Anthony Ward Thomas pedals the Atlantic Ocean

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The journey

It never ceases to amaze me just what people do to raise money for charity nowadays. Running a marathon, not speaking for a week, cycling from London to Brighton. Well I recently heard of a challenge that stopped me in my tracks from a person that I know well.

Anthony is the chairman of The Ward Thomas Group of companies that includes Anthony Ward Thomas Removals so I had to ask him why he was doing this and what for…


“I am giving my time to support the Naomi House and Jacksplace Children’s Hospice. The nature and definition of a Hospice does not come with many crumbs of comfort but when defined by the age group, has on the surface no upside at all. The great majority of us are family people, and discovering Naomi House has made me realise precisely what we take for granted. It is precisely that we have never experienced such sickness in children. It is precisely never having experienced enforced separation, and it is precisely as a parent, I have never experienced the gut wrenching sorrow and impotence in the death of a child. I will not try to do justice to the organisation. Just so much better to view them below”
“Any my challenge. I am not going to run a marathon, nor am I going to walk to Lands End; all worthy efforts I might add. Instead I am going to attempt to pedal and row the Atlantic, together with my good friend (soon to be close friend) James Ketchell. I have designed and built a craft – not by myself – that can both be rowed and pedaled at the same time, and the task is to cross the ocean between 45 & 55 days. The Atlantic has been rowed many times, but never has it been done with essentially an upturned bicycle! I am extremely excited about the trip, both as a challenge and for what can be done for Naomi House. This is really a proper cause & we aim to put in a proper effort. I would hope that this appeals, and that this proves to be a success for all. Charities tend to take a bit of a bashing around the festive season, but I would ask you to consider what better time than now?

We will be following Anthony’s efforts and will give you regular updates as he crosses the Atlantic Please take a look at for more details.
Your donation will help terminally and critically ill children in so many ways…

  •  £1918 pays for long respite weekend for a child.
  • £1000 pays for 50 hours of nursery care for a child
  • £500 pays for enough arts and crafts materials for 50 children
  • £285 pays for a hydrotherapy session for a child
  • £150 pays for one day of nursing care for a child
  • £62 pays for a multi-sensory session for a child


If you would like to join us and supporting Anthony and The Hospice, please access the Virgin Money Giving page on the website by clicking on the donate button at the top of the page. Alternatively, send a cheque made payable to Naomi House & Jacksplace Hospice to him at 141 Acton Lane, London, NW10 7PB. (If you are donating via cheque and it is applicable, please also print out, then fill in the Gift Aid Form to make your donation go further.