How to Notify Utility Companies When Moving in London

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When we first start thinking about moving to a new house, it’s easy to get carried away with the property viewings and your ‘wish list’ expectations. However, it’s essential that you pay just as much attention to the weighty things early on. With this in mind, you should also start planning straight away. You need to create a moving checklist, and please feel free to use ours as a template. Your most important task should be your first, and that’s to contact Anthony Ward Thomas to book your removal.

Before you leave your current house or flat, you will need to take meter readings and contact all your current utility providers. Similarly, it’s vital that you get in touch with the local municipality to halt council tax and any other rates. The last thing you want is to be charged after you leave your current home and receive a hefty bill or court summons. Additionally, you’ll need to organise new utility accounts, and here are some tips on how it works.

Before You Move Home in London –

If you’re still in the early stages of your relocation, this task is usually undertaken during the final week before the big move. However, that doesn’t mean you should rest on your laurels with this. You can check the location of your gas and electric meters now, as well as finding out the contact information for your provider or providers.

Fast forward to the final week before you move; you need to notify your current energy supplier of your relocation. You should do this approximately forty-eight hours before you leave. Give them a call and provide them with the date you’re moving out. Additionally, they’ll need your new address to send the final bill to. They will then either arrange for one of their technicians to take your last reading, but you will also need to supply this information on the day of the move.

To help the next owners or tenants, you can note down all the details of your current energy supplier with contact details. If possible, you can also forward a request to the owners of your new home to see if they’ll do this for you.

On the day of the big move, contact your utility provider again with your final readings. Make sure that they have the correct figures and then confirm that you won’t receive any further charges. It’s crucial that you don’t leave anything to chance, only to receive a bill at a later date. Take a photo or video of the meter readings as proof.

When You Arrive in your New Home –

When you arrive at your new home, one of the first things you should do before you start unpacking is to locate the meters. Take the first readings straight away and save with a photo or video. Once you’re more settled in, you should try and find the contact details for the utility suppliers for your new house or flat.

To find out who supplies the gas and electricity to your new home, visit the Find my Supplier website or phone the meter number helpline on 0870 608 1524.

During your first call to the existing supplier, you’ll give them all your personal details and the meter readings. From there, your account is open and it’s likely they will put you on a standard tariff, to begin with. Ask them to provide you with information of all their tariffs as soon as possible. Once you have that information, you can then go about comparing their rates with similar utility providers.

We usually don’t suggest price comparison sites when booking a service, but it might give you the names of the leading energy suppliers. From there, you should do some research on each utility company and list down the pros and cons of each. Check their Google Live ratings and to see what previous customers said about their service delivery.

You need not worry about having to cancel the existing service at your new property. Once you have found a more suitable provider with better rates, the new company will undertake the cancellation side of things. They’ll send all the relevant account information via post or email, which should include the cancellation and switch details.

Anthony Ward Thomas – London’s Number One Removals Company –

Anthony Ward Thomas moves thousands of people every year in London, Greater London and the neighbouring areas. In our experience, the people who struggle to get everything done often leave things too late and end up rushing around in a panic. That’s why we remind our customers to start early, create a moving checklist, and break things into manageable tasks.

Once you book your relocation service with us, we can assist with your planning as well as providing any other useful information. We can’t stress just how crucial it is to draft a moving checklist and make informing utility providers a high priority. It’s easy to take readings from your meters, but you should also ask for help if you haven’t done it before. One of our team will happily go through this with you on the moving day, so you know more about the meters.

Then you should do some online research at your new property to find the best deal. But just like when booking a removals service, make sure you check each company’s Google Live and Trustpilot ratings. Customer care is a vital aspect of any service. And just going with the cheapest tariff might not equate to a high standard of service. Achieving the highest standard of customer service is a crucial aspect of Anthony Ward Thomas’s ethos.

We are London’s number one removals and storage company, and that’s down to our attention to detail and high standard of customer service. If you want to book London’s prestige removals company, contact us today.