Our Guide to European Relocations in 2021

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Many people considering European moves have been affected by the interruptions to international movement and other factors relating to the pandemic. The easing of lockdown restrictions are a positive sign though. We think the best way to approach this is always with an eye for detail and a willingness to research the facts behind this.

Anthony Ward Thomas will be keeping up to date with the reopening of international borders and will advise our customers accordingly. Everything seems to be pointing towards a return to overseas travel becoming possible again within the next few months. Due to the nature of moving abroad, there’s an opportunity to start planning now and to prepare thoroughly. In this article, we’ll go through ways to plan for a future European move, considering the practical aspects.

A Brief Checklist for International Moves –

Two pieces of advice will serve you well for any type of relocation. The first is to start planning early, which we’ll repeat in this blog at least once. You can begin this straight away by implementing our second suggestion: create a moving checklist, adding some of the following items. International moves come with more things to consider and arrange, so you’ll have a few more tasks to action.

To give you a better idea of how to proceed, here are some additional points to add to your list:

  • Understand rules for international travel for Covid.
  • Discuss your proposed relocation with a reliable removal provider.
  • Consider self storage for any gaps or delays.
  • Work with an expatriate expert for international relocations.
  • Understand the process for European moves.
  • Declutter and reduce your possessions.
  • Research your new country and location, including learning the language.
  • Incorporate the typical UK moving checklist.

You’ll need to apply plenty of organisation and hard work for local or national relocations, and we’re certainly not suggesting either is easy. However, there are several additional considerations and steps for European moves. We’ll go into some of the points listed in more detail as we work through this article. Our team will also be on hand to discuss specifics with you at any time.

Covid-19 and Post-Brexit Considerations –

At the time of writing this blog, international restrictions are still in place, which also applies to relocations. While people can travel nationally in the UK now, no Euro allowance is being considered yet. Infection rates are still an issue, even with vaccination programs in full swing across most of Europe and beyond. The easement of overseas movement will depend on a reduction of cases consistently.

The good news is we’re moving in the right direction, and the appetite for international travel is very much on the agenda. It’s a two-way transaction, and your final destination needs to be in good shape as well. Our advice is to stay up to date with WHO and government guidelines for both countries. Additionally, Anthony Ward Thomas will notify people who contact us on any progress for European removals jobs.

Due to an end to free movement in Europe, you might have entry regulations to contend with if your relocation is permanent. Some countries will have stricter restrictions on immigration and will actively curb new residents. Others are more accommodating as they strive for investment and skilled workers from the UK. There’s also the option of classing yourself as retired, depending on your circumstances.

To cut a long story short, there are lots of things to contemplate before you put anything into action. That’s why we’re advising people to start planning straight away and build up a solid base of information. You can answer a lot of these questions now and fill in the gaps as you go. This puts you in a better position when lockdown eases or ends and will feel like you’re ready for the next step.

Enlist an Expatriate Property Expert –

As you’re starting to see, moving abroad is a complex process that requires a lot of organising. And because of the UK leaving the EU, there are additional levels of difficulty varying from one country to the next. However, this shouldn’t put you off – it just means taking care when preparing. Attention to detail is a must for all European relocations to avoid any mishaps or bureaucratic headaches.

That’s why we’re suggesting you contact an expatriate expert to advise and take the lead on some of the trickier aspects. They’ll have lots of sources of information regarding rules and regulations. Most operate with a service for purchasing properties as their primary function. We think this is a vital component for a successful move, clearing you to take care of other tasks.

For one, they’ll be able to provide you with correct regulatory and visa guidance for specific regions and countries. Their motivation is to make sure you arrive without any issues. This means they won’t leave anything to chance, and they’ll advise on the lesser-known aspects of where you’re heading. It could be the difference between months in limbo or a relatively timeous move.

Another advantage is their ability to line up prospective houses on your behalf. The limitations on movement also include holidays, and that means you’re unable to scout for properties. Luckily, online features have come a long way, and it’s now possible to view houses and apartments online with virtual tours.

Research Your New Location, Learn the Language –

Unlike the previous year, most of your research will be completely online due to Covid-19. Fortunately, the internet has a plethora of articles and videos for places all over the globe. You can learn about anything and everything, including things like culture, history, economics, and much more. Wikipedia is always an excellent source for a general overview when you’re first starting research.

If English isn’t the first language of your new location, it’s crucial you learn the native tongue. It’s a vital part of assimilating, and you’ll be able to speak with locals when you arrive by learning now confidently. This will earn you respect from your new neighbours while helping you feel more at home. It’s not easy moving to another country but being able to communicate will help.

Language is a part of the cultural landscape, and there will undoubtedly be colloquial variations you’ll pick up when you arrive. Previously, the routes were adult education classes or textbook learning. Now there are apps like Babbel you can use on your phone and learn at your own pace. Why not see what films and TV programmes you can find for the country? Many have their film industry, and this will add to your overall knowledge of the area.

The Practical Aspects of European Removals –

Now we’re moving forward in time figuratively to start looking at the practical stages of an international relocation. Anthony Ward Thomas offers several different ways of transporting your belongings to any destination in Europe, which includes part-load removals. We can relocate you by road or sea freight, whichever is most efficient and suitable for your situation.

The Anthony Ward Thomas team will assign a lead person to manage the whole of your European relocation to ensure everything meets our Quality Policy. We undertake every job through a thorough assessment process, which includes any specific packing and handling exceptions for fragile and valuable pieces.

We will unload and assist you with any unpacking, which includes assembling furniture and setting up electronic appliances. Moreover, your possessions will arrive at your destination in perfect condition, with no breakages or damage occurring in transit. We have all the right tools and experience to handle your belongings correctly.

Anthony Ward Thomas has been relocating people to Europe and other overseas destinations for over two decades. We only work with removals experts at all stages of our International Removals service. For people who are moving outside of the EU, we can assist with any paperwork. And we’ll also help out with arrangements for shipping your possessions.

Using Self Storage for International Relocations –

Whether you’re moving to Paris or Berlin, all relocations have the potential for delays in moving dates. It’s not always about where you’re going but where you’ll be as the relocation happens. That’s why moving overseas tends to be less straightforward as it’s difficult to travel back to London in case of an issue. Whatever your destination is, you’ll need somewhere secure for your possessions in case of a delay.

Self storage represents a safe and secure way to store your belongings, both while you pack everything up and during the relocation. Anthony Ward Thomas has a selection of storage options on offer. And we have a broad selection of storage unit sizes available for household and business customers, whether it’s for a few weeks or several months.

Every self storage unit has environmental controls as standard, and your items won’t have any overheating or moisture issues to worry about. Everything will remain in the same condition, and our staff regularly monitor all our storage units. There’s no lease or minimum rental period to worry about – it’s up to you how long you use storage. We can also upgrade or downsize your unit size if your circumstances change.

Anthony Ward Thomas – London’s Finest European Movers –

Anthony Ward Thomas has a premium range of removals and storage services to suit everyone’s requirements. We have a dedicated European Removals service that’s perfect for anyone who’s relocating abroad. Many of our customers also use storage when they prepare to leave the UK. This is the best way to safeguard your possessions from theft or damage while completing the final arrangements.

Customer service is a crucial aspect of our company, and every job we undertake must attain complete satisfaction. We specialise in protecting fragile and often irreplaceable pieces from any damage during transit. Every member of the Anthony Ward Thomas team is experts in their field with decades of experience. Our customers know that every item will be in mint condition when they unpack in their new home.

If you’re planning a relocation to Europe this year, please contact us today, and we’ll go into more detail about our premium removal and storage services.