Why People Use Our Container Storage in London

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If you ask several central Londoners what they struggle to balance most, many will tell you it’s living space. That means the amount of space you have in your home to move around comfortably in. You might have full storage containers under every settee and bed, and your garage or loft are both full to bursting point. While you need to utilise your storage spaces, there comes a time when you are simply moving one problem into another room.

This is especially true for people who live in apartments. However, even people who live in substantial properties in London have storage space issues. That’s where storage can be your saving grace. Storage is an excellent way to create more space at home. Not only that, it offers you an additional amount of security for your valuables.

Keeping Valuables Safe in Container Storage –

One of the main reasons people benefit from storage is the additional security it offers. You may have expensive electronic equipment that you need to keep at home because you use them a lot. Other items may be extremely valuable, and sometimes irreplaceable, and you don’t use them on a regular basis. This applies to things like artwork, antique furniture, and other heirlooms that have gone through generations of your family.

Our homes are made with plenty of storage spaces available. However, even the best-made houses and apartments don’t have the same level of protection you get from a container storage unit. A leading cause of damage to works of art is damp. And during the colder months in London, these conditions can readily occur. Storage units are made to withstand the elements, in addition to protecting from theft.

By using container storage, you will be able to store your valuables with the peace of mind that they’re safe and secure with Ward Thomas. We work with hundreds of customers every year who use us to store their art, antiques, jewellery and other valuable items. The reason why they do this is due to our attention to detail and expertise when it comes to handling fragile and expensive things.

Other Reasons to Use Storage in London –

Several of our customers use container storage for furniture they plan to keep for other family members. A lot of the time, they’re redecorating and are updating their living room suites. The furniture they’re replacing is of high quality, so they store it. One of our customers put their outgoing suite into storage and gave it to their granddaughter ten-months later when she went to university.

People often store clothes that they wear on certain occasions but not on a regular basis. Things like ball gowns and suits are only worn for specific events and can be kept for later events. Rather than letting them take up wardrobe space, they can be kept in container storage with last season’s clothing.

No matter how much people plan their relocation, there are always potential issues along the way. That’s where container storage can assist. If the seller is unable to move out due to a complication, you can use Ward Thomas container storage for your possessions. Rather than cancel the sale and miss out on your dream home, storage is here to bridge the gap between moving dates.

There are also people who travel a lot like to know their possessions are safe and secure while they’re not in London. If you’re on an overseas business trip, the last thing you should have to concern yourself with is the security of your possessions. Storage gives you an opportunity to spend time away without worrying about damage or theft.

Ward Thomas – We’re London’s Premium Storage and Removals Company

At Ward Thomas, we always offer our customers the best removals and storage in London. That’s why we work with our storage partners at Fort Box. They have branches in Chelsea and St. John’s Wood, which are ideal locations in the most sought-after areas in London.

At Ward Thomas, we’re happy to discuss any aspect of your storage needs. Moreover, we’re always on hand for advice, even if you’re making general enquiries. Ward Thomas offers a holistic range of services, and we have over 17 years’ experience in our industry. That’s why we’re confident that we can provide the highest level of service to all our customers.

Ward Thomas is known as London’s prestige storage and removals company. Our dedication and premium level of customer service puts us in a different league to other businesses. We plan everything we do with meticulous attention to detail. Our team of specialists takes great pride in every job they take on.

There are some things you get comprehensive insurance for, and if an issue occurs, they can be replaced. However, certain possessions are irreplaceable. Don’t take risks with your valuable belongings. Contact us today, and we’ll go through our storage options to find the right package for you.