless you can check it arrived via sea. If you want to take it to another level – why not grow your own? With a small patch of land, you can grow vegetables to save money.

Ward Thomas – Helping Our Customers Reduce Their Carbon Output –

Ward Thomas’s customers are increasingly looking for ways to lower their carbon output. Our company already operates in a responsible manner, where recycling and efficiency are part of our ethos. We regularly take items of furniture to upcycling collectives and charities on behalf of our customers. Everyone at Ward Thomas goes about their work duties in an energy conscious approach.

If you’re taking on the job of installing solar panels yourself, our Small Moves man and van service are ideal for transportation. You’ll also have the assistance of two of our expert employees for labour. Using storage can also reduce your carbon footprint. Rather than using your loft or garage for storing your possessions, you can use a storage unit and improve your home’s insulation.

Whenever we talk to a new potential customer, we assess everything in detail to make sure we provide the right service. And part of that is ensuring that we make the relocation as efficient as possible. Being efficient is one of the essential aspects of being environmentally conscious.

If you’re looking at ways to lower your carbon output, contact us today. We’ll see what installation measures you’re considering and will match it with one of our services.