Why some People are Trading Their Houses in for Innovative, Premium Apartments in London

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Like most business sectors, the housing market is one that moves quickly with changing trends. If there are gaps in the market, it’s likely that a savvy entrepreneur will grab the opportunity. This is how many of the latest innovative living spaces are born. Someone will identify a possible problem where people’s needs aren’t being met, and they’ll create a new service. And in a place like London, it’s this sort of thinking that keeps the housing industry ahead of the game.

London is a city where you have variety and choice of where and how you want to live. For people who are looking to downsize from a detached house for something smaller, there are lots of options available.

Premium Developments and Co-Living in London –

As we move through life, our circumstances change every five years or so, if not more during our twenties and thirties. It’s likely that we’ll live in various apartments and houses, often in different areas of the UK. If we have children, we may need a larger apartment or house. We get that promotion, but it’s in a different city. This is no different as we get older and don’t use or need a larger house.

A significant number of people are trading in their houses for luxury apartments in premium developments in London. A notable place that attracts a lot of attention is Battersea Power Station (shown in the photo above). The reason why many people choose this development and similar ones is the social aspect. Each building on these new developments have communal spaces and onsite staff to encourage and assist neighbours to spend time together.

While these new developments might not suit everyone, the ethos of paying more attention to socialising and tackling issues like loneliness is a positive step forward. These types of accommodation would be ideal for anyone who’s relocating to London and don’t have any family or friends in the capital.

Finding the Right Removals Service When Relocating –

Ward Thomas moves hundreds of people in London every week, and we always make a point of chatting to our customers. There is a noticeable amount of people who are relocating to small properties, often because they no longer need a house. The lure of being closer to the city in a comfortable apartment complex is also appealing.

At Ward Thomas, we have a range of removals options to suit everyone’s requirements. If you’re moving into a small apartment, our Small Moves service could be more efficient and cheaper. However, if you have a lot of furniture, we have a variety or removals vehicles and packages to match your needs.

The Ward Thomas team are all experts with years of experience in removals and storage. We give them the best tools and equipment needed to undertake any removals job. Ward Thomas can move large objects from tall buildings. Additionally, we can move delicate porcelain vases and antique furniture, ensuring that everything arrives in perfect condition. We understand that specific items need individual protective wrapping to ensure that the packaging doesn’t cause damage.

The Ward Thomas mission statement is to provide the highest standard of customer service. Everything we do is done to perfection for each removal and storage service we offer. We are in a different league to our competition, and our customers know that their valuable belongings are in safe hands. You can check this out for yourself with our five-star reviews.

Ward Thomas – We’re London’s Prestige Removals Company –

The Ward Thomas team have thirty years’ experience in removals and storage. And in that time, we have the housing market change and evolve every year. Everyone has their reasons for loving, and it’s less likely that people will remain in the same house all their life. Then, there will most likely be a time where we no longer need four bedrooms.

Developments and co-living complexes offer a new way of how we perceive accommodation in a busy city like London. The social aspect is a refreshing way of tackling the issues of isolation that many people face. Hopefully, there will be many more similar projects that offer a broader choice in living arrangements to suit more tastes.

No matter what your circumstances are if you’re planning your next relocation, Ward Thomas has the right service for you. We assess everything in detail to make sure we can match your needs with the right removals package.

Ward Thomas is London’s prestige removals and storage company. We provide the best level of service to people in London. Contact ustoday, and we’ll discuss our range of services.