Preparing to Sell – How to Get the Most for Your London Home

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When we plan on selling our home, it’s our hope that we achieve the asking price without having to wait for months on end for a sale. Even with the best estate agent, there is no guarantee that house prices will remain static or will fluctuate. Couple that with the new housing developments in the pipeline and an increase in supply, you’ll need to act positively now. There is one option you can look into when selling your home and that’s home staging.

Home staging is a service that many of our customers utilise to improve the aesthetic appeal of their homes. And Ward Thomas can set you up with our favourite home staging expert. However, it’s also possible to undertake the project yourself should you prefer to take control of the sale of your house or apartment. This is our short guide on how to present your home in its best light to increase the prospects of a timely sale.

Tips on How to Showcase Your Home in London –

Over the years Ward Thomas has made a point of working with reputable companies and individuals that match our high standards of service delivery and customer satisfaction. That’s why we have a direct contact who specialises in home staging, design and property management. Additionally, we can arrange this for you while we assess your removals requirements.

There are costs to consider with this option, but hundreds of our customers swear by this method. However, it’s just as feasible to take the project on yourself as a DIY home refurbishment or renovation project. It’s worth drafting some pros and cons of hiring a home staging expert against undertaking the project yourself.

The first thing that you need to do before you can make a decision is to clean your house or apartment thoroughly. There are two ways of doing this. The first is to do the dirty work yourself, and the second is to use AWT cleaning– our professional cleaning service. A spotless home isn’t just for appearance purposes, that comes later in the process. You’ll notice any maintenance issues that require your attention.

Every carpet must undergo a steam clean, which can be done with AWT Cleaning or you’ll need to hire a specialist machine. All deep stains and grime should be removed by taking out all appliances and cleaning in, under and behind. It’s not an easy job, but someone has to do it. That’s why we suggest using a professional cleaning company.

And finally – every room needs a new coat of paint. For every wall and woodwork, including the skirting boards and window frames. You may also need to consider having a plasterer fix any issues with the walls. Even the slightest dent or crack in a wall will cause a potential buyer to have a reservation about your property.

The Benefits of Using Man & Van and Storage in London –

Ward Thomas has a range of removals services that suit every type of home refurbishment or renovation projects. Many profession home developers and interior designers use our Small Vans and Self Storage services as part of each project they undertake.

Our Small Moves is a standard premium man and van service in London that aims to attain the highest standard of service delivery. With this service, you have two Ward Thomas team members at your disposal and the use of a vehicle. All your equipment and materials can be offloaded and collected at the start and end of each working day.

And to compliment your man and van service, it’s always a good idea to have somewhere secure to store your tools and building materials. That’s where renting a self storage unit through Ward Thomas is advisable. You won’t have to worry about issues such as water or fire damage, in addition to having protection from theft.

There is no lease to worry about – you only need to keep your storage unit for the duration of your project. It’s true that many of our customers keep their units long after their refurbishment or renovation projects ends because of the convenience storage provides.

Ward Thomas – Helping People Upgrade and Sell their Properties in London –

Ward Thomas works with tens of thousands of people who sell and relocate in London every year. It’s essential to make your home look its best when people attend viewings. Even the slightest overlooked detail can make a difference in how they respond to your home. That’s why home staging is so important. It’s just as important to create an emotional response with potential buyers.

Although there are people who consider home staging to be a redundant decision, our team have seen the benefits first-hand. That’s why we offer assistance with arranging these services while we simultaneously arrange your relocation. Additionally, we are on hand to partner with you during your own refurbishment or renovation project.

Being proactive is the right way to approach selling your home. And it could be the difference between spending a couple of months in London’s housing market or over a year. With some shrewd investment and hard work, you’ll sell your home in no time and be ready to close the deal on your house or apartment.

If you would like us to arrange a meeting with our dedicated home staging professional, contact us today. We are also available to discuss how our range of services can showcase your home.