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For anyone who is considering a relocation to another part of the UK, it’s essential that you use a removals company with a great reputation. You’ll have a lot of different things to organise, so it’s also a good idea to start planning today. Create a thorough list of tasks you need to complete for your relocation to be a success. A savvy way to simplify this process is to trim each larger task into smaller action points, making them easier to complete.

Anthony Ward Thomasv is London’s prestige removals company, and we have a range of relocation services available. Our typical customer demands a higher standard of service, and there can be no room for error because of the value of their possessions. When you book with us, you’ll also receive up to date information about things like the correct level of insurance for your items and other important moving tips. That’s what makes our dedicated National Moving service the best there is in London.

Our Dedicated National Moving Service –

The Anthony Ward Thomas team moves hundreds of people to new towns and cities in the UK every week. Ultimately, we were moving that many people nationally that we made the decision to create a dedicated removals service. For us, the more removal and storage options we offer, the easier it is to provide the exact service to match your requirements.

Our National Moving service has a flat rate of £400(excl VAT) for one container, which we can deliver to anywhere in the UK. This service comes with a team of two people who will assist you at both ends of your relocation. You receive *Standard Liability Insurance cover for your possessions, which can be upgraded. And when you reach your new home, we will help you offload and unpack.

Depending on when you notify and book your relocation with us, there are various other rates on offer. For example, if you plan to relocate in two months and book with us today, you will pay the flat rate. However, if you book a national relocation that needs to go out and reach your new location within three days, the price increases to £500 (excl VAT) for one container. This proves that it really does benefit you to plan in advance when relocating.

Using Self Storage for Packing and Organising – 

From the information in the last section, you can see the benefits you’ll enable from planning your national relocation early. It’s possible to get a better rate if you can plot out your relocation timeously. This means having a higher level of organisation and adhering to a moving checklist. Use this in conjunction with a calendar for the best results with the added bonus of reducing stress.

It makes sense to expand this level of organisation to every aspect of your upcoming move. Don’t fall foul of having to live in amongst piles of boxes and containers when there’s a better option at hand. You can rent a self storage unit from us and remove each full box from your home entirely. This gives you more space to move around in and reduces clutter.

We can collect your items from your home to save the effort. Our team will load everything and transport it back to the storage warehouse. When the moving day finally arrives, we’ll load your possessions directly from the storage unit into the removals vehicle. Then it’s a case of heading over to your property to pack and load the remaining items. We’ll coordinate everything, leaving you to get on with other tasks.

The Importance of Insurance Cover when Moving – 

There’s a part of a move people take for granted, and it can come back to haunt them if things go awry. Insurance is vital, and no one tends to argue about that statement. But there’s an assumption that someone or something else is taking care of this on autopilot. Let’s agree that this isn’t the correct course of action, and you’ll need to inquire about this in more detail.

Anthony Ward Thomas offers a basis level of insurance as part of our core removal packages. To better understand what this adds up to, you can read our terms and conditions here. We’re also happy to assist with arranging new or additional insurance when needed. That said, you really need to discuss this with your broker as soon as possible to check your coverage in the scenario of relocating.

People often fall foul of individual clauses that their insurer places in their policy. That’s because policies are heavy reading, full of legal jargon, and are incredibly dull. Don’t take chances – ask specific questions about your current coverage with your broker directly and have them confirm everything thoroughly. Then adjust your level of insurance as per their feedback. To give you an example – some insurance providers state you must work with a professional removal company.

Protecting Your Fragile and Valuable Items – 

Now we’re going to discuss a subject that lines up with both previous sections. It’s essential to have the correct level of insurance, and we hope that point is fresh in your mind. Also, it’s worth considering using storage for the additional level of protection it offers your belongings. But that won’t help many of our customers with specific types of possessions.

That’s because their items are either highly valuable or irreplaceable, making them difficult or nearly impossible to insure adequately. We can’t afford to have any risks of damage or breakages of any kind. We never recommend that anyone try to pack and handle fine art or antiques themselves. These items require experts to perform their job, including choosing the proper packaging and materials.

Fortunately, Anthony Ward Thomas employs the best moving professionals in London. With decades of experience with precious and delicate pieces, you won’t find more suitable movers than our team. There are no second chances, and even the packaging materials must be appropriate to avoid scratching and overheating. That’s why we have Fragile Removals and Art and Antique Removals packages to meet these requirements

Finding the Best House Moving Service in London –

The Anthony Ward Thomas team works tirelessly to ensure that we maintain the highest level of customer service. There is only one option for us, and that’s achieving one hundred percent customer satisfaction. And to reach that standard, we have a range of removals services and packages for our customers to choose from. By doing this, we can undertake any removals job, regardless of the distance between the two or more locations.

To achieve our high service standards, we make sure that we meet some basic criteria points. Each job begins with our team arriving on time or earlier. And from there, we move seamlessly through the tasks that we prepare in advance of each job. At Anthony Ward Thomas, there is no such thing as too much preparation work. We pay attention to the small details and are thorough when assessing every job that we confirm.

To keep things running in this manner, we have a stringent Quality Policy in place. This management system sets our high standards and gives customers more accountability and assurance of quality control. We have BAR accreditation, and we’re a member of the Master Removers Group, which is an elite collective of the UK’s finest moving and storage companies. You can also read our stellar five-star Google and Trustpilot ratings here.

Anthony Ward Thomas – the Elite Removals and Storage Company in London –

Before you can relocate to your new location, it’s crucial that you don’t overlook the insurance aspect of your move. One of the first things you should do is contact your insurance provider and have your broker check your cover. To put some context to this – Anthony Ward Thomas stipulates that all items worth £5,000 and up must be disclosed. We are here to assist you with this and arrange the necessary insurance coverage.

Creating a moving checklist is something we advise all our customers to do, even if they’re only moving locally. Your moving list will help you keep everything on track and reduce your relocation stress levels. As always, the Anthony Ward Thomas team are available to discuss your upcoming relocation at any time after you complete your booking.

Anthony Ward Thomas relocates tens of thousands of people every year in London and throughout the UK. One of the main reasons we attract so many customers is our dedication to providing a high standard of work. Our customers have individual needs for each item we relocate, meaning there’s a need for a specialist level of removals experience to ensure no damage occurs during transit.

If you want more information about our National Moving service, click here today. We’ll guide you through our range of removals and storage services and you can read the terms and conditions here.