Professionally Clean Your Home Ready for Sale

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If you’re planning on selling your home, it’s essential to get everything spotless before anyone views your property. A clean house is easier to sell; a dirty one can leave a wrong impression on potential buyers. There are many tricks of the trade, and anything that leaves a good impression will help you sell your property quicker.

A lot of people in London struggle to find the time for things like cleaning their homes from top to bottom. That’s why it’s a great idea to hire a professional company to spruce your home up before you put your house on the market. You need to show off your property’s best features, and it all begins with a spotlessly clean house or apartment.

Why Use a Professional Cleaning Service?

There are many reasons why we don’t get around to cleaning the house. One of the leading causes is time or a lack thereof. We all wish we had an extra day per week to catch up on things, especially if you’re balancing a busy work and family schedule. Unfortunately, life doesn’t give us a break to organise our home before putting it on the market.

The type of cleaning that needs to be done before your house goes on the market is also very involved. It’s not just a hoover and feather duster job. You’ll need to pull the cooker and fridge out to clean them both inside and out, as well as under and behind them. The limescale needs to be removed from your bathrooms, in addition to giving the toilets and sinks a thorough clean, which includes the drains. It’s a thankless and a bit of a disgusting job, and not only that, it requires a lot of specialist cleaning products and equipment.

A professional cleaning service is the best way to make sure your home is ready for viewing. It saves you making time to clean, and you don’t need to get your hands dirty. More importantly, the results will be at the standard necessary before inviting potential buyers to scrutinise the property when viewing. A spotlessly clean house or apartment can make a world of difference when selling, and first impressions matter.

Other Tips When Preparing Your Home for Viewings –

Apart from the essential thorough clean, you’ll need to make sure you prepare a few other things before the viewings begin. One of the most important is to choose whether you’ll be selling the house yourself or through an estate agent. From experience, we would suggest enlisting a seasoned professional to help you sell your home. Otherwise, you might end up languishing on the market for a long time.

For most people, the best option is to use a realtor to sell your house and undertake the role of the viewings. To help them, you’ll need to provide them with any relevant information on things like maintenance and any home improvements. The people viewing will also ask questions about inspections, so you’ll also need to make sure you organise those as soon as possible.

After the cleaning is complete, it will be easier to see any small maintenance jobs that need your attention. You can do small paint touch-ups and minor repairs. It’s always a good idea to get bigger jobs done by professionals to avoid causing any additional damage. The main thing is to portray the best features of your house, so other people want to make it their home. If you present them with a spotless property that has no issues, then you’re on the right track.

It’s Time for a Complete House Declutter –

Clutter is a friend of no one when it comes to selling up. Not that it’s ideal for any situation, but specifically one to avoid during this process. The clue is in the name – an untidy collection of things is only going to get in your way. Moreover, it looks unpleasant and takes up space unnecessarily. This is the last thing you need when preparing your property for sale.

So, it’s time to wipe the slate clean by undertaking a thorough clean. Before this can happen, you need to declutter and make some space. Additionally, self storage will help – more on that in the next section. Now for some practical considerations regarding how you reduce clutter without it causing additional issues with your schedule.

Timings are important to measure progress and to see where you can fit everything in. Give yourself between two-to-four weeks to start and complete the decluttering exercise. It allows you to do this around your busy schedule without putting too much pressure on yourself. But it also doesn’t let you off the hook and makes sure you complete the task on time.

Separate and declutter each room separately, then sort your possessions into three piles. The first is things you identify as using regularly and that are in good shape. You can keep these things and put them back neatly. Up next, we have the unsure pile, which are things you might not use a lot but still want to keep. You can come back to them later to consider objectively. Finally, we have the rarely or never use pile. Everything here needs to go so that you can sell, donate, repurpose, or recycle.

Using Self Storage to Move Items Out –

Here’s a tip not many people think of but could save you a lot of hassle. Packing can become a chore if you’re moving things around to get it done. Why not give yourself the best chance of doing this without getting a headache? Self storage is the solution, and we’ll explain why it can make things a lot simpler without causing you any additional effort.

Firstly, you can pack up the nonessentials and put them into a self storage unit which effectively means they’re completely out of the picture. Then you’ll have more space to move around and pack things up. We can retrieve these items directly from the unit on moving day. There’s no rush – add as you pack up and move things across in a manageable way.

Secondly, storage is completely safe and secure – there’s no better way to safeguard your belongings. Our environmental controls keep everything in your storage unit in pristine condition. For all things security, we have around-the-clock CCTV coverage and individual alarms and locks on each unit. You’ll have confidence everything is in safe hands while you crack on with the other tasks.

Our Range of Premium Removals Services –

Anthony Ward Thomas works on the premise that more choice makes it possible to perform the highest standard of service delivery. This starts with two core removals services that cover most typical relocations. The Small Moves package is our premium version of a man with a van service. Then, we have a Large Removals package, which utilises bigger vehicles.  Both services are perfect for most domestic relocation scenarios, and we thoroughly assess your needs in detail before booking.

However, some situations require a specialist level of service, so we have second-tier removal packages that we implement depending on the details of each job. Our Piano Removals, Fragile Removals, Antiques and Fine Art Removals packages often involve handling irreplaceable and other extremely valuable items.

We’re known as London’s prestige moving company, and these packages indicate why people often need to use our services. We have a track record of relocating valuable works of art and irreplaceable items of furniture. In these circumstances, you have one chance to get it right, and we plan in consummate detail to get the best results on every job.

When packing, taking extra care is essential when handling fragile items, and our Packing service links into every core and specialist package we offer. We guarantee to protect your possessions against damage or breakages during transit. And for customers who are moving fine art or antiques, you can understand why this would be essential.

Anthony Ward Thomas – London’s Best Professional Cleaning Service –

Anthony Ward Thomas has a range of services that wouldn’t be complete without our own top-end professional cleaning service. Our team are specialists who have the right cleaning products and equipment for all circumstances. We cater each job to your requirements, and we’re available seven days a week and can accept last minute jobs.

Every detail is planned and completed on time, and we guarantee to leave your home spotlessly clean. Anthony Ward Thomas’s cleaning team can work around the clock for more significant sizes of jobs or emergencies. We only use cleaning products that won’t cause damage, and we complete the job on time and to perfection.

We offer a holistic range of services, and we have over thirty years of experience in the removals and storage industry. When you need a thorough whole house clean, our team of specialists will clean every corner of your home or apartment. Your home will be spotless in record time and ready for viewings to sell up without delay.

Anthony Ward Thomas has the best premium cleaning services in London. Click here to request a quote or to discuss our services in more detail.