Moving to Another Part of the UK? Use Our National Removal Service

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Moving to a new home can often turn into a balancing act as you juggle the upcoming move, your day job, and family commitments. People sometimes make quick decisions by booking the first company they find online to try and get something in place. It’s important that you only use a company that can offer the highest level of customer service.

If you’re relocating to another part of the UK, Anthony Ward Thomas‘s National Moving package offers the same premium level of removals service people enjoy in London. When you relocate to another city, it’s worth getting the same high-quality service you’d expect from a reputable London moving company. This article will focus on the practical information you need for long-distance relocations and any related services.

Using a Reputable London Removals Company for National Relocations –

Whenever we discuss an upcoming relocation with our customers, we first say to start planning straight away. We do this so everyone understands that more preparation time typically equals a stress-free, successful move. To do this, you should create a moving checklist, and you can read ours here. You can add in any additional pieces of information relevant to you when you draft your own list.

Early planning is something our company uses as the foundation of everything we do. That’s why our National Moving service is London’s number one for customer satisfaction. The larger the scale of any relocation means more potential issues. However, due to the thorough assessment and organisation of each job we take on, we deliver on our promises.

Our National Moving service starts from £349 for one container, which we can deliver anywhere in the UK. This service comes with a team of two people who will assist you at both ends of your relocation. You receive Standard Liability Insurance cover for your possessions, which we can upgrade. And when you reach your new home, we will help you offload and unpack.

A Master Removers Group Network of Elite Companies –

Every successful UK relocation job only occurs with lots of attention to detail, planning and delivering everything on time. And moving someone to another part of the country isn’t easy. In fact, it takes organisation and a network of partner companies to deliver a superior national service. And the Anthony Ward Thomas team won’t settle for anything less than perfect.

This means that each cog in the national removals system must be equal. Fortunately for our customers, Anthony Ward Thomas is part of an elite collective of removals, storage and logistics companies called the Master Removers Group. Becoming a member requires a nearly flawless record for service delivery and high customer ratings on Google Reviews and Trustpilot. You need to be the best company in your area to gain access to this group.

Every member company of the Master Removers Group has access to depots in Dorchester, Gillingham, Bookham, five depots in London, Bristol, Newbury, Dordon, Swindon, Warrington, and Glasgow. This creates a network of stop-off points for all long-distance removals services that run as efficiently as nationwide distribution companies offer.

The Anthony Ward Thomas team will plan each stage of your relocation and agree on the route with the relevant partner companies. We know that every member of the Master Removers Group has a firm commitment to customer service. Therefore, we guarantee that your possessions will be safe from damage throughout the whole relocation.

Our Fleet of Removal’s Vehicles and Packages –

While most relocations have similar aspects, we always look at the details and let them determine how we proceed. By doing this with a thorough assessment, we leave nothing to chance. Cutting corners or trying to skip a step could have negative consequences when it comes to moving home. That’s why we evaluate in-depth and plan from there, especially when it involves long-distance jobs.

We create removals and storage packages that cover as many scenarios as possible. One way of doing this is having the right tools and equipment ready for our crew. This includes a fleet of removal’s vehicles at our disposal, in different sizes. It allows us to adjust things easily and scale up or downsize to match our client’s needs.

Additionally, we’ll line up the correct moving van size with the appropriate amount of team members. From experience, we know how many people it takes to perform various types of relocation. So, if you need a high-quality Man & Van service – we have you covered. Similarly, we can do any size up from there with our Home Removals package.

Experts with Top-Notch Packing and Handling Skills –

It can sometimes be tricky for people who have valuables to hand over the reins without oversight. Is it a good idea to entrust your precious possessions with a moving company? In some instances, we agree to err on the side of caution. But it all boils down to the removal provider’s reputation in question and whether they have the proper credentials.

Ask yourself this question from the start – if I don’t trust my movers, should I hire them? Additionally, evaluate your own ability to safeguard your belongings. Essentially, there needs to be a few things in place when booking a moving company. Accreditation, accountability, and a proven (and visible) track record are things you shouldn’t overlook before booking.

Anthony Ward Thomas has these bases covered, and we’ll explain why they’re important:

  • BAR (The British Association of Movers) provides the accreditation framework that is the industry standard, and we’re compliant with them. 
  • Quality Policy – we have protocols and a management system that provides accountability and quality checks. 
  • Online Ratings – you can read Anthony Ward Thomas’s five-star Google Reviews and Trustpilot ratings and testimonials here.

Self Storage and Container Storage Available –

Anthony Ward Thomas has four storage options to choose from for instances where you need additional places to store your belongings. Self storage is ideal for domestic customers with short-term rental needs. Furthermore, it’s the perfect fit if you need regular access. And it’s straightforward to initiate, plus we can collect with Man & Van package if you don’t have a suitably large vehicle.

Sometimes this isn’t the most suitable option, especially for long-term requirements. That’s the beauty of our Container Storage package. You can enjoy the savings as it’s cheaper, but there are limits to visits. This is down to our stacking system and sealing the crate, which we transport out to you. Both household storage packages offer top-notch, on-site security measures

We have a self storage option with a commercial focus for businesses, making it possible to store your goods and equipment. This is ideal for e-commerce and enterprises that need to be in and out without fuss. In addition to this, we have a secure Document Storage service. There’s no safer way to protect your essential physical paperwork and free up office space.

Anthony Ward Thomas – Your Number One Choice for National Relocations –

Anthony Ward Thomas relocates thousands of people every year in London to towns and cities throughout the UK. One of the main reasons we have so many loyal and repeat customers is our dedication to providing a high standard of work. Our customers usually have fragile and expensive items which require a specialist level of removals experience to avoid damage or breakages during transit.

At Anthony Ward Thomas, we have a range of services that few other removals companies in London can compete with. Customer service is the most crucial aspect of our company, and it determines everything we offer our clients. Every removals and storage package provide more options for our customers. Moreover, we’re confident that you’ll know you made the right choice when you reach your new location.

If you would like more information about our National Moving service, click here. We’ll go through the details of our removals services and out together a free quotation for you.