Moving to a New House & Taking the Plants and Garden with You

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Most people tend to think about relocations in terms of moving and packing boxes, preparing appliances and getting the furniture to the new location. However, for the many people out there that have green fingers, plants and other garden features take years to cultivate and amass. That means it’s highly likely that you’re working out how you can transport your prized flowers and plants, which might include the indoor variety.

For Anthony Ward Thomas, we can handle any relocation that includes plants within our range of services. And to make things even more customer-friendly, our team can take care of everything for you to save you time and effort. Here is the Anthony Ward Thomas guide to relocating with your plants and garden features in London.

A Guide on Taking Your Garden with You –

Planning ahead – You’ll need to know what your new garden looks like, so take a photo or ask the seller to do this. You must understand the layout so you can work out where each plant, flowerbed or tree will go. That includes where the garden is in relation to the sun setting. You might need to consult with a professional gardener or horticulturalists to get the best results.

Plant preparation – This is the first hurdle you’ll need to navigate – plants settle into their environment. The caveat here is that they thrive because of this and unsettling them is problematic. All this means is you’ll need lots of preparation, to keep them hydrated, and pack them to consider their protection without restricting airflow.

Remember the above advice and consult an expert for specific information on the differences between plants, flowers, shrubs and trees. Each will require different levels of care and watering. Any indoor and outdoor plants in pots must have a thorough check for cracks or damage. You’ll need to replace any containers that have defects.

Uprooting – the ground should be damp before you begin digging. And remember to dig as far around the plant as possible. The roots need moisture, so cover them in the soil before wrapping in a layer of damp sacking. Then, add another layer of bubble wrap and double up during Autumn or Winter relocations.

Hydration – Every step of this process is essential, but none more so than hydration. Your plants and flowers must have enough hydration to last until you reach your new home. A tip is to use a canister that has a spray function, which you can find at B&Q. This will allow for enough hydration without over-watering the plant.

More Tips on Moving with Plants in London –

Inform Anthony Ward Thomas – We can’t stress this point enough: you need to let us know precisely what items you’re moving with. The reason for this is because it affects how we plan your belongings in our removal’s van to prevent damage. Additionally, due to the soil and water that your plants need for the journey, they need to be kept away from electronic equipment.

Discuss with the estate agent – Another lesser-known aspect of taking your plants and outdoor furniture is the sale of your house. The term ‘kerb appeal’ indicates that one of the reasons a buyer likes your property is the garden. Another reality is that removing plants, flowers, shrubs or trees could also cause damage to the soil or grass. And if this prevents a sale, it’s not a good idea.

Packing your plants – Any plant that is going to be removed from their pot should go into a box with lining. The stems and branches can then be tied together with additional support from a cane or stick. Larger plants will usually remain in their pots which needs some plastic protection covering completely. The plants should be the last items to be loaded onto the van and offloaded straight away when you reach your destination.

Arriving in your new home – One of the first things you should do when you unload is to put your plants in a cool, dry space out of direct sunlight. Due to the journey, they might have lost some hydration, so try and refresh the indoor and potted plants.

Shrubs or trees will need to be put into the ground straight away.  Although there is an option to try the process of soaking the roots in water for several hours, digging a temporary trench and backfilling it with soil.

Anthony Ward Thomas – Let Us Take Care of Everything –

Anthony Ward Thomas relocates thousands of people every month in London. Although it doesn’t happen with every relocation, we often have customers who are moving with plants and other garden items. This is never an issue for our team as we have all the removal’s equipment and experience to undertake any job. And because we’re a national company we offer this for any destination in the UK.

Customer service is of paramount importance to our company, and it determines everything we offer our clients. Furthermore, we’re here for you during every stage of your relocation. And should you need a helping hand with the physical process of preparing your plants, we will undertake this for you. Moreover, we’ll ensure that everything is done to the highest standard of service delivery.

The Anthony Ward Thomas team are experts who take a great sense of pride in their work. Our company is BAR accredited, which means we guarantee to safeguard our client’s interests. Furthermore, we have a stringent quality policy that ensures that we cover the necessary standards and criteria. It’s then our goal to go above and beyond expectations to deliver the highest standard of service.

If your upcoming relocation involves plants or any garden features, please contact us today. We have the right team and equipment to get all your plants to your new home in perfect condition.