Our Guide for Retirees Relocating in London

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Moving home in London is never an easy undertaking, even if it’s a small relocation to another area in the capital. It can be stressful and fraught with complications, especially if you’re doing a lot of the organising yourself. One of the best decisions can be to work with a moving company that can reduce problems. Doing this makes it straightforward, and you then concentrate on other things.

Anthony Ward Thomas provides excellent service and customer care, both before, during, and after the move is over. Nothing but the best will do for our team as we strive to outdo our customers’ expectations on each job we sign up for. Our range of services are hard to fault, giving you a broad selection of packages to choose from. We’re ready to help retirees find the most suitable service to make this a smooth and enjoyable relocation.

Moving Home When You Retire –

Many people move on or after their retirement, so it’s something to plan for if this applies to you. For some, there’s no longer a need for a larger house with additional bedrooms, and many people start to think of luxury over function. This includes the thoughts of the extra maintenance for detached properties. Reducing both is an attractive idea, especially if you’re thinking of a nice apartment nearer London’s cultural attractions.

We previously wrote a blog which details nine essential points for pensioners to consider when moving house. It’s full of useful information and you can read it by clicking here. Additionally, we also published an article about trading a detached house for a luxury apartment. By clicking here, you’ll be able to see how this might appeal to retirees. The salient points are there’s more comfort and better amenities on offer. You’ll have time to enjoy the activities you weren’t able to fit in when working full time.

No matter the reasons, you’ll need a reputable moving company to oversee and perform your relocation. Anthony War Thomas specialises in customer service for people who don’t want to chance any damage to their possessions. Our removals and storage packages cover most situations, in addition to being more flexible. We can tailor each service to suit your specifications if they’re a bit outside of a typical move.

Decluttering and Early Planning –

During the course of our lives, we accumulate a lot of things, and invariably, we end up squeezing them into the garage or the loft. And there’s a part of us that holds on to items well past their usefulness. Every time you move, everything is packed up and goes with us, which only serves to continue this trend. Surely there’s a better way to do this?

The best way to solve this is to sort through each room and set aside some piles for review. You can sort them into three categories, and that’s things you still use; other items you rarely use; furniture or appliances you never use. There’s no issue with you putting anything back if you’re still using them. Just be brave and get rid of the ones that no longer have a purpose.

You’ll create more space by doing this, which will make the packing side of the relocation easier. Moreover, this exercise will mean you won’t be transporting your problems with you. It’s time for a clean slate and a new start. Additionally, if you reduce the overall volume of what you’re taking, it can lower your removal costs. Whichever way you look at this, it’s a win-win outcome.

Using Premium Removals Services –

It’s essential to have a choice whenever you’re looking for a service, and the prospective companies should have a broad selection. That’s why we have lots of options for removals and storage available. The best part is they’re all premium level when it comes to quality. And with many variations under one roof, you won’t have to use more than one company.

We have a man and van removals package know as our Small Moves service. This is ideal for smaller loads, but the benefits don’t stop there. By using smaller vehicles, there are fewer issues with parking or unloading in places with limited access. It’s a straight in and out set-up, with minimal fuss and no annoying complaints from the neighbours.

For larger houses, we’ll scale everything upwards to accommodate more items. So, if you’re moving from a five-bed house to a two-bed apartment, our Home Removals package is the right choice. We will fit everything into the moving van and complete it in one trip. No matter what removal package you go with, there are experts with decades worth of experience handling your belongings.

Our Packing Service and Specialist Packages –

Here’s one for those who have busy schedules and need someone else to assist with the packing. We have a dedicated service available as an add-on to your removal package. It’s vital if you don’t have anyone to help with moving boxes and furniture. Also, it’s better to leave this side of things to the professionals to make sure everything stays in one piece.

Additionally, there’s a selection of specialist removal packages for any niche requirements. We have our Create Hire service that gives you the ultimate level of protection. Then, there’s Fragile Removals, Antiques and Fine Art, and Piano Removals services, to name a few examples. Having these options gives us the edge over competitors because we’ll always be able to cater to your needs.

Most importantly – we have all the best removal and storage equipment. You won’t have to worry about how we handle and move your prized possessions. This also applies to the interior and exterior walls, especially for tricky and awkward pieces of furniture. We have something to match the object to remove the chances of damage. And a stringent assessment process to calculate every part of the relocation.

A Moving Checklist and Self Storage –

Planning is part of what makes for a successful move and will lead to the best results. But it can be a bit vague when there’s no example to work from. That’s where a moving checklist becomes handy and will act as a reminder throughout your relocation. And you can read Anthony Ward Thomas’s list by clicking here.

The main point is to write down all the tasks and have them in one place. Then you tick them off, and you complete each one. You’ll then see the whole relocation as you make progress, meaning nothing is forgotten. It’s also a good idea to add things as you work your way towards the big moving day. A lot of people also find using a blank calendar helps because they know how long is left.

For tricky situations, we have self storage units that link to your removals package. This covers any unforeseen delays and gaps in moving dates. Plus, it’s easier to pack when you can move boxes and furniture out of the way. We’ll arrange a collection to save you the hassle and to oversee any packing and inventory duties.

Choose Excellent Customer Service –

Here’s where the real difference happens for anyone who demands a higher standard of service. Using a reliable moving company will improve things drastically. You will be able to hand over and delegate more tasks without worrying about what service you’ll receive. All in the knowledge, your possessions are in the care of professionals.

But is it possible to work this out before booking? Yes, by looking at online ratings and reviews, you’ll have a decent idea of what service you’re likely to receive. If you’re not comfortable with computers, ask a friend or family member to go through this with you. The general idea is to use one with lots of five-star ratings because it indicates they focus on customer care.

Anthony Ward Thomas excels in every area, and we’re proud of our track record for service delivery. You can read the reviews from previous customers here to get more information. Furthermore, we have a Quality Policy in place and BAR accreditation; both are industry standards for customer service. This assures customers of accountability and service delivery targets are in place. The result is excellent service delivery and a desire to improve our performance continually.

Anthony Ward Thomas – A Moving Service for Everyone –

Whether you’re organising a relocation yourself or for a family member for a relative, it pays to book a removals company that put the customer first. That’s part of our mission statement – providing the highest standard of service delivery. It doesn’t just apply to the moving day, and Anthony Ward Thomas is here at every stage, including the preparation and aftercare.

When it comes to choosing a removal service, we have a range of packages on offer. You might think it’s going to be tricky to get the grand piano or antique wardrobes out. But it’s something we have the expertise and tools to do safely and without causing breakages. There’s no better way to move in London or the neighbouring areas when it comes to your upcoming retirement.

Excellent customer service is the foundation of our company – click here to request a quote for your next relocation.