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City life with all its dynamism can be characterized by a shortage of some very fundamental existential concepts. Time and Space.  Finding a routine within the limitations of the metropolis can be done, and fortunately, as the city is the centre of innovation there are many ways to craft a time-saving routine and ensure a sense of spaciousness in even the most compact of dwellings.  Professional de-clutters and organisers in London note that what their clients lack is time, time to get the home in order, and to put a system in place.  Decluttering and organizing the home has become so relevant to people that there is even an Association of Professional Declutters and Organisers in the UK. APDO provides a membership to professional organisers worldwide and helps to develop the industry and apply standards within this emerging trade.  However, as organising and decluttering your home involves a change in habit, it is important to have elements of commitment and vision in place to maintain the system ongoing.  The KonMari method from Japan emphasizes the importance of changing certain habits in the process. 


1 – KonMari OrganisationTechnique
2 – Bespoke home storage design
3 – Interior design ideas to maximise your storage space

4 – Designing storage space for a new home
5 – External storage when planning internal storage
6 – Anthony Ward Thomas – safeguarding your valuable space and time 

KonMari Organisation Technique

Designed to encourage mindfulness as you tidy and organize, it is important to spend some time making an inner commitment to the process and maintaining it. Simultaneously, it is necessary to have a vision of the way you would like to live.  Having this sense of an ideal you are moving towards facilitates the letting-go process of unnecessary items.  All Kon Mari professional organisers will work through these six stages in order. 

  1. Commit yourself to tidying up
  2. Imagine your ideal lifestyle
  3. Finish discarding first
  4. Tidy by category, not by location
  5. Follow the right order – For instance, start with clothes, books, papers, miscellaneous, and then finally sentimental item
  6. Ask yourself if the object  ‘sparks joy’ and if so keep it, if not, let it go

The logic of this process is that tidying the easy things first, like clothes and books, will help to build the decision-making muscle and release energy from the letting go process. This will galvanise resolve for the stickier sentimental material which has the potential to slow the process down.  Also, by tidying not by location, but by category, it can unearth all the duplicates which otherwise may remain in place, disguised by being spread out across the house. Duplicate items come up for scrutiny as in, if you have doubles, you can surely let one go. 

Bespoke home storage design 

Interior storage design in a house is key to keeping a system in place. If you want to design or find a consultant to design a system, perfect for the idiosyncrasies of your property, there are now plenty available to choose from. Houzz is an excellent resource where you can browse for ideas, solutions, and professionals to design home storage solutions for you and find professional advisors and that will come and help you get organized at home.  Not only do they have a raft of professional designers to get acquainted with, but they also can help you find garden landscapers, architects, and conversion experts.  Similarly, if you are looking for certain features and fixings, look no further, and with a solid customer review system, it is easy to find the right person for the job. 

Interior design storage ideas to maximise storage space

Key ideas for having subtle storage areas in your home emphasize floor-to-ceiling storage areas.  Often built into niches or period features of a house, you can develop a storage area without absorbing too much of the blueprint of the room.  Window seats with storage below can be interesting ways to create multipurpose zones.  In general, ensuring snug fits and utilization of vertical spaces will curate spaciousness. Symmetry and clear surfaces speak of order and clarity, rather than having furniture which shouts unnecessarily into the space. Switch out coffee tables for heritage trunks if you can find them, and look for novel pieces which have storage potential built in.  The Architectural Digest has great ideas for small living spaces, and Ideal Home offers insight into minimizing clutter and optimizing space.  One essential element of organization is that everything in the house must have a place, and unless you want that visible, it is best to conceal it. 

Designing storage space for a new home

If you are moving home, you may have time to design storage space or seek advice before settling in.  Taking the dimensions of the rooms in the new home will allow designers and carpenters to begin work on shelving units or concealed shelves so that work can begin as soon as reasonably possible.  Consider where you live now and consider the bottlenecks that build up for your possessions.  Having designated spaces for special collections you wish to display, tailor-made to the new dimensions of your home can make a big visual impact as well as providing appropriate care for things you value. Some companies, for example Picawood will allow you to generate 3D plans for your storage areas, giving insight into costs and available materials which will help you get a benchmark for other quotes you may research. Similarly, the Ikea online planning tools can be very helpful to get an idea of what will help you save space throughout your new house. As you go through the planning phase, you will get clearer on the ideas you intend to develop and invest in. 

External storage when planning your internal storage

Anthony Ward Thomas provides London with a removal and storage service that is favoured by interior designers, artists, and galleries.  Our reputation for handling valuable and unique items and extending that service to specialists in the trade has been built over several decades.  Often when moving into a new home, storage can be an incredibly useful solution to the vagaries of the process.  Between home moves, storage helps takes the pressure off families who have sold and are waiting to exchange, but it can also allow for more time to prepare the new home with simple renovations and design alterations.  While moving house can involve many variables, the secure and condensation-proof container is something that can be relied upon.  Coupled with our swift removals or small moves services, we can deliver the contents back to you when you are harboured again and ready to proceed. With the four different types of storage we offer, we can assist businesses as well as our domestic customers. 

Anthony Ward Thomas – Safeguarding your valuable space and time

Sometimes finding those precious commodities of Time and Space in London can be difficult. We specialize in generating them for our customers with our efficiency and the spaciousness that comes with peace of mind. Stress is a major unwarranted consumer of both time and space and so we guarantee our customers a stress-free experience, whether it is helping people to move home, or hanging art in an exhibition. Similarly, we can offer the same assurance for a large office move, a relocation overseas or from afar, or for our various property services which are also available upon request.  Read our reviews and get in touch for a quote and to speak to our team in person.