Moving to a New House in London with your Dog

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It doesn’t matter whether you’re moving from a five-bed house or a city-centre apartment; every relocation takes plenty of organising. However, if you have a dog or maybe a few, this can add an extra layer to your planning and how you pack everything up. And dogs are a lot like children where they’re more sensitive to the upheaval of the big move than most adults. This means it’s also an emotional and possibly anxious time for them.

The Anthony Ward Thomas team understands that moving with dogs isn’t easy for anyone, and that’s why we try and provide as much assistance as possible. From experience, we know that relocations with dogs are different from other pets because they require specific attention and care during the move. That’s why we have put together some tips for our customers who are relocating with their dog.

5 Top Tips on How to Move with Dogs in London –

Consider Kennels – Putting your dog in kennels might seem cruel, but this tends to be harder for owners than our pets. The people that run kennels invariably love dogs and will take good care of them. The main advantage is they won’t be overly anxious when you pack things and move boxes around.

Visit Vet for Check-Up – In-keeping with the idea to put your dog in kennels, you’ll need to have their vaccinations updated. They’ll be around lots of dogs and possibly other animals while they’re there. Additionally, a regular check-up with your vet is always a good idea. They’ll also have some sound advice for the moving day for how to keep your furry friend calm.

Use Self Storage to Create Space – If you’re not keen on putting rover in kennels, the other option is to create more space at home. And there’s no better way of doing this than using self storage. A self storage unit can hold a significant volume of items. This will also make it possible for your dog to move around without getting in the way of packing or moving furniture.

Plan the Relocation Day – You’ll need to know how your dog fits into your moving day’s plan. This will require you to fit your car with special transportation equipment. If you have a small dog, a protective carrier might work out better. Larger breeds will need to go in the boot with an adjustable cage. And remember to plan your route to include rest stops where you can walk and feed them.

Finding the Correct Removals Service –

When you start organising your relocation, it’s better to leave nothing to chance. If you plan everything in thorough detail, you’ll give yourself a much higher likelihood of a stress-free move with few or no issues. And the first step towards a successful relocation is choosing a reliable removals company like Anthony Ward Thomas.

At Anthony Ward Thomas, we will assess your specifications before suggesting the most cost and time-efficient removals option. We have a dedicated Packing service, and our elite reputation stems from our premium handling ability. By letting us take care of the packing, you’ll have more time to spend with your dog as you make arrangements for them.

We always advise our customers to create a moving checklist to help keep everything on track. You can read our list here and modify it to suit your move. If you choose to do your own packing, you can purchase the same removals supplies our experts use from our online store. And when you book with Anthony Ward Thomas, you’ll have a lead person you can contact throughout your relocation.

Anthony Ward Thomas – London’s Best Choice for All Removals –

Anthony Ward Thomas is London’s premier removals company that guarantees to protect your items during every stage of your relocation. We can take on any type of removals, and our friendly team will help you reduce the stress of moving with your family and dog.

No matter where you’re moving to, it’s all about planning and making sure you meet your deadlines well in advance of your relocation. And every Anthony Ward Thomas customer has us in their corner to provide useful tips and relevant information.

The Anthony Ward Thomas ethos is to provide the highest standard of removals and storage service. For us, it’s all about paying attention to every detail and a commitment to being thorough. Preparation is everything when you’re planning a relocation while looking after your dog.

If you need a high standard of removals service that understands the needs of dog owners, contact us today. We’ll be able to discuss our range of services, in addition to passing on helpful tips.