Organise Your Home for Christmas in London

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With Christmas a matter of days away, many people will be thinking of what they’ll be doing over the holidays in London. The relaxation of restrictions is still an ongoing debate; even at this late stage, no one’s sure about the decision. Is it too late to start organising your home to accommodate for guests?

Anthony Ward Thomas has the capacity to accept last-minute jobs because it’s been a recurring theme for 2020. Self storage is the ideal fit when creating more space, which is what many people will need if the government approve family bubbles. We’re here to help you organise and prepare for the festive season.  

A Cause for Optimism for the Festive Season –

The recent announcement of five-day family bubbles for Christmas will be welcome news to some people. At the time of this article, however, there’s no guarantee this will still happen. It’s dependent on whether the Covid-19 infection rates continue to rise. So, the best course of action might be to prepare either way and get a quote from us for storage.

By doing this, you’ll have costs and relevant information ready should you go with this option. Plus, you’ll already know someone at Anthony Ward Thomas to speak to if you have any queries. We’ll gladly discuss things in more detail, and you have no obligation to book with us. We don’t need to ‘hard sell’ our services because we understand their value.

Our self storage package is an excellent way to open up more room in your house or apartment before the festivities begin. There’s no minimum term contract to worry about, and it’s all about meeting your storage needs. If that’s for one week or six months, it’s up to you as it’s a store for as long as you want. You’ll have all the benefits of having somewhere to store things outside of your home, which is a smart place for Christmas presents.

It’s time to think positive and organise your home, even if your plans don’t involve having guests for Christmas day. This is an excellent way to start 2021, and you won’t have clutter or a messy house to worry about. With a thorough clean and possibly some small home improvements, you’ll start the new year with a fresh start.

Decluttering Before Guests Arrive –

If you want to organise your home, you’re up against it, and there’s no time to waste. The aim here is to get everything done in less than a week. That means all hands-on deck, so bring the whole family in on the task. You can always think of ways of making it fun by giving some small treats or prizes for good work.

On the practical side of things, it’s a good idea to concentrate on individual rooms. Create a checklist and inventory as you go. Separate things you rarely or never use and put them to one side, ideally in a different room. These items are going – it’s up to you how this happens, but you should avoid the urge to put things back.

It’s time to apply the rule of the three Rs – recycle, resell, and repurpose. If you think there’s a possibility of making some money, take photos of each item and put them on sites like eBay or Facebook Marketplace. Additionally, there are lots of charities and upcycling collectives in London who would welcome donations. Furthermore, there are hundreds of recycling points throughout Greater London.

Renting a self storage unit will give you the chance to reclaim rooms and spaces in your house. You can finally clear the spare room for guests, whether that’s for the holidays or a catch-up next year. This also applies the usual suspects of clutter – the garage and loft. If you free up space in these rooms, it might be possible to repurpose them to create a utility room in the garage or a new bedroom in the loft.

Last-Minute Removals are Available –

Anthony Ward Thomas is open and fully operational for every level of lockdown, even tier 3. We’ll likely have reduced hours over the festive period, and we’ll publish details on this on our website. We’re accepting new bookings and honouring current removals and storage jobs, so there’s no need to panic if this concerns you. Moreover, we have the scope to take on emergency removals and storage because we have the right team members and specialist equipment available.

If you find yourself in a tricky situation and need to move or store things urgently, the best thing to do is contact us without delay. We can assess your requirements and advise the most suitable removals or storage package. In extreme scenarios, we’ll do our best to deploy a removal’s crew for emergencies. But it’s vital to avoid hesitation and get in touch straight away.

We have been providing removals and storage for people throughout both national lockdowns, and we have no intentions of stopping now. In the event of an increase in restrictions that affect our services, we promise to update everyone. No matter how chaotic things seem, you can rely on us for relocations and storage in London.

Using Self Storage to Create More Space –

Self storage is our most popular package and provides people and businesses in London with superior services. While this is often the choice for shorter storage periods, unlimited access is often a factor. E-commerce enterprises use self storage because it’s straightforward to move stock in and out of their unit with minimal fuss. They can perform collections and deliveries multiple times throughout the day.

For domestic customers who are moving to a new house, this can be an invaluable service if a delay occurs. This is one of the most common reasons why people contact us, and it’s critical they have somewhere safe and secure for their possessions while they rectify any issues with things like a mortgage chain problem.

You can access your storage room whenever you need to during our business hours. And there are no additional fees for this, whereas there are some in place for container storage. Our facilities have top-notch security features like twenty-four-hour CCTV monitoring. Every self storage room has individual access codes for additional security.

Self storage is also the perfect solution for people who need to create more space in their home or office. Our storage units can free up a surprising amount of space to help improve your living spaces. An example would be a 100-sq-ft storage room holds the equivalent to an entire apartment’s worth of possessions. You can imagine how this would suit someone who lives in a luxury city centre complex with limited storage provisions.

When is Container Storage More Suitable?

Anthony Ward Thomas offers an extensive range of services, and this includes a variety of storage packages. If you need a more long-term solution and you won’t need regular entry to your unit, our container storage is for you. The Household Storage package provides the best level of protection, and from prices starting from £17 per week, you also get excellent value.

It’s also a simple process as we do most of the heavy-lifting and organising for you. We’ll bring the empty container to your address and will load everything there. As everything is packed, we create and update an inventory of your belongings. Then, we seal the container and transport it back to our depot, where we use a stacking system.

And when your storage period ends, we’ll transport the unit back to your home or chosen location. Then our team will unseal the container where your items will be in perfect condition. This is due to having storage units with environmental and temperature controls. No matter what the weather is like outside, it won’t affect your items inside the unit.

Tips for Staying Safe This Christmas and New Year –

You’ll hear this a lot, but it’s necessary to remember we’re still in the middle of a pandemic, so you must maintain good habits. Remember to keep up with the latest updates and local information on Covid-19. If you see any posts on social media, only reshare information from credible sources that are factually correct. You can use the NHS website for factual and preventative tips.

Please keep up to date with advice on preventative measures, such as using face masks, hand sanitiser and soap. Social distancing is vital to preventing the spread of this coronavirus. You must try to keep a safe distance from other people if you have to leave your home. Furthermore, try and limit your outings to once a week and consider options for things like home deliveries.

It’s important to remember to take care of yourself and try to build up your immune system. Wherever possible, increase your intake of fruit and veg, take multivitamins; specifically, vitamin c and zinc, do daily exercise and improve your sleeping habits. It’s also a good idea to try and limit your alcohol intake, so maybe take it easy over the festive period to maintain a healthy immune response.

Anthony Ward Thomas – Helping You Prepare for Christmas in London –

From everyone at Anthony Ward Thomas, we wish you a merry Christmas and all the best for the festive season. Even though it’ll be a tad bit more boring than usual, let’s have a joyful New Year’s Eve as well. We all have a busy year ahead, where businesses will hope for a turnaround in our collective circumstances.

At Anthony Ward Thomas, customer service is our number one priority, and we always strive to attain complete satisfaction for every job we undertake. Our customers have additional checks and balances in place to protect their interests. We have BAR affiliation, as well as stringent Quality Policy protocol. Our team will go the extra mile for our loyal customers.

If you’re looking to create more space before Christmas arrives, please contact us today. Our self storage service is the perfect way to add more room as you organise your home for the festive season.