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The Ward Thomas Property Services inventory process is streamlined to perfection. We’ve refined the inventory process so that you get the most detailed, conscientious and reliable inventories in record time. Whether you’re a private landlord or estate/managing agent, our state-of-the-art inventories will make your life easier. Using technology, leading software and high-resolution photography, our inventories go well beyond the required industry standards. 

Ward Thomas inventories are thorough and accurate, whether for commercial premises or residential properties. The inventory service comes with several additional sub-services – we can organise and oversee check-ins, do property inspections at regular intervals and take meter readings at the outset and end of a tenancy. Our inspections means that you’ll be provided with details reports of the condition of your property during a tenancy, so you can be kept apprised of whether the property is being treated in line with the conditions stipulated in the contract. It’s instant peace of mind.

We use the latest technology to create our detailed inventories – this is software that enables inventories to be more comprehensive and accurate than ever before. Included in the Ward Thomas inventory service are:


When a tenancy begins, we’ll undertake a full property inspection and create a record of the property’s condition. Meter readings will be taken. If possible, we’ll synchronise check-in and inventory-taking; this means we can discuss the inventory with the tenants at the point of their moving in. Consequently, all parties can be in agreement at this pivotal juncture, heading off potential disagreements later on. Inventories also take account of all fittings, fixtures and property contents.


While we’d advise a mid-tenancy inspection at the very least, we can also arrange for inspections to occur at intervals of your choice, for example every three months. Inspections include a comprehensive documenting of the property’s condition. You’ll have that invaluable peace of mind and the reassurance that comes from knowing your tenants are following the requirements of their lease. Fast turn-around means you get an inspection report 24 hours after our visit. Documentation includes high-resolution colour photographs with pin-sharp detail.


At the end of a tenancy, we provide check-out inspections to determine the precise condition of the property, including all contents. This is when the high quality of our check-in and subsequent inspections really pays off, because we’re able to spot even slight/minor changes by comparing documents and photographs from each stage. We’ll highlight the changes so they don’t escape your attention and submit photographic evidence. Missing items will be noted, along with any deterioration/damage. We’ll also assess whether or not the property is in the same state of cleanliness/tidiness/hygiene as at the outset of the tenancy. Meter readings will be taken.


Our end-of-tenancy cleans are done to an exceptionally high standard, restoring the property to as sparkling and fresh a state as possible, so that your next tenants move into a fresh, spotless space. We move through each room, bringing it back to its most pristine possible standard. 

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