Office move checklist

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So you’re about to move offices. The tasks involved may seem insurmountable, especially if yours is a large, populous company with an intricate and complicated IT set-up. And what about all the desks and floor-plans? Is new furniture required or are you just moving what you already have? All too quickly, your head can become crowded with the thought of juggling 101 assignments, each with its own deadline. But here, to help un-jumble your mind and keep everything calm, is an office-moving checklist that will help to see you through. Some of it may apply directly to the kind of office move you’re about to undertake and some of it may need to be adapted a little. But rest assured, it will almost certainly help take some weight off your shoulders and some care and worry from your brow. Provided you’ve given yourself plenty of time, there is nothing to worry about. Soon, you’ll be settled in that brilliant new office, with all your working requirements satisfied and possibly even exceeded.

A month-and-a-half before your move:

  1. Take measurements of your new office space, so that you can plan layouts, furniture placement etc
  2. Order any new furniture that will be required, and arrange for it to be delivered a week prior to your move.

A month before your move:

  1. Take advice on layout and furniture arrangements – it’s possible that your furniture supplier may be able to provide this.
  2. Look into the matter of electronics and phone lines. Is everything in place that needs to be? Is your removals company going to provide a thorough and expert IT migration?

Three weeks before your move:

  1. Organise the matter of who will and won’t be present on moving day. The fewer people around, the more efficiently the move will go. It could be that you’ve arranged an overnight or weekend move, which resolves the problem.
  2. Make sure all your suppliers, everything from milk deliveries to cleaners, know about your moving date so that they don’t turn up at the old premises expecting things to be as normal.

Two weeks before your move:

  1. Arrange a mail redirection service at the Post Office.
  2. While at your future premises, check that all facilities (e.g. kitchen) are in working order.

1 week before your move:

  1. Arrange for all your moving boxes to be delivered (or use your moving company’s packing service)
  2. Arrange for cleaners to do a last clean of your old office, should this be required by the landlord.

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