Our Guide on Moving to South West England

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A recent trend shows that lots of people are looking beyond London to somewhere else to live in 2020 or the near future. The reasons vary, often with a mixture of inadequate outdoor spaces and hope of a better quality of life outside of the capital. South West England has a plethora of scenic locations for anyone escaping the hustle and bustle of London.

Anthony Ward Thomas relocates hundreds of customers throughout Southern England every month. This is our guide to potential areas of interest and what you need to know when moving during the pandemic lockdown.

Moving to a New House in 2020 –

2020 has been a year which defies most people’s prior experience, even for previous world-changing events. Now that the prospect of new local lockdowns is becoming more likely across London, things are no clearer about our futures. Things will undoubtedly rebalance to something resembling everyday life which will happen with more collective action.

It’s understandable that people are re-evaluating their lives amid stricter levels of movement and socialising. This applies to both how we work but also our households and living spaces. For most of central London, things like garden and outdoor spaces are not ideal, especially for young families. And it’s one of the reasons why droves of people are moving out of the capital.

Additionally, the reality of pandemic fatigue is apparent, which makes it trickier to instil public confidence. So, if you’re feeling the pinch of city life more than ever, maybe it’s time for some fresher air away from it all. We predict more Londoners will be trading their luxury complexes for 5-bed detached properties in commuter towns and countryside villages.

Anthony Ward Thomas moves people in and out of London daily, and we offer a high-quality removals service. Part of this is consistently sharing information and relevant content to our customers and followers. We hope this blog will help inform anyone who’s thinking of moving for a better quality of life in 2020.

The Benefits of Early Planning –

When it comes to any relocation, it’s helpful to start as you mean to go on. This doesn’t mean doing less preparation work and continuing to hope things fall into place. We strongly advise everyone to undertake lots of planning and research, with the ethos – don’t put off what can be done today. If there’s something you can start today, take action and get the ball rolling.

Our next suggestion is to get a reputable removals company on board to help you map out your relocation. Anthony Ward Thomas provides premium removals and storage in London. We’ll assess your situation to suggest suitable packages, which will result in a free, no-obligation quotation. And you have the peace of mind no additional or hidden fees are applicable.

If there are any questions from our side when making an initial assessment, we can visit you to go over the finer details. Our removal’s team leave nothing to chance, and cutting corners isn’t an option. We always gather enough information to work towards a successful relocation. We practise what we preach, and this means lots of planning.

From decades of working in the removals and storage industry, we guarantee positive situations arise from preparation. We stand by this in addition to matching our customers’ needs with the correct services. You’ll be in a good position by booking your relocation with Anthony Ward Thomas.

Anthony Ward Thomas’s Best Locations in South West England –

Cheltenham – A world-famous town known for horse racing, various other annual festivals, and as a spa retreat favourite. There’s everything you’d expect from somewhere that hosts hundreds of thousands of visitors. You’ll find unbeatable entertainment and a range of restaurants, as well as a plethora of hotels and B&Bs. Cheltenham is also a popular destination for young families because of its superior education system.

Bristol – Young professionals favour a move to Bristol, with the Harbourside a popular location in the city. And Bristol has everything an ex-Londoner could hope for. A bustling nightlife, fine dining, excellent transport links and a booming business sector. You’ll probably wonder why you left it so long to check this place out.

Bath – A city that needs no introduction, Bath offers a lot of choice for a potential move from London. If you want a cosmopolitan lifestyle without it being 24-7, then the city of Bath is the right fit. However, Bath is also surrounded by smaller villages as well as slightly larger towns within ten miles. And you’re only an hour and twenty minutes away from London by train.

Lyme Regis – If you want something with sun and sand, your best bet is Dorset. Lyme Regis has beaches and activities in abundance, without being too touristy. Many people spend a weekend in the area and end up falling for its charm enough to relocate. This might seem a million miles from the hustle-bustle of London, but that’s the point!

Lockdown Removals and Storage Information –

We’re now heading into another stage of the lockdown where restrictions will curtail movement and how businesses operate. This means things like relocations will need to be done with additional care and a higher level of health and safety. Fortunately, because we have been active through every stage of the pandemic response, we have a set process for performing Covid-compliant removals and storage.

Anthony Ward Thomas always keeps a close eye on developments, making it possible for sensible levels of removals and storage jobs to continue. We were able to do this by having our own safety measures in place – more on that in the next section. All companies in London and the UK must adapt to ensure we’re part of the solution for preventing the spread of this virus.

Ultimately, our duty is to provide the highest standard of customer service, and this includes the well-being of our customers and staff. Removals and storage are incredibly important services where people’s lives are at the forefront of why it exists. By using common sense, we continue to relocate people in London and further afield daily.

Regardless of what happens next, Anthony Ward Thomas will be on-hand to relocate people in London and the neighbouring areas. We now have experience of doing so at the height of the lockdown, so we understand how to undertake a relocation safely. By booking with us, you’ll receive the very best service delivery in London.

Covid-19 Health & Safety Policy in Detail –

To reiterate some points from the previous section, Anthony Ward Thomas will continue to enact our Covid-19 Standard Health Policy. You can read more details about this here, but we’ll go over some of the primary points, in addition to highlighting the importance of them. Creating and implementing this process is a game-changer when it comes to safe relocations and storage.

Our Standard Health Policy is our commitment to our customers and staff, to promote the highest standards of cleanliness and sanitisation, with a view of preventing any new infections of Covid-19. While we understand how vital a relocation is, it must always be done safely and within the guidelines set by the NHS and the World Health Organisation.

Every member of our removal’s team will regularly wash or sanitise their hands, which includes before arrival and throughout the job. Anthony Ward Thomas kits our team’s with PPE equipment and hand sanitiser. We will also wipe down any surfaces or frequently touched objects with disinfectant wipes. It’s also worth considering booking us to undertake a deep clean of your property.

At times social distancing between our team isn’t always possible, due to the nature of removals work. But we do advise that our customers arrange to unlock the property before we arrive and remain in a different room or part of the house while we work.

We’re also performing inquiries and bookings via online video platforms. Video quoting, via WhatsApp, Skype, Zoom or Facetime, is how we provide quotes, but we are still able to conduct in-person meetings where necessary. These measures will help reduce any increased risk without causing any issues with the services we offer. We will always be available to discuss your relocation by phone, email, as well as via video conferencing.

Our Full Range of Removals Services –

Anthony Ward Thomas has two core removals services that cover most normal relocations. Our Small Moves package is our premium version of a man with a van service. Then, we have the Large Removals package, which utilises bigger vehicles.  Both services are perfect for most domestic relocation scenarios, and we always assess your needs in detail before booking.

However, some situations require a specialist level of service, which is why we have second-tier removal packages that we utilise depending on the specifications of each job. Our Piano Removals, Fragile Removals and Antiques & Fine Art Removals packages often involve handling valuable and sometimes irreplaceable items.

We’re known as London’s prestige removals service, and these packages are an indication of why people often need to use our company. We have a track record of relocating valuable works of art and irreplaceable items of furniture. In these circumstances, you get one chance to get it right, and we always deliver a perfect job.

Extra care when packing is essential when handling fragile items—our Packing service links into every core and specialist package we offer. We guarantee to protect your possessions against damage or breakages during transit. And for customers who are moving fine art or antiques, you can understand why this would be essential.

Anthony Ward Thomas – High-Quality Removals and Storage in London –

Anthony Ward Thomas believes in providing the highest standard of removals and storage in London. It’s this high-quality customer service that drives everything we offer our clients. Every removals and storage package provide more options for our customers. Furthermore, we’re here for you during every stage of your relocation. So, whether you move outside of London or you’re heading to a quieter suburb, we have the right removal service for you.

One of the main reasons we attract so many customers is our dedication to providing a high standard of work. Our customers have exact packaging requirements for each item.  This means they need a specialist level of removals experience to ensure no damage occurs during transit. Moreover, we’re confident that you’ll know you made the right choice when you arrive at your new home.

If you would like more information on our premium removals and storage packages, please contact us today. We will happily discuss our range of services and how we complete everything to the highest standards of safety.